100 Paper Airplanes to Fold and Fly - Usborne Book Review

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hello everybody and welcome back to

another Killaloe video so today I am

here with Karate Kid 7 I'm already at 77

and we are going to be doing a little

bit of paper airplane making today so we

have with us one of our favorite Osborne

boys all-time 100 paper planes to fold

and fly the great thing about this is

that there's all kinds of different

planes that you can fold and then it

actually shows you how to make them but

the coolest thing is that as you flip

through the book there's all kinds of

different designs that you can basically

tear the pages out of the book and fold

them into all kinds of awesome designs

so they end up looking like this which

is super awesome so we've already got a

couple of them here

we want to make one on camera as well so

you can see how awesome it is so we

think they ready to make some paper

airplanes yeah let's do it







okay kk7 you're up first plane flight

see how it goes oh nice it's pretty nice

pretty nice through I think all right

I'm gonna see if I could throw mine okay

ready one two three oh yeah oh yeah very

nice mine had some pretty good distance

on it as well so let's go see how they

how they look when I land it oh so cool

man look at that I love that one that

has the the jaws on the side and your

guy has a little here's real pilot in

there which is awesome and flames coming

off the side so yeah guys that is the

paper airplane folding video let us know

if you want us to make some of the other

styles of paper airplanes you can do

them with regular paper as well but the

us-born book actually is a is a really

awesome way to you know have some fun

use some new cool designs and then the

awesome paper that's that's in there as

well makes it really a lot of fun so

anyway guys that is it for the paper

airplane challenge we had a lot of fun

making these awesome planes and flying

them around the house I hope you enjoyed

it as well

check out the US for an book 100 paper

airplanes to fold and fly

we love that book right yeah there's a

lot of fun and it makes some really

super awesome paper airplanes so we'll

leave a link in the description hope you

enjoyed this video and we will see you

on the next one bye