The ULTIMATE guide to flying in Battlefield 5!

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what is up silky no AIDS today I'm gonna

give you guys exactly what you've been

asking for the not so long waited guide

to the new Pacific aircraft and ba5 in

this video we're gonna go over all the

settings all the maps all the calendars

all counters those counselors and just

about every little trick I found in the

new planes I've had some crazy success

flying these things I think you guys can

too we'll just be focusing on the a6m2

and one aid courses since the other

planes aren't too viable yet for general

gameplay these tactics should still

apply to them and I believe they'll be

pretty viable once that current toys get

nerfed okay so let's get right into this

but for the settings I know a lot of you

guys have really been asking for them so

I'm just gonna cut to a little live clip

where I explain exactly what I'm using

and why I'm using it just remember a lot

of this stuff is personal preference and

it can come down to all sorts of stuff

like your personal dexterity and what

you're already used to but if you're

coming fresh in the piloting I think my

settings are a good start you'll need a

mouse with two side buttons to copy

exactly what I use but every gaming

mouse these days has at least two

definitely make sure to invest in the

mass that suits you I bought rocker John

ninja on YouTube to find exactly what

that is now just bear in mind this video

might be pretty long it's going to cover

an absolute ton of information and it

isn't like your regular kind of tutorial

where you just explain the basics I'm

gonna go into literally everything and

show you guys exactly why I'm doing so

well in battlefield 5 right now anyways

onto the settings okay guys so we're in

the settings menu for bf5 I'm gonna go

through all my settings explain exactly

why I use them and my mouse dpi is 800

for the things that affected I'm gonna

try to zoom through this because I don't

want to send to spend the entire video

in the menus I know a lot of guys want

to see this though so I will show

absolutely everything so you can copy

exactly what I use if you really really

want to again it is all preference

though so do that with your own

discretion controls this is what I run

none of those matters of planes except

these this is all preference around 12%

this you need to have at 20% or above it

makes you turn slower don't ask me why

and these are the two settings for

weapons oom I like it on hold for some

reason I don't even know why it's

preference and invert vertical flight

it's been like that from ARMA 3 so I

just transferred over to this game in

advance I don't use uniform vehicle

aiming I don't use this I use this story

I don't do a couple pilot free-look and

I keep my plane control sensory at 150

percent this is the only one that really

matters here and you need a 150

otherwise you turn slower again don't

ask me why just dice things okay so

you're in game play my HUDs on of course

I don't show HUD motion and here's all

like some preference setting it's the

only one that really really matters is

you keep your kill log on and maybe make

it just so you can see the names the

killowog filter I keep it at all so I

can see everyone on the map even

teammates and enemies it just lets you

know like if the enemy team gets a heap

of kills you know they're gonna be

pushing someone you can look out for

that the Ward's off it just gets in the

way you know all this is what it is I

think it's called default and the other

thing we have is my crosser settings

this is all preference but basically you

wanna have something to stand out

against here and stands out against

ground this one I run this glowy it will

affect your cockpit really really badly

if you max it out like your crosshair

won't blow everywhere so keep it alike

under 120 or below I think is good now

if you hit indicators this is a

preference again the only thing I like

doing is I like doing the visibility

down a little bit so I'm gonna see

through them if they're getting

everywhere now at mini-map this is all

default except for my flight zoom radius

but it's maxed it out just recently just

so I can see more stuff in my mini-map

again the map isn't actually that

important in battlefield 5 so let me

have it at 120 percent a little tip here

is it looks like it maxes out at 100 but

if you click it and keep dragging it it

will actually go further than 100 and

you can use your arrow keys to change it

the rest this is all default my audio

keep it at 48 percent which is the most

I can take and it kind of makes it so

you guys can actually hear me if I'm

talking over my gunshots my sound preset

this is actually really important keep

it on 3d headphones it helps you kind of

like here where people are in a dogfight

and having a good set of headphones will

help with that as well I used the audio

technica ath 8700 X's I've had them for

like two years they're like the best

phones ever

I recommend those I guess or maybe

someday a dynamic 89 90s so in video

settings is what I run just make sure

you have the maximum

run fullscreen so the quiz input lag you

want to keep your vehicle affinity maxed

out and you want to turn all these off I

have motion blur at 1% the reason why is

it actually activates the config I use

which disables temporal anti-aliasing

and also just makes a bunch of other

performance improvements I'll show you

guys exactly how to use that as well

just wait till this little sections over

now for these it's all white performance

on your PC based I guess so run whatever

you want but for my config you have to

have DX 12 off your red scale doesn't

really matter just from whatever you

want just probably don't keep it below

100 otherwise things are gonna get

blurry frame rate limiter I have a line

of my config that actually overrides

this so this doesn't matter future frame

rendering you want it on basically it's

gonna exchange a little bit of input lag

and you get a lot more FPS in return you

won't notice the input lag that you gain

but you'll definitely notice the FPS

games the vertical sync I like having it

off at E increasing input like a lot and

it makes the game feel really really

clunky so keep that off I guess and you

want to keep GPU memory friction off as

well if you have this on you just gonna

get worse frames like straight up the

rest of these are all low and I keep

mesh on ultra this just increases the

details along the range so I can

distinguish little details and little

things I see the rest is I mean you

could turn a higher if you want I'm sure

I can fly on ultra settings and I'd be

very happy doing so my PC just isn't

good enough now for my pilot settings is

just like a lot of you guys really

really want to see so these are all my

controls for the planes pitch up on

space this allows me to turn constantly

with a touch the holding of one button

pitch down on left control I almost

never use this but I just have it there

in case I need to constantly pitch down

I have real look and free look on the

same button which is a shift this is how

does it works on better fly Vegas and

what this really does is it allows you

to free look and also rearview reviews

really really important with a button

that your fingers always on so my pinky

is always on shift and there's a really

important thing so I decided to use the

shift key force I can put them like this

now I don't like using the middle mouse

bone which is default I see

really convenient but I just hate having

my fingers off the hem 1 a.m. 2 buttons

so I just put on shift here exit

vehicles on P I like to have it on this

just so I don't bail out my vehicles

accidentally full map is on Mouse 3 in

case I want to check for map it used to

be saying you do all the time in

battlefield 4 but you don't really do it

anymore in this game so this just

carried over and I'm just used to it but

I don't really use it that much

chase cameras on Mouse for this is

really really important so you can

switch within cockpit and third-person

in really fast I like having it on a

side mouse button and the front one

which is the easiest access is Mouse for

I had to hunt by in space from fire if

you want to use on pick up the rest this

is all default and you guys all have

these already I don't know what you'd

use on console so don't ask me that kind

of stuff I have absolutely no idea

someone who flies with controller is

Skywalker I'd recommend checking out his

channel maybe he has a video explaining

his controller settings I don't know

I'm sure you could ask him on his like

channel and it respond really really

fast and he'd have an exact like a

perfect idea of what to use but for me I

just have no idea what to use on console

so don't really hit me with those

questions that won't be able to help you

anyways those are all my video settings

key bindings audio gameplay and controls

for battle for 5 and I'm gonna show you

guys how to install was taa config if

you want it ok guys so we're here on the

desktop and we are in this paste in the

file which I'm not linked in the


what's in this is my config that I use

in battle 4 5 so what you want to do to

install this config is copy everything

here down to this point here line 78

press ctrl C now you want to go find

where you've installed bf5 for me it's

in this little hard drive here origin

battlefield 5 and once you're in here

you want to right-click new text

document now I use no plus plus but you

could do the same thing with notepad and

I'll show you guys how to do it with

notepad since a lot of you guys are

probably using that so what you want to

do with no pet here he's gonna just copy

paste it all in hit save as changes to

all files and then call it user dot CFG

now you'd replace it oh you wouldn't get

this option to replace it it would just

save straightaway for you but it's

already have it so ask me

place I'm not gonna do that and that

guy's is exactly how you install this

config now the next thing you might want

to do is use my new video settings so

I'll show you guys all of those okay so

we're here in the manage three settings

is the first thing you want to look into

go program settings find battlefield 5

and list if you can't find it

hit pad and it should be here if you

launch too recently if you haven't

launched recently you might have to

actually browse for it again what you do

is you go find your battle for 5 game

and then double-click on the exe use

this one not this one so I have it here

so I'm gonna show you guys we got here

to change all these options so things

you want to change

make sure you have ultra-low latency off

if you're using pre render frames which

you are using my settings I don't know

why it turns itself to on I'm gonna have

to look into that but you should have it

off now your modern technology is

whatever you have I have G sync but

honestly if you have fixed refresh

that's fine too or ultra low motion blur

is also really good it's just whatever

you have it doesn't matter but I like

chasing here it's pretty good for me now

next anyone look into is power

management Selatan max performance

that's really important set refresh rate

to highest available and share the cache

on optimization for samples on allow

high performance on on that one's

important thread of optimization triple

buffering off vsync doesn't matter

you're gonna have it off the settings

anyway and yeah that's about it

once you're done with all that hit apply

next thing when I go into is a dust

desktop color settings so here the

things I use I've just changed the

digital vibrance to make everything pop

out a bit more this is all preference it

might be too saturated for you but I

like it 100% anyways guys that's all my

settings outside of battle core 5

hopefully these really help you out and

let me know if it increases your kind of

spotting AIDS all these

okay so start with we're gonna look at

the two main loadouts for each faction

I've spoken about the zero leader walk

but just in case I'm going to cover that

again along with the Corsair for the

zero I've found this conversation gives

the best killing potential and

opportunities to make a difference in

the game you take the regular bombs

instead to take care of tanks but your

job in the zero is to destroy enemy

infantry and if you do this effectively

the enemy team will never push fun fact

using this lawyer I have never ever lost

round on iwo jima defense I've only ever

seen the last point once which is in the

background right now and this is against

the clan stack and a solid team I

managed to turn the game around it was

actually a total steamroll until I

joined and we totally canceled their

attack on the mountain if I had bombs

I'm pretty sure there's a few more

rounds already lost including this one

now for the courser it's more the same

some people would rather spec their

plane for dogfighting but the coarser is

just as effective the zero for farming

except defense just makes for easier

kills anyways this is the setup you want

for the Americans now for the maps will

start with Pacific storm this map is

much more lush and green than in wajima

which makes it much harder to spot

enemies luckily the loadouts I've given

you are Mew at spawning players these

are probably the most overpowered pile

of this loadout

in terms of team play you can drop them

over the enemy objectives and spot

pretty much the whole team it's

literally like a UAV in Call of Duty and

it's gonna be a big part of our tactics

here use your spotting players not to

strafe but to locate the general area of

enemies once you know where to look you

can come in from it's safe distance and

engage targets making sure to pull out

early if you see the spotting icons

you're just too close at the start of

this map you also want to hit all the

landing craft and try your best to slow

down a landing it's free kills for you

and it helps hunt team tremendously

gives them a much better time to set up

now the biggest complication this map is

the storm it doesn't always come in but

if it hits you'll be relying a lot more

on spotting close now I'd recommend

actually getting into Fleagle range if

you can't see the enemy and shooting the

spotted targets if he enter flicker

range make sure that X you're straight

low and fast closing as much distance

between you in the a as possible if you

don't do this and pull up you're just

gonna get into a a site and it's gonna

be a very very easy kill for them you

can also use your bombs on spotter

targets and if you do this especially


do not shoot flying this faster you can

and for my whole group now for Hiroshima

the easier the two maps you want to

either start by filing the boats on the

Japanese side or shooting the stationary

guns on the US side

this map is a pretty easy file for both

teams as the Japanese make sure to

always color stationary AAS as they can

be a major threat learn where they spawn

and take them out from a distance

once the stationary a is cleared simply

farm for a long distance and keep an eye

out for the white corsair variant as it

has big scary guns on the US team you'll

be careful of any zeros since they're

all scary aside from that this map is

just a farm and there isn't too much

special about it if you're having

problems with enemy planes make sure to

stay positions firmly on your side of

the map and it will make it a lot harder

firm to kill you

onto the counters we have stationary a

flicker fast a a tank and dog fighter

planes stationary A's or perhaps the

thing that kills me the most it's got

some serious range and tends to just

catch me out on low health due to that

the flag is easy to out range but this

thing can just hit you from as far as

you can hit it due to this you need to

kill it every single time someone gets

in one and even go as far as destroying

it if you can do it safely sometimes you

can position yourselves to the

stationary a just can't kill you and you

can farm but those situations are so

rare now for this new and scary

Phlegethon thing this is really really

strong up close but it can be easily out

range the deadliest combo is the

stationary a and then the flee go fast

this a only has to hit you once and the

fluid it has to hit your full shot and

it will encircle you this is why I call

a stationary AAA every single time as

for the flaggers make sure to pull off

early and always attack the closest

group if you attack the biggest farm but

there's a flicker under you it doesn't

really matter he's still gonna kill you

the air tanks are the least worrying of

all the counters firstly they're always

just farming because they insta kill

infantry and secondly they aren't super

good range just don't get too close in

your fire if you get too close however

the same kind of insta kill combo with a

flicker can happen dog fighter planes

are an absolute fierce counter and can

shred you with their six machine guns

and I'll turn you with a supercharger

make sure to fly on your side of the map

and if one can test you you'll have to

deal with it

you'll have your team if you're on your

side of the map however so it should be

very easy and if you close to your spawn

you can

use resupply and it basically it can't

kill you if you fly passively enough but

if it gets a good angle it can kind of

insta kill you

additionally when you're flying learn to

identify them you're looking for a white

zero or white Corsair once you kill them

or they kill you take note of the guy's

name and check the school board for

their icon if they're spawned in you

know you're gonna have a dog file in

your hands make sure it never give you

back to them and only engage them when

you have the advantage if you're farming

be very very careful that they don't

come on your six while you're doing so

if you have confidence in your

dogfighting you can actually go for the

dogfight or if you have an advantage I

sneak up on them you can also take that

fight just make sure not do it over even

the AO or their side of the map if you

do it even over your objectives you can

die so just make sure you're fighting

firmly on your side of the map or maybe

even off to the side where the AA's

can't see now for the tips and tricks

he's gonna be a little bit sad take a

note of while playing and they might

help you out one you can turn faster

sometimes by not running at all yes this

is the case and it's weird as hell of

someone who always roland you know

playing in battlefield 4 and that would

people one a little bit and often three

theory four is the turning speed is

directly proportional to the actual

speed of the plane this checks out as

the supercharger makes your plane faster

and results on a faster turn rudders

however burn heaps of energy you know I

can talk about this dogfighting stuff

for a lot longer but basically if you

lose energy you lose turn speed you want

to use this technique when you're

pursuing a looper and trying to get

longer angles too you do not have to be

near your enemy to bomb them there's a

slank you've hopefully notice in all my

gameplay I've practiced to basically be

able to lob bombs like a bomber would

from really really high altitudes it's

like that requires a bit of trial and

error and doesn't always work but if

you're serious about staying alive I

want to maximize your killing you may as

well use those bombs so definitely learn

this three you can truce with the enemy

planes you don't always have to go full

dog fighter mode it's something that is

gonna get you killed more often than not

and especially if you farming harder

than they are it's a net game for your

team to do this you basically want to

make it clear that you see them but then

ignore them planes have this kind of

body language it's a weird thing to say

but a good pilot especially can tell

what a plane is likely to do by the way

they're flying it's a really weird

concept but it's so true

the enemy pilots should pick up

on this and hopefully the other side

that you see them and you're someone

that they don't want to kill now if

you're friendlies decided to start

killing the enemy planes you want to

ditch the truce as fast as possible as

they'll be out for blood after that

number four you want to know the ranges

your counters the flag of house has a

range of 438 meters the forty millimeter

a a supposedly has a range of about 700

meters the AAA tanks have an effective

range similar to the flag of house your

20 millimeter cannons have a range of

700 meters therefore when you're

straightening our flat cannon make sure

to pull off less than halfway to their


this will keep you out of legal range

never straight near an a a if he's going

for you otherwise the plea get a a calm

will encircle you another the tip here

is the objectives when targeted can tell

you exactly how far you are away from

them this can really help you know

exactly when you're too close and it

could also tell you like when to turn

around be an extra a general rule of

thumb is if you can see the enemy's spot

icons over players you're way too close

and now for the final tip of this video

you should know how to properly straight

you'll want to do it at a high enough an

angle where you're getting good Splash


but not so high of an angle where you're

actually not getting enough time before

you get too close the solution this is

strafing it roughly at forty to sixty

degree angle this gives you plenty of

time to shoot your targets and gets you

great Splash Damage

sometimes if you're gonna go in for

borrowing your on you can come in from

above if you do this you're gonna be in

fleiger range so make sure your exit is

low and fast

preferably ducking behind some hard

cover aside from that strafing is

essentially attacking and retreating

over and over again you just need to

base your tree on how hot the situation

on the ground is sometimes the extra bit

of risk pays off and you guys will just

need to get a feel for that finally the

last part of striking is your aiming

it's a really really important thing

that often gets overlooked to get better

aim in the planes you really just need

to practice make sure you have a

sensitivity that's not too shaky if it

is then you might want to lower it the

cannons were using have no drop but they

have a very slope full they also have a

lot of spread you're gonna want to get a

feel for this and learn how you can kind

of like angle your plane to get bullets

in two different locations you've also

got to learn the lead on the cannons to

really get the most out of them anyways

I think that's all you guys need to know

to dominate in the plains and be

acquired it sounds really corny but the

rest of it really is practice I have

about 80

and kills him battlefield planes and I

still get better all time if you guys

have any further questions either leave

a comment or join my discord and throw

them in there I hope you guys enjoyed

this video and I'll see you on the

battlefield peace