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hey guys in this video I want to show

you how to fly infinitely on a

motorcycle or BMX in GTA 5 without using

any mods hex cheats or anything like


infinitely means you can fly as far and

as long as you want to there are no

limits and I'm not talking about a

glitch that you have an stunting races

by the way that lets you fly infinitely

when you go of certain ramps the method

I'm showing you today was actually

already found in 2014 by a guy called

mafia stunting and as possible in the

GTA 5 story mode and online mode also in

free mode this means every one of you

can easily do this method - it doesn't

even matter which motorcycle you use it

is even possible with the very slow [ __ ]

your motorbike I'm not joking guys and

you can even do it with a BMX as I said

already a while back ago I made a

livestream and flew for over three hours

straight on a motorcycle with this

method and yes I know guys I'm really

out of hobbies Laura if you have already

seen my gliding tutorial video by the

way I already mentioned this method at

the end of the video but because many

people don't watch until the end and it

also wasn't the main part of the video I

decided to make an own individual video

about it and explain it a little bit

better here the method is only possible

in free mode bad way when you start on

top of the mount chilliad

actually there are a few more

possibilities how you can get into the

infinite light but those are a lot

harder so I'm not even gonna mention

them here what I can already tell you

now though is before you can do this

method you have to learn how to glide on

a motorcycle end or a BMX of course

because it is not very easy to do for

beginners to learn gliding check out my

lighting tutorial video which should be

linked in the info parts of this video I

am NOT going to explain oil gliding

techniques in detail in this video again

because that is just not the goal of

this video I already did that in my

gliding tutorial video so yeah in order

to practice the infinite gliding method

I highly recommend you to go to the

creator first create a land race it's

really important to create a land race

and not a stunt race and place a

checkpoint on top of mount chilliad as

shown in the video right now after that

test the race and publish it now you can

easily open it up by going to your own

created online shops in GTA online the

reason why we are creating a race to

practice this method is explained pretty

quickly in a race you can easily respawn

to the last checkpoint so if you fail

and fall off Mount chiliad for example

it would take you ages to go back up

again if you would practice it in free

mode for example but in a race we can

just easily respawn to the top of mount

chilliad again so here we go now at

first it is important to get a good

amount of speed when we go down to the

first jump this just requires some

practice but it's definitely the easiest

part of the whole method believe me guys

then we are already at the first jump or

the first Glide here it is important to

have good gliding skills in general you

have to do a so called speed light in

order to keep a lot of speed and to get

a good angle for the second jump hold

your glide by making circles with your

left stick I would never recommend

gliding with mouse and keyboard by the

way but it would also be possible of

course so just take a look at the video

right now and try to practice as long as

you can do it the same way like me okay

so now we are already at the second part

of the method for the second jump you

need to have as much speed as possible

and land perfectly on the ground right

here then you just drive a bit on the

ground and almost instantly get the

second jump this is now the jump that

lets you glide infinitely if you did

everything right because as long as you

have kept as much speed as possible you

should now be able to fly as long and as

far as you want - like I promised at the

start of the video all you have to do is

use a speed glide and a balance glide

right now this just requires a lot of

practice again but in a land race where

you can easily

respond I'm pretty sure you can learn it

pretty quickly maybe even in a few hours

if you're good but the method is

definitely worth it guys if you're doing

this in GTA online free mode for example

everyone will probably think you're a

model or a hacker but nope you're just

doing something almost nobody knows

about and that can make the eyes fall

out for sure so yeah this was the

infinite lighting method for motorcycles

but what about the BMX now with the BMX

we can of course not use the same spot

that we used for the motorcycles but

that's no problem at all because also on

top of mount chilliad there is another

spot for the BMX that lets you fly

infinitely with it this method should be

way easier to learn with the BMX by the

way because gliding on a BMX is easier

in general especially holding your glide

so as you can see you have to start

right here with your BMX you can also

practice this method in a land race

again of course and you don't have to go

into free mode instantly that is just

way too frustrating in my opinion and

all you have to do now is jump off this

spot right here and go into a speed

light and then a balanced glide and

voila now you can also fly infinitely

with a BMX and everyone thinks you're a

model again great success I really hope

that this tutorial was helpful for you

guys and then you're now so impressed

that you're going to send this video to

some more GTA players that don't know

about it yet a whole GTA online lobby

where everyone flies around the map on

his motorcycle or BMX would be pretty

cool to be honest so yeah guys if you

are up for more GTA stunting content in

the future then don't forget to

subscribe to my youtube channel right

now and as I said already before you can

do this method you have to learn how to

fly it so I'm now going to link you my

gliding tutorial video as well again

just click on it now by using the end

card of this video and learn many more

cool things about the ttae physics but

I'm actually out for now guys and see

you in the next video again bye