How To Fly A Plane - Learn to fly a plane in 5 minutes.

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first thing you want to do is pull your

plane out of the hangar make sure you

don't pull too fast otherwise I might

take off now you get no plane


all right so today I'm gonna teach you

how to fly an airplane you're stuck at

home quarantined you can't do anything

time to learn new life skill learn to

fly a plane I bet I can teach you to fly

a plane in like ten minutes really easy


few things gonna have an order fly

playing hi Pat and coffee otherwise

you're not going set step 1 get your

coffee get your iPad this is the coffee

this is the iPad all right before the

start to play we want to make sure our

lovers are good this is the twisty lever

this is a pushy lever now you don't use

these and then see you're ready go ahead

start it up ready go we're gonna do is

this steer the aircraft we're going with

the steering wheel that's right

but if the planes coming at you they're

actually reversed so we're gonna push on

the push knob and then we're going so

we're gonna steer from our turn left

it's very simple just turn left

straighten up - go straight

and then we're gonna do a right turn

SuperDuper simple all right you've

mastered what they're called their level

turns we did not lose or increase

altitude just then all right now we're

gonna do what's called taxing I don't

know why it's called acting I don't have

any passengers and no one's banged me if

you know why it's called taxing through

the comments in the comment area or put

a comment somewhere else I'd like to see



all right so firstly the business is

communicating on the radio but those

traffic grommets and Julia Brothers

crossing 1 7 3 5 Bravo Northwest all

right now you know how to talk on the

radio in an uncontrolled field

all right the next thing I want to do is

call the run-up so we're gonna do a

run-up and we want to do a Mac check

this is a good time to pause right take

off do you want to take it nice and sip

your coffee all right this is your next

lesson in radio communication at an

unpowered airport north traffic remedy 9

7 Julia Bravo's departing runway 3 5

million Northwest departure Northwest

traffic alright now you're fully versed

in communication at a non powered

airport so when do is I want to take off

in order to take off we're going to push

on the push knob and we're going to pull

on the boiler this is the runway this is

where we do the taking off alright so

I'm gonna push on the push now push push

push push

alright once you're going full speed put

your heels on the floor that's the

hardest part of this whole thing now you

want to look at your gauges they look

good now once you feel like you're going

through fast like to drive down the

highway we're just gonna pull back

now you know how to take off an airplane

so simple now we're in cruise flight

that's it you just point the nose

wherever you want to go all right now

that's not talking for the tower entire

company and I say to Julia problems

three miles southwest so jennifer otwal

runway three five clear attaching all of

traffic three five let's go left traffic

now you know everything you need to know

about communicating at our Airport so

now imma teach you how to land a plane

really really easy all right so you see

the runway we want to aim the plane at

the runway now when you're about to hit

it you pull back just a little bit

don't hit it that's a landing

those white lines they're called the

thousand foot markers to call that

because they're a thousand feet long it

doesn't look like it that's because

we're very high all right now we're

gonna do the landing you'll know you've

landed when the wheels touch the ground

you'll be able to feel it it'll feel

like you're not flying anymore it'll

feel like you're driving in a car that's

how you'll know you've landed so I

haven't landed

I haven't landed I haven't landed I

don't land it haven't landed this is

called floating down the runway there's

a very popular maneuver with students

then you want to get on the brakes

really really hard so you can slow this

plane down you'll know you're done

braking when the plane stops you

probably notice the whole time I'm

flying I keep my hand right here on this

knob it's because the plane doesn't have

an armrest and this is just there's

nowhere to put it

so that's the best we could do hiren

turn turn turn turn

what's up birdie all right now one on

the base leg on the ground and now we're

gonna turn down wait on the taxiway yeah

that works pattern this guy padded on

the ground but now we're down one four

three five only we're driving all right

so now you know how to take off you know

how to land know how to talk on the

radio at a non-towered airport and you

know how to talk on a radio in a tower

to airport come back next week and I'll

show you how we get our instrument



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