MISSED FOCUS? Save a Blurry Photo in Photoshop

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hi there this is animation fixin perfect

and today I'm gonna show you how to save

a blurry photo from going into the trash


now before we begin there are a couple

limitations that you have to keep in

mind once the picture has gone blurry

there is no way a machine can invent the

details because we have lost them once

you have blurred it you have lost the

texture you have lost the details a

machine cannot invent it because the

machine has not seen it how can it so

how are we be able to save it well we

will have to fake it we will have to

apply some effects to kind of hide it

once you have lost the focus in most

cases you won't be able to use the image

commercially get a huge print so on and

so forth however you can post that

online and nobody go who notice here's

how to hide it so without any further

ado let's get started


so here we n Photoshop makhmur go ahead

and download this photo check the links

in the description so this is one of the

photos that I took in one of my college

strips all right let's have a look at it

zoom in have a look at the face this

bottle is in focus but her face is

slightly out of focus and then again you

have to keep this in mind that if you

have totally lost focus we cannot do

anything about it this is slightly out

of focus

look the bottle is in focus she is out

of focus and that was one of the points

of time in my life where I was getting

started with photography this was I

think three years ago I'm not sure so

this is old I was just getting started

with photography all right now let's

learn how to fix it well we cannot

actually fix it let's fake it first of

all let's make a copy of the background

layer press ctrl or command J and just

focus on the face because everything

else is in focus the bottles and

everything now once you have made a copy

Kenward this into a smart object to do

that go to filter convert for Smart

Filters hit okay alright now we will

apply some sharpness to it to do that he

would go to filter sharpen smart sharpen

where it is there it is alright why did

we convert that into a smart object so

that we can change the values of

sharpening later right all right now

let's focus on the face place it right

here so that you can see and I would

suggest increase the amount all the way

to 500 now decrease the Rays radius to

0-0 and decrease reduce noise that's how

we start gradually increase the radius

at this point as you can see the noise

is sharpened let's zoom in so that you

can have a closer look the noise is

sharpened not her features not the eyes

not the nose but the noise we don't want

that keep on increasing the radius don't

worry about noise right now keep on

increasing it till now still the noise

is being sharpened not the features

don't focus on the bottles just her face

alright keep on increasing it at this

point as I see the features are being

accentuated if I go beyond it's looking

pretty bad

the edges have totally blown out we

don't want that we have to find a sweet

spot where the edges don't show halo at

the same time they are pronounced so for

this image I guess it would be somewhere

around six point four ish or six point

two ish let's type in six point two all

right now once you do that you see

there's a lot of noise in here you would

gradually increase reduce noise it's all

self-explanatory keep on increasing it

if you go too much it looks very bad

okay let's increase it to this point

it's okay don't worry so much about

noise right now okay alright it looks

okay better than before

it's okay once you're satisfied now keep

in mind you can always change the values

everything else is sharpened with her

face how do we get just her face

sharpened and not the cheeks and get all

of it noisy here's how to do it every

smart filter comes with a mask and that

is one of the advantages of converting

this into a smart object everything is a

smart filter and it comes with a mask

isn't that amazing now select the mask

invert it press ctrl or command I

everything is black now now the effect

shows up nowhere keep in mind the

concept of mosque black Heights and

white shows up now if I take a brush

okay decrease the flow to somewhere

around 10% 15% that's fine and if you

are using a tablet I would suggest that

you choose this brush soft round

pressure opacity or this is even better

soft round pressure opacity and flow as

you increase the pressure the intensity

will increase so much better than normal

one now let's decrease the brush size

and start painting on the eyes nose

which require details right just like

that slowly and gradually don't go fast

slowly and gradually now if I'm using a

tablet I would increase the flow even

more but if you're using a mouse keep

the flow low because I can control it

with the pressure alright and why is it

anything happening because the color is


make sure the foreground color is all


I will decrease the flow something like

that I painted a little extra so press X

to toggle between the black and the

white as the foreground color and paint

out the extras inside the eye as well

inside the eye we don't want noise there

all right looks better press X again to

get the white back and let's paint on

the eyebrows get some details there nose

I would decrease the flow even more I'll

go 8% that's fine the lips keep in mind

that this is for online Facebook ish

Instagram ish stuff you really cannot

print it on a huge print make it a huge

print make a huge print out of it and

make sure you paint around the edges

and the hair

it's gonna get a little noisy but that's

the sacrifice that you have to do well

you can always increase reduce noise but

I wouldn't suggest that very much oh we

can try that

okay looks pretty good if you want you

can also sharpen her scarf but I'll

leave it up just like that to have a

shallow depth of field effect all right

now let's try increasing it now that

I've not that we have an idea let's try

increasing the reduce noise let's see

what happens let's zoom in quite a bit

let's try increasing it does it help

does it hurt it doesn't hurt to increase

it well let's see what happens I can

keep it at that and I will hit okay now

it's much better than before have a look

here's the before totally blurred out

right and here is the after we have

fixed it a little bit before after

before after now here's the deal now we

have to top it off with some effects to

hide the faults that we have made it's

just like food for example you made

something right and the food is not

delicious enough so how do you hide it

you add a lot of ketchup on top of it

and it took that's exactly what we

cannot do today

ketchup and syrup and all that stuff to

hide the actual taste of the food let's

create a merge visible layer press ctrl

alt shift e command option shift + E it

creates a merged layer of everything

that you see on the canvas right now

keep in mind to keep it non-destructive

again we will convert that into a smart

object so right-click on it and click on

convert to smart object or you can also

go to filter convert for Smart Filters

it does the same thing now once this is

a smart object then let's go to filter

and let's apply blur gallery and let's

go to iris blur I think this will be

interesting let's move it on here and

what happens in iris blur is that have a

look if I increase the blur everything

outside the circle has a blur of 135

pixels or whatever number you have

chosen everything inside of these dots

have blur zero and from this dot to the

edge of the circle the blur gradually

increases from zero and gradually to 135

okay inside the start zero

outside the circle 135 or whatever

number you have selected and from these

dots to the edge of the circle it

gradually increases so I'm gonna

increase it a bit increase the size of

the circle a bit just like that and then

get the dots a little closer to her face

just like this and maybe make it a

little larger and move it here just like

that it will be interesting make it a

little larger and we are not gonna apply

that much blur we will apply a little

less something like for example 1920

I like 20-ish let's keep 20 ish that's

fine let's make it even more small and

you'll make the circle even more smaller

to focus just on her and it looks

interesting hit okay now you can always

change the value later you can double

click on the blur gallery change the

value later this makes things a little

more interesting now what you can also

do too let's change the value I think

it's kind of too much so I'm gonna make

it a little wide just like that and I'm

gonna decrease the value to around 16

inch get that is more legible looks


okay now let's go ahead and apply a

levels adjustment layer and we will

create a spotlight kind of effect so

let's click on levels and this Lida

makes the brights darker so let's make

it dark and this lighter makes the darks

darker move it just a little bit just

like that let's go a little excess and

then select the mask take the brush make

sure the foreground color is black

opacity and flow at 100 and select the

normal the top ones soft round brush you

can make it hard make it bigger make it

harder just like that and then just dab

on her face interesting ctrl or command

D and then adjust it the way you like it

just like that probably I'll go

something like this and hit Enter or


select the mask open

the mask properties if you don't see

this property I will go to Windows and

then make sure properties is checked and

then you would click here and this is

for the mass properties increase the

feather gradually to match it with that

of the image will go for 514 or 450 is

fine for us now even at this point with

the move tool selected you can move it

whatever area you like and double click

on the symbol to open up the properties

of the levels and then you can control

the brightness of it something like that

spotlight and even after that you can

also add a curves adjustment layer just

like this and maybe you want to brighten

it up like that and select the mask

invert the mask ctrl or command I and

then you can take a brush make it bigger

make it softer this time you can just

dab on her face with white why does the

foreground color you can just dab on her

face just like that to add that

brightness or attention to it I'll make

it a little smaller and add it just like


now I want you to have a look at that

before and after so this is the after

you can apply an effect one more

effective hide it like got a lookup

table and you can choose something like

Chris warm Wow this really makes it

interesting now what we have to do we

have to decrease the opacity just like

that interesting isn't it

now let's zoom in and have a look at the

before and after so this is the after

and let me show you the before and this

is the before before in which it is

blurred out have a look it's blurred out

and this is the after so now you can

post it online and you're good to go

so that's how we save a blurry face in

Photoshop keep in mind it is very

limited if it's too much blurry we

cannot fix it there's no other way to

fix it then taking the photo again with

the focus right all you have to do make

a copy of the background layer and then

can work that into a smart object then

you can apply smart sharpen or any

sharpening of your choice you can also

do the high pass way just keep in mind

that you apply sharpening only on those

areas which require it we applied smart

sharpening and then using the smart

filter mask we applied it only in those

areas which required it with a soft

brush with a reduced flow after that we

can top it off with some effects like we

applied the blur gallery iris blur and

applied the color lookup table and all

that kind of stuff the vignette in to

just kind of hide it just like you put a

lot of ketchup to hide the bad taste of

her food so that's pretty much it hope

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