Sky Viper Nano Drone M550 Extended Tutorial

Sharing buttons:

for your transmitter you're going to

need three Triple A batteries open up

the back panel insert the batteries as

indicated and close the back panel to

charge the battery of your nano drone

insert the cable to any USB port then

connect the cable to the back of the

nano drone while it is charging the LED

will show red once it is fully charged

that LED will turn to a solid green and

you are ready to fly let's get ready to

fly your nano drone take your fully

charged nano switch it on and place on a

smooth level surface now power on your

remote controller the lights will begin

to flash on the drone and the remote

while sparing when pairing is complete

the lights will turn solid on your nano

and your remote control and you are

ready to fly as soon as your transmitter

and drone a paired auto mode will be the

default flight mode with Auto mode you

can hit the launch land button and the

drone will lift up a couple of feet into

the air and hold at altitude Auto mode

if you play up or down movement to the

throttle stick that will adjust its

altitude the beauty of Auto mode is that

it allows you to fly the Nano drone with

one stick so in auto mode you can move

the drone forward and backward left and

right with the right thumbstick

if you need to turn left or right you

can do that as well with the left


or what we call the your stick whether

you're flying in auto or manual mode and

it's time to land hit the land button

the drone will slowly descend and land

for you now if you'd like to start in

manual mode hit the mode selection

button you'll see the LED indicator

change from auto to manual

now just increase your throttle stick

bringing that up and you're in the air

the difference between manual and auto

mode is auto mode will fight to hold an

altitude for you in manual mode that's

completely up to you you're the pilot

but don't worry you can change back and

forth between these modes at any given

time to land in manual mode bring the

throttle stick all the way down and hold

until the leds on the drone and remote


at any given time it doesn't matter if

you're in the air or you haven't even

taken off yet you could hit the mode

button to switch between order and

manual mode so get ready to take control

of that left throttle stick as it's not

gonna fight to hold its altitude that's

up to you now the pilot to do OneTouch

stunts on your nano drone get the drone

to a safe hover of about eight feet hold

the stump button down and toggle the

right thumbstick in any direction you

want to do a barrel roll or flip so to

do a left barrel roll hold the stump

button down and move the right

thumbstick to the left to do a forward

or back flip hold the stunt button down

and move the right thumbstick to the

front for a front flip or down for a

back flip to adjust the flight

sensitivity to increase speed and

agility hold down the two your trim

adjustment buttons and the stunt button

at the same time an LED indicator will

flash once for level one two times for

sensitivity level two and three times

for the really adventurous pilots if you

need to replace a damaged propeller on

the Nano drone flip it over and take a

look at the propellers there are a and B

markings on the propellers take a fork

and place under the center of the

propeller and lift up gently slowly

removing the propeller make sure to have

the replacement propeller ready to go

that matches the damage but go up place

the new propeller on the motor and give

it a nice firm push don't push too hard

make sure the propeller can still spend

freely and you are ready to fly again