GTA 5 - How To Fly A Plane

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in this video then I'll be showing you

how to fly in GTA 5 as you can see I've

split the video up into three parts so

you can go to the section that you want

to if you're just after one of the parts

the first stage that will be covering

then is the taking off if you haven't

got a plane already you can purchase one

but for this tutorial we've just used

the cheap which can be found in the

description to unlock the stunt plane

once you've found the plane you want to

fly then you just going to press Y next

to it as you would with any other

vehicle and the first two controls are

going to be the same for any vehicle so

going forward you're going to press R T

and going backwards you just going to

press L T

the only thing that's going to be any

different is the steering so to stay you

need to press RB

and L be rough and using the left analog

stick because when you're trying to

steer using the left analog stick you

won't actually change direction now we

just need to use them both together so

we can get on to the runway and facing

the right way and then once you've got

the right direction you should want to

hold down RT and then you should want to

pull back with the left analog stick so

you've got enough speed to take off

and then when you're in the air you

should want to use your lb and RB buns

to make minor adjustments you won't

really need to use these too much until

you go to land but for all the major

movements in the air you just want to

use your left and log stick so to move

up and down it you just want to do the

opposite direction so for instance if

you want to go down you should want to

press the left analog stick up before

going side to side you should want to

lean the direction you want to go into

the last thing we're going to cover then

is landing so all you want to do to

begin with is you want to lower your

wheels if they haven't been lowered

already so to do this you want to press

in your left and log stick as if you're

sprinting on call of duty next we want

to focus our view on the runway if it

gives you the option so to do this you

should want to press the B button and by

now you should be getting pretty close

to the runway so you want to do is hold

the alt button to slow you down

and if you need to make any minor

adjustments you should need to use the

LB or RB buttons

once you hit the runway then you just

want to hold down alt and this should

help to slow you down as a propeller

would be spinning in the opposite

direction and that pretty much finishes

off this tutorial if you've got any more

questions just leave them in the comment

section below