Gta5 on pc: How to fly planes and Helicopters

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all right what's going on guys it's

salty and today I will be showing you

how to fly a plane and a helicopter in

Grand Theft Auto 5 so as you can see

here we have a plane and serve elem my

border for 450 and shop yeah so we get

in you know your normal and order spins

up so what you want to do is then press

W to go forward once it starts now won't

use your own way for this but um your

keypad over on the right hand of your

keyboard you want to be pressing the

number 5 in that and that will slowly

rise your plane up into the air once

you've gained a bit of altitude you then

press G some planes don't allow this but

that then puts your landing gear up you

want to keep your plane nice and

straight as you can see it starts to

bend you then press 4 on the same keypad

still holding W to go forward you even

out 8 will put you down so that's the

number 8 on your keypad will tip you

down 5 pulls you up 6 turns you to the

right and 4 turns you to the left D I've

run your normal part and turns you

slightly and then a does the same so as

you can see that's just flying a plane I

will land now say

slightly come back over to the airfield

which is right there so still using

these keypads I was able to turn that

plane around so coming in you want to

press G again which will release the

landing gear you want to even yourself

out a little bit and you want to slowly

come in onto the runway now you don't

need to be holding G W for this as you

can see I have now made touchdown with

the ground and that is how you fly a

plane I will now show you how to fly a


alright so flying a helicopter works the

same way you press W and that raises you

up into the air to go down you press s

and that will take you down and once you

open the air you have your a and your

deed you know rotate around your normal

and then to move you press five and

eight for the helicopter though eight

will take you up whereas five will take

you down

so you just want to start pushing eight

holding W as well sort of make your way

around like I needs to speed and you

know you can start making your way in

helicopters so please remember that for

both the helicopter and the plane that

these are the normal controls so if you

have changed your controls in the

Settings tab in aircraft and you will

not be able to do it this way if not

that is how you fly a plane say thank

you guys for watching and I wish you

luck in the skies