How to get a RIDE or FLY pet In Adopt Me! NO ROBUX INVOLVED!

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hey guys it's me Makayla and welcome

back to this week's video and today I'm

going to be showing you guys how you can

get a fly or ride pet without spending

robots and adopt

and once you call me a monster my friend

she told me this and I started using it

because she has a lot of player and I

really want to go flying right pet

without strain my robot so I start using

the Hat or not but method that she told

me and I start getting a lot to fly

right pets so let me just show you I

have this that's um I'm just scrolling

down really quickly

I'm still using this method so right now

I might not have a lot compared to what

do you think in my opinion I think the

amount of pets that are fly right that I

have quite a lot but I want to expand my

fly ride pet collection so anyways let

me tell you the method so the method is

to trade me on pets so it doesn't really

matter what you pets you have let's say

if you have a lot of Robins make some

Robins neon and they can use that for

trades and whatnot then also make a

whoops neon if you have a lot of wolfs

another pet as well I have a lot of rats

and I am planning to make it neon so

that I can use it or create stuff


anyways I said for this video I hope you

guys enjoy then you guys so much for

watching I really appreciate it I cannot

be and I'll see you guys on Saturday for

another video I