Google Earth Flight Simulator Tutorial

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well welcome to the video to show you

how to use the Google Earth flight

simulator on the desktop version of

Google Earth it does not work in the

mobile version of Google Earth I'm Frank

Taylor in the publisher of the Google

Earth blog and I'm actually part of the

reason there is a flight simulator in

Google Earth back in 2006

before Google Earth had a flight

simulator I created a youtube video

showing people how you could roughly fly

Google Earth like an airplane using a

joystick Google was so impressed with

the video they decided to build a flight

simulator into the application so in

2007 after they introduced the new

flight simulator I created a video that

showed people how to use it with tips on

how to fly the airplane well it's long

overdue for an update to that video back

then YouTube could only display if a 480

pixel resolution video and now it can do

4000 K or 4k resolution videos and the

typical PC today is far faster computer

graphics so Google Earth flight

simulator runs awesome and the final

reason is that the imagery and 3d data

in Google Earth is vastly better than it

was back in 2007 or even a year ago so

this video is running at 2560 by 1440

resolution at 60 frames a second on a

Windows 8 PC with a fast graphics card

it has max graphics settings including

anti-aliasing I'll be creating another

video tutorial on how to set up Google

Earth for these settings even with the

default settings on your computer a

current desktop or laptop can run the

flight simulator remarkably well Google

Earth hasn't been updated for over two

years but computers have only gotten

faster and better with more memory and

internet connections are usually much

better today so to start I'm going to

take us to the Logan Airport in Boston

so chooses so we'll click up here in the

upper left and type Logan Airport oops

right again and the reason I picked this

Airport is that it's near the city of

Boston which Google has recently updated

with really high quality 3d models they

generated these 3d models by flying lots

and lots of airplane flights over the

city capturing lots of Atari and then

using their computers to generate using

a technique called photogrammetry 3d

models now in order to see the 3d models

you have to turn on the 3d buildings

layer in Google Earth and then you'll

see like the city in the background so

I've chosen this right away where you

can see the city and I've put it down on

the end of the runway so that when we

start the simulator will be here so

let's begin the tutorial you need to

make sure you're in full-screen mode by

either clicking in your window or by

hitting the f11 key on your keyboard

next make sure like I said the 3d

buildings is turned on then go to the

tools menu and select enter flight

simulator you'll get this window and you

have a choice of flying either an f-16

jet or an sr-22 propeller plane I

recommend the slower plane the propeller

plane because it'll be easier especially

if it's your first time to fly in a

flight simulator to fly so click on that

then make sure you have current view

selected as your start position that way

we'll be here at the runway we start

then it's a start flight the first thing

you'll notice is you go widescreen and

then you have the HUD display this is an

inset of instruments that help you fly

the plane I'm not going to go into

detail and how

does that at this point but it'll become

obvious as you're flying what some of

them do you can turn on and off the hood

by hitting the H key but I recommend

having it on especially at the beginning

to help guide you with flying okay in

the lower left you'll see at the most

lower left is this little indicator when

this triangle is at the top you have

full throttle when it's at the bottom

you have no throttle so you're not

moving so or you at least you have no

thrust and when you're going down the

runway you will not be using the flight

controls but the brakes to drive the

plane the brakes are run by using two

keys on the keyboard comma is the left

turn and period is the right you'll need

to hit the right key a few times going

down the runway because on a propeller

plane it pushes to the left because of

torque on the prop okay before we do

that I want to explain that the cursor

has to be selected and the way you do

that to control the flight is you click

once with the mouse and your cursor

turns to a crosshair or little plus sign

make sure you keep it near the middle of

the screen most of the time because if

you move it far away from the middle you

will fly rapidly in that direction so

keep it near the middle for is an

important tip okay so now that I've told

you how to fly to get the throttle to go

up we hit the page up key to go up in

the page down to go down on the throttle

if you hold it down and rapidly go to

full throttle so that's what we'll do

now and I will hit the period key like I

said to push us to the right and keep us

going down the center of the runway move

the cursor back in the middle of the

screen to about the minus 10 degree

angle once you're going fast enough it

will suddenly take off like that push it

back down some to the center so that you

don't climb too rapidly

all right now the first important tip is

if you hit the spacebar it pauses

everything so this way if your things

are going crazy and you're not sure

where you're at hit the spacebar and you

have a chance to fix things so just make

sure if you hit the spacebar again that

you keep the cursor near the middle

otherwise you'll fly at a crazy angle

again and probably crash although don't

worry you won't get hurt so anyway while

you're stopped one way to look around is

hit the hold down the control key and

press the arrow key so if I do the down

arrow I look down if I hit the right I

turn to the right so this is a way to

look around and to Center your view hit

the V key to go back the HUD appears

when you're centered okay

so now I put the cursor in the middle

again and we'll resume flying and I'm

not going to climb too high maybe

between five and eight hundred feet

above the ground

for this demonstration now an important

tip is to move the cursor slightly to

the left to tilt your and Bank your

airplane to the left once you've got it

at the angle you want move it back to

the middle and it will stop tilting move

it to the right when your tilt turned as

far as you want to go until till it

levels off and then put it back to the

center again also if you don't want to

keep climbing you push it down until

this little crosshair moves to the zero

and then you'll be going level now I'm

going to take off some throttle here so

that we're not going too fast and I'm

going to hit the spacebar again I want

to point something out here if you look

at the city it looks fantastic

well Google Earth now because Google's

new 3d buildings just look awesome

especially from the air because that's

when the foot where the photos were

originally taken but Google has done a

fantastic job of converting those

photographs into 3d renderings and it's

not just the build

but you will also notice that trees are

rendered even if you go down closer you

can see the air-conditioning units on

buildings and even the cars and parking

lots are rendered a bit in 3d from the

air you have fantastic accurate models

of the way a city looks when they've

been rendered in this way in fact if you

are a flight simulator enthusiast like I

am you will be really impressed because

most flight simulators have Auto

generated 3d buildings and data and so

it's not anywhere near what you would

see if you flew over the city whereas

here in Google Earth which is a free

application the city looks remarkably

accurate and in fact here for Boston the

data was collected just about 18 months

ago and so it's accurate up to 18 months

ago so this is really awesome and Google

has done this for hundreds of cities

around the world in fact on our blog

you'll find we have a map that will show

you all the areas that Google has done

3d that we know about ok so I'm going to

Center again and we're going to keep

flying here for a moment and then once

I've gotten far enough away I'm going to

turn around and we're going to return to

the airport for a landing and I'll give

a few tips about how we do that so I'm

going to start turning and we bank to

the right and then I pull back on the

stick to more rapidly turn

and then hold straight now and now I'm

going to turn the throttle way down and

I'm going to add flaps and flaps you hit

the F key and each time it incrementally

increases the angle of the flaps and it

will slow you down now I'm going to turn

to the right because the runway is over

there somewhere

and pretty close to straight down the

runway and you just want to straighten

yourself before you get to the runway

you want to be going pretty accurately

on the runway I did my mouth took

control away from me there for a minute

we'll put full throught full flaps and

off on the throttle now and you want to

be going less than a hundred miles per

hour or actually it's not on the display

and the upper left there before you land

and you don't want to be going less than

70 where you'll suddenly drop and land

very hard or crash you try to approach

the end of the runway and then when we

get close we lift up the nose

and then you have a landing and you hold

down the two bright keys simultaneously

and it slows you down and you stop and

there you have it a little successful

flight in the Google Earth flight

simulator YouTube can do this okay now

before we stop here

I will hit the Escape key to enter the

flight simulator and I'm going to just

do a fun little flight with the jet just

to show you what it's like we're going

to go to the Matterhorn in the Swiss

Alps and I'll start up the flight

simulator we'll hit f-16 say start add

lots of throttle and I'll turn off the

head-up display and I'm going straight

down here pretty much so it's it's kind

of a crazy view but I want to get as

much speed as possible quickly here and

I'll try not to make you too thick but

we're going to do kind of a crazy

maneuver here

that's the Matterhorn on the on the

right there and now before I hit the

ground I'm going to go straight down

this valley and the Swiss Alps is a

particularly great way place to fly

around especially in the jet and you can

fly down the valleys and over the peaks

and swoop around and the views are

absolutely stupendous I've never been to

the Swiss Alps myself but I would love

to go there because as especially if I

had an airplane be a great way to view

these beautiful mountains so this is

what it's like to fly in the flight

simulator with the jet much faster

speeds beautiful views there are many

other beautiful places on the earth of

course where you can fly I highly

recommend the Grand Canyon and of course

pick your favourite city and the bigger

cities are usually rendered in 3d by

Google and you will have a delightful

time with

Google Earth by simulator so I'll stop

here and just mention that if you go to

the Google Earth blog and if you search

for flight simulator tips it will bring

you to this article and you will be able

to see this was the original article

that I had and I'll be updating this

article with all the latest tips on how

to fly the flight simulator and with

links to more details so hope you've

enjoyed this quick tutorial and have a

great day