How to Avoid Pet Quarantine in Hawaii | Cost for Airport Release, How Long it Takes & Our Experience

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so hattie

tell us about yourself where are you


how did you get here girl

yeah that was awesome we have a teddy

hawaii she was allowed in this is how

you bring your dog to hawaii by avoiding

the six-month warranty because you don't

have to do that

you don't just takes a little planning

ahead and stay for them because we'll

introduce hattie and why she wears her

nervous jacket

and then a little bit about her she's an

interesting girl hi i'm jordan and i'm

erica and this is the hawaii vacation




all right so we moved to hawaii a year


which is amazing crazy to think about

right now we moved from london england

we're there for six years where i was

working and we decided to come over to


and one of the hardest parts was

bringing our cute little dog hattie over

here with us to hawaii

and uh so erica did all that planning

and i moved us i did all the everything

else anything that was about equal in

complexity yeah so

erica how hard was it to bring hattie to

hawaii it really wasn't that difficult

i will say it takes it just takes a lot

of planning

a lot of communication a lot of

paperwork and it was

very expensive like to be quite honest

it was very pricey

um the first time we moved to hawaii we

moved to oahu

and we didn't have a dog to bring we

didn't have a child things were a lot


this time we had a dog and she added in

a lot of complexity so people would ask

they would say when we told them we were

planning to move here um they would say

like i would love to but i would never

subject my dog to that six-month

quarantine and i'm like

well we're not going to either

this nervous little girl can i handle

quarantine she doesn't like other dogs


all right so if you are planning to move

to hawaii and you want to bring your dog

start planning early so we started the

process about

six months before we moved it was a long


and part of that is because she is from


and london is a rabies free country much

like hawaii is a rabies-free island

so that's why it's so challenging to

bring a dog here is because it's rabies

free they want to keep it that way they

want to protect what they have here

fully understand that so we were coming

from a rabies tree island and had we

just traveled

directly to hawaii it would have been

very easy from one rabies free island to


no problem but we were stopping on the

mainland in mainland usa

before and so we had to get her her

rabies vaccines because the mainland u.s

does have rabies so you have to get

two minimum of two rabies vaccinations

and they must be 30 days apart so that's

step one

you've got to start with the vaccine so

we got one rabies vaccine

waited 30 days got another rabies


that was step one so that's why you guys

start early because 30 days right there

just for the vaccine to get in the blood


and recreate reproduce the biggest part

in this whole process is

a blood test and what this blood test is

it's an antibody test so they want to

make sure

that your dog has enough rabies

antibodies to protect them

um so that is the thing that like your

whole ability to come here without

having your dog in quarantine hinges on

your dog passing this test so

all right so we talked about getting

rabies vaccines i messed up i should

have said step one

is to make sure your dog is microchipped

because that is how they track your dog

through this whole process okay so you

have to make sure your dog is

microchipped in our case we had to make


that the uk microchips could be read by

the us microchip readers would that be a

problem in the u.s do they have to make

sure is there enough like

no just make sure it's a functioning

microchip so when you go to the vet

before you get a rabies vaccine have

them read the microchip make sure it's


correctly because otherwise you have to

start the whole process over again if

the microchip isn't working so make sure

the microchip is working

get your vaccine okay wait another 30

days get another vaccine

wait another 30 days oh wow okay so it's

two months now

and then get the blood work done so

this blood work you go to your vet

there's a very

special lab that this blood work needs

to go to

all of this information is on the

department of agriculture website they

have a nice checklist

i found it to be mostly helpful a little

bit confusing but i just asked questions

when i had

you know difficulty understanding what

was going on do they get back to you

pretty fast

super fast rabies i think it's rabies

free at i think that's the email

address below we'll link it all below

we're putting it in an article

um super super speedy with their

responses and really it's nice that's


this blood test so this blood test the


draws the blood sends it directly to one

of two

approved labs so these labs

tell us about the labs the labs were

fine um

it was challenging for us because we had

to send it from the uk

yeah and that was just a thing right


transporting dog blood internationally

it's just kind of weird

but so your vet will send the blood

directly to this lab

the day after the lab receives the blood


starts a countdown period okay

so from the day after the

lab receives the blood so say the lab

receives the blood work on september 1st

started starting september 2nd is a

countdown period

and you may not come to hawaii in the

next 30 day window with your dog you

have to wait at least 30 days from

september 2nd

before you can arrive in hawaii and

that's a tricky countdown window if


juggling a lot of things like we were

yeah so so that's three months now we're

talking about rabies a month

month for blood work then another month

for yeah this countdown so you can

really get it done in three months

i would say six because you know things

go wrong yeah

things definitely go wrong things

definitely go wrong

um so the countdown starts

day after the lab receives the blood

work okay and you have

have to wait a minimum of 30 days before

you come to hawaii and a maximum of 36


so this blood test doesn't stay good

forever um

if it's longer than 36 months before you

know you're coming to hawaii

you're gonna have to redo the whole

process so

the lab does the blood work they will

tell you they will get back to you and

tell you whether

your dog passes or fails and they're

measuring the antibodies

they're measuring the antibodies they

need a certain level of antibodies in

the dog's blood

and the vet that we had in england says

sometimes dogs do

fail and that's why you want to have a

cushion in there because if

she for some reason didn't have enough

antibodies we would have to do another

vaccine which is

you know another 30 days so it's just it

takes a while

um so then the lab they will tell you

what the results are they will also

send the results directly to the hawaii

department of agriculture

so they receive the results directly

from the lab

gotcha hence the microchipping the

microchipping is important

also you can check the department of

agriculture website

i believe there is a way to check um the

with your mic with your dog's microchip

number to make sure they've received the


so they have a nice little database that

you can use

it was a lot okay so now you have like

all the tricky testing done

and your dog has gotten the aok the

department of agriculture

has your blood work time to go move to

hawaii time to do your paperwork

not moving yet you're not moving yet all

right so you have to fill out an

import form um you have to

send that plus the original certificates

from the rabies vaccinations

that plus the import form plus your

flight information plus your

vet information to the

department of agriculture if you're

coming to a neighbor island

like we are we were um you have to apply

you have to get a vet to meet you at the

airport or neighbor island compared to

oahu come here to oahu

yeah yeah so if you're going to oahu you

don't yeah it's different yeah if you're

but if you're coming to maui um the big

island kauai

like you need a neighbor island

inspection permit

and so that takes another 30 days for


to complete for you i know you guys this

is like it's like 30 days

right so you send all of this paperwork

in your dog has the blood work done

you send the original vaccines in you

send the import form you send your

flight info

that has to be received in hawaii 30

days before you are going to travel here

because they need to check it all they

need to check with the vet on the island

to make sure you have hired them to meet

you at the airport to do the direct

airport release program

and then they need to print up your um

what's it called the permit thank you

they need to print up your permit send

it back to you

so the airport would ask for that too

right well the airport wants to see it

before the dog gets on the plane before

you get on the plane

um you have to have that permit done so

once you have that permit in hand then

you can lift it away there you go piece

of cake everybody no big deal and i got

it when we landed it was great right at

the end of the jet bridge was the vet

waiting for us

and her green outfit and she was super

nice had he was a little cranky from the

flight but it literally took like

two minutes did they just check the

paperwork checked paddy and wished us

scan the microchip to make sure it's the

same dog so that microchip is

super important yeah um and then we're

on our way

and then hattie lived in hawaii yeah

that was awesome

we have a teddy bear

daddy made to hawaii she was allowed in

so if you don't do any of that stuff no

blood work no rabies

what happens you can just show up in

hawaii you can show up in hawaii and

they're gonna take your dog for a six

month quarantine which they don't want

to do

also you have to pay for it will the

airline let you on the plane if you

don't have all that stuff

uh they might not they might not because

when we checked in so we flew alaskan

we loved flying alaskan airlines because

they were so helpful with hattie she was

able to come and cabin with us

um i don't know if they're still doing

that but they were um

and they checked all the paperwork

before we got on the plane they wouldn't

have let us on the plane without the


yeah all right so you might not be able

to get that far with it i forgot one

more thing you have to get

one more piece of paperwork for no more

than 14 days 10 to 14 days

before you leave hawaii the airline or

before you leave the mainland for hawaii

your airline wants to see a certificate

from the vet

showing that the dog is in good health

oh or the dog fly so that's not a

department of agriculture hawaii need

that is an airline

oh that's a good tip right there let's

talk about costs a little bit yeah

please yeah

so i believe we i believe our vet

was to meet us at the airport i think

she was four hundred dollars

okay okay yeah i didn't know that yeah

i think it was 400 maybe it was a little

less um

your permit fee is a hundred and

sixty-five dollars okay

for a neighbor island inspection permit

i can't remember how much the blood test


we're a vet in england for all the for

the two rabies yeah yeah

so it depends where you're living yeah

those were probably a couple hundred


plus that's the health check from the

vet for the airline was another 75

you guys it like very much added up plus

you have all of your paperwork you

overnight it via fedex to hawaii

which is 20 and then you send we at

least sent

another envelope or another uh label so

they could overnight it back to us

because we were working on tight


that was another twenty dollars it just

all adds up it's a lot so so this

video is here to help go to the hawaii

website for information too and

supplement that yes so we'll drop the

link down below we also have a link to

our article outlining the whole process

in the timeline

like i said start six months in advance


it's big and that's that's a big one

right this video is for people moving to

hawaii with their pet

right with your dog uh do not try to

bring your dog here on vacation for fun

not worth it even i mean even if you

come for a few months it probably isn't

worth it for you

it means you have to make up your mind

but it was a lot of work

but the thing is with white this is a

rabies-free island and there's a lot of

invasive species here already

and other diseases and they trying their

best to keep the rabies free so it just

shows respect

come to another place especially

beautiful why that's why they require

all this paperwork they're just doing

their best to keep this island

rabies free which is really important

really important i mean

there are very few places in the world

that are rabies free so like

let's keep it that way all the paperwork

is worth it because she gets to sleep on

a couch in hawaii

it's up in england yeah all right so

let's introduce you to hattie here

okay so full name her full name is i was

gonna put her on my lap

she looks pretty comfortable back there

her full name is harriet

we picked her up at the battersea

shelter in london she was a stray

we have no idea how old she is and it

was funny when they got when we got her

they're like oh she's six years old but

we took her to a vet and the vet's like

she's anywhere before

between four years old and 10 years old

we're like wow

that was helpful so so we've had her for

four years

four years now and she's got some gray

hair she's got her teeth and

she's a healthy little girl she likes it

she's probably gonna outlive us

because she's australia we have we don't

know any of her history where she came

from where she was before

we just know she's very english she's a

jack russell terrier

she we think she's a miniature jack

russell terrier because she's so small

and her fur is really soft she wears a

nervous jacket

because you'll see this in all the

videos people ask us all the time

is your name nervous and it's not uh but

the idea is for wearing this is to count

warm people

um to maybe not pet her or not come up

to her too fast because she's shy

we don't know our history she can get a

little scared she gets very scared

and people come up to her and we don't

want her to do something that will


yeah on it too and then also too she's

not a big fan of other dogs

she hates that so it's kind of warning

other people dogs like hey

you know don't bring your dog up to her

definitely not too fast because she'll

she'll get freaked out also

yeah we we don't know her history

probably related to that we also

she was attacked by a larger dog and we

had her

so scared yeah terrible she almost died

so she just has a lot of you know

baggage but we love her

she's a wonderful family dog she's great

around henry they're just great

together she's so patient and we're so

happy she was able to move with us


we wouldn't have moved without her let's

be honest she's a part of this family

and we love her

so much so we hope this video was

helpful best of luck moving your dog or

your other animals to hawaii

if you want to move out to why we have

another video on tips and things that we

learned about moving to hawaii

so click subscribe thanks for watching

thanks for watching