How To Fly A Plane | Unturned 3.0

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here and in this video I'm going to be

bringing you guys a tutorial on how to

fly planes and untorn 3.0 I hope you

guys enjoy the video if you do enjoy any

time feel free to like and subscribe and

let's go ahead and get started

okay but before you begin flying there

are a couple of tips that I want to give

you guys the first tip has to do with

your mouth so if you guys didn't know

the keyboard controls actually required

the use of both the keyboard and the

mouse and I do have to say that this is

going to be extremely hard with a

trackpad so if you're on a laptop and

you're using a trackpad I definitely

recommend getting a mouse because this

as I said is going to be really hard to

do with the trackpad so I just recommend

the mouse that's a lot easier you don't

have to do it it's probably possible

with the trackpad but as I said like

four times already I personally don't

recommend the trackpads

the second thing that you want to pay

attention to is the amount of gas these

things take so whenever they spawn they

usually have about four to six percent

gas in them and it's going to take a lot

of gas to fill them up probably about

four or five maybe six maybe seven trips

back and forth to the gas pump so make

sure you have a gas can with good

condition or you're not gonna be able to

fill this up and the good thing about

planes and helicopters is that you

probably should fill them up all the way

because you don't want to run out of a

plane or run out of gas in a plane like

mid-flight that'd be pretty bad so just

make sure you fill them up all the way

and make sure you have a

well-functioning gas can and the final

tip of these three tips that I'm going

to give you guys is the fact that it

takes a lot of space to take off in a

plane so make sure you have a long

runway preferably the airport and even

there sometimes it's kind of hard to

take off so just make sure you have a

big flat area that you can use to take

off you can take off on an incline too

but as long as it's big and open it

doesn't really matter okay guys so now

I'm going to tell you guys how you can

fly a plane and unturned first of all as

I mentioned before you need to have a

big open area and you need to have your

plane fully gassed up once you have

these two things you're pretty much

ready to go except for I need you guys

to note one thing these planes are

currently not flyable and third person

so these planes if you're in third

person your camera will basically just

look around and your plane won't be able

to be controlled my guess is that this

will be changed in the future but the

time for me recording this right now

this is not possible ok so now that

you're ready to go you basically want to

accelerate by hitting W and get up to

top speed and once you get top speed

your plane will slowly lift off the


make sure you keep your W key pressed

for the entire time or you'll start to

slow down and plummet to the ground so

to turn right you need to use the D key

and to turn left you need to use the a


if you ever want to slow down at any

time just press the s key on your

keyboard and you're good to go

if you want to gain or increase altitude

you have to move your mouse up or down

but it's actually reversed when you're

in the air for example if you want to

gain altitude or go higher you want to

pull your mouse towards you on your

mouse pad and if you want to go lower

you want to push your mouse forwards on

the mouse pad or if you want to do any

special things like barrel rolls or

anything like that all you got to do is

slide your mouse to the left or the

right you can also use this feature to

help you turn sharper and sometimes it's

pretty useful but sometimes it's just a

pain in the butt but be careful because

whenever you do this you actually

decrease speed and if you decrease too

much speed you will fall to your death

once you're ready to land it's actually

extremely simple so the first thing that

you want to do is find a flat surface

and then kind of like lower yourself

down right above the surface once you're

low and flat and there's nothing around

all you want to do is hit the S key to

slow down and slowly ease yourself onto

the ground it's pretty easy and safe but

there is one thing you have to worry

about and those are trees so if you see

trees around try not to hit them because

those will blow up your plane okay well

I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I

hope this helps you guys out if it did

help you out or you did enjoy feel free

to like and subscribe and I'll see you

guys next time