How To Fly Any Quadcopter Nano Drone Multi-Rotor

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so you've got your first quadcopter and

you're ready to fly but you've got no

idea how to do it I'm going to see if I

can help you in just the next couple of

minutes to understand how to fly this

thing and we'll go from there

first of all congratulations it's an

exciting adventure to learn to fly a

quadcopter or any kind of micro drone

nano drone drone multi-rotor

all the different names that they're

using for them these days the one that

I'm looking at today is called a teeny

drone it's like the CX 10 very similar

in design just a little bit more robust

in the build your drone may look similar

to this if you've got a nano drone or it

may be larger but what I'm going to show

you is going to basically apply to any

of the quads that you're going to be

flying so that's the nice thing because

these controllers are quite universal

and with the teeny drone the one that

I'm flying today you can see that it's

it's more of a full-size controller so

it's a little bit easier to to

demonstrate for you so we're gonna look

at how the controller works how to fly

it and one quick note you are going to

crash as a new pilot you're going to

crash this bad boy doesn't matter which

one you're flying today be ready for it

try to make your landings as soft as

possible so that means you no fly in a

carpeted room if you can't fly outdoors

it's really a lot more challenging to

fly inside than out because outside if

you accidentally shoot up really really

fast you go up into the sky and then you

can get in control and bring it down


or land on grass or something soft like

that hopefully not water because they're

not usually waterproof but inside of

course you're going to hit the roof and

that's going to cause all kinds of

damage so they are pretty pretty durable

these days you'll find that you can

crash and they're not they're not going

to explode they're not going to

disintegrate or anything like that but

you do have to be careful so if you

crash a quadcopter one of the main

things that's going to happen is that

your propellers are going to bend and if

they're good kind of rubber style

propellers you can bend those back

fairly easily and that's not a problem

sometimes if you hit really hard then a

motor is going to stop working or maybe

an LED is going to

stop flashing for you and the temptation

is to return it to the store but that's

not really you know that's not really

what I would recommend I think one of

the fun things about being a quadcopter

pilot is also being able to do your own

repairs with the teeny drone for example

this is what they call a crash kit and

it comes with a new body it comes with

extra propellers it comes with four

motors and those motors you can actually

solder those in to your quadcopter and

then you're you're replacing the parts

rather cheaply and then you learn to to

correct the problems as well because you

are going to crash guaranteed okay so

let's take a quick look at how this

works we're not going to get into too

many technical things I just want to

show you how to fly this bad boy and get

up in the air so your controller has

several main functions this controller

may look different than the one you're

using depending on your quad but as I

say the controls themselves are pretty

much identical across the board I don't

even I've got to see my x5 C - one and

it flies exactly the same as my teeny

drone so so this is going to be

applicable for you no matter what

drone you're flying so basically this

controller the the only thing that may

be different is your buttons up here but

the controls themselves are going to be

the same on the teeny drone this

quadcopter the Nano drone this button

here is your speed booster so this sets

you from regular kind of learn to fly

mode to high-speed mode which we'll call

expert mode if you will

expert mode should be left off indoors

at least as you're learning it it does

take the quad up to very high speeds so

you want to do that outside if you want

to experiment that would be a fun one to

to whizz around with outdoors as you're

getting good at it this button here is

going to actually put you into roll mode

so you can push that and hit a direction

at the same time and it's going to roll

in that direction which is kind of cool

nice way to woo your friends okay this

is the accelerator so temptation is to

push that up and that would shoot me

right into the roof so the trick is that

we want to just push that just a little

tiny bit as we're flying indoors and

then you'll you'll get the feel that a

little bit more is going to bring you up

a little bit a little bit less is going

to bring you down

and you're going to have to keep your

fingers on this and move it up and down

depending on the situation because as

you move forward of course you're going

to get some tilt to the quadcopter

you're going to be flying like that and

so then it's going to be you know you're

going to have to accelerate a little bit

more to keep it in the air so it's a

little bit of strategy I guess all right

so let's let's turn it on and see what

what happens here before I do that

actually let's just let you know I would

suggest you know your left controller


does go to the left and right what that

does is it takes your quad and it turns

it like this I would stay away from that

at first as you're learning I would

stick with just up down here and all

around here what that's going to do is

it's going to allow you to go up and

down and around in this kind of motion

by doing that the quad is always facing

away from you and so up is forward down

is behind is back and right is right

left is left now as soon as you start

using this so you're going left and

right here so you're pivoting the body

so as I pivot my quadcopter here now

left is toward me right is away from me

up is left and down is right now as I

continue to push that so I push this to

the left a little bit more now it's

facing me so up is toward me down is

away from me right is left and left is

right what kind of crazy world is this

we're working in three dimensions now

folks it's not like the old racecars

right so it's a lot of fun but that

takes some getting used to so I would

suggest that we stick with standard

controls up and down on the accelerator

and then all around here again that's

going to allow us to go up and down and

around this way so as I pull down it's

going to come toward me as I push up

it's going to go away from me that keeps

things nice and simple let's fire it up

and see what happens so as I turn it on

my lights are flashing and you hear a

beep from your controller push

accelerate all the way and then down all

the way that syncs your controller to

this quadcopter that way if you have two

or three of them you can race friends

you can you can play at the same time

and because they're 2.4 gigahertz there


basically synched to each other you can

fly multiple at a time and there's no

frequency problems or interference if

you will okay so now that I'm synced and

you'll notice one of the things that I

did is I put it on a flat surface to do

that now that I'm synced I can start

flying reason that I put it on a flat

surface is because that trims out the

drone so it knows okay this is down this

is flat so as I fly up if there's a bit

of a wind the 6-axis gyro is going to

keep it level for me

there are trim buttons on your

controller modern drones typically you

don't necessarily need those certainly

with the micro drones the Nano drones

with the six axis gyro anyways they do a

very good job of trimming themself out

right from your desk so now that it's

trimmed now that I'm connected now that

it knows that hey this is dead flat now

I can take off I could take off from an

angle like that if I wanted to and it

would automatically level itself out so

now I can take off from anything I can

put it on a book I can put it on the

couch I can put it on the floor on

whatever and it'll take off just fine so

let's let's get a go now watch my hands

as I fly and I'll bring it up here so

that you can see the the teeny drone

flying around as well but watch my hand

so that you see how subtle the movements

are and I think that's part of the key

to flying indoors is certainly being

very subtle with your movements remember

to keep yourself in slow mode this one

has one beep for slow to two or three

beeps two beeps for fast so there we go

so now as I bring up my accelerator

watch what happens I've just bring it up

just a little bit I've got one motor did

you see that one motors not spinning so

just check your motors make sure that

this one is not is not tight because

having a crash may have pushed the

propeller down into the motor and you

don't want to accelerate in that case

because then you're going to burn out

the motor and then you're going to have

to replace it now that I've touched that

you can see that the propeller is

spinning just fine okay so up we go very

subtle movement on my left controller is

going to start to raise that up now I

can use the right controller see I'm

going up and down a little bit and I'm

using the right controller

to pivot back right forward I'll try to

keep it on camera so it's nice and

smooth and in slow mode when you're

inside you can hover fairly well you've

got to kind of adjust the controls to

compensate for wind and things like that

I've got the furnace going right now so

it is picking up some of that and there

we have it

okay so rolls it's one of the things

that you're going to want to do it's not

easy to do indoors you probably want to

do it in outside when you've got a lot

more space or at least in a big room

maybe if you've got a cathedral ceiling

something like that that would be

preferable so you want to get enough

height because it's going to lower

itself as you do a roll so let's get it

up about I'm about going to get about

three feet off of the desk here and make

sure that you're stable you don't want

to do a roll when you're not stable so

now I'm going to push that roll button

and push backward and I did a flip there

we go and you see how I had to gain

control again after the flip because it

just really pushed it it runs up those

motors really really fast in that moment

there we go okay so that's a basic

tutorial on rolls you're going to want

to get good at flying just hovering

before you even attempt that because

you're probably going to crash in that

instance and because the motors are

flailing pretty fast at that point you

could damage the quad if you hit the

wall or the roof again if you bend your

propeller you can just bend it back you

can buy extra propellers you can buy

extra motors if you burn out a motor and

it's just too little solder joints to to

replace that nice and easy the LEDs are

there for your reference and it helps

you to orientate yourself to know what's

front what's back also looking at where

the charge port is is going to help you

but if an LED breaks you don't have to

go out and replace the LED right away

maybe try pushing it or jiggling yet see

if it starts to work again so that's

what I want you to start with that's

what I want you to try starting with so

we're going to get a little bit of

acceleration or you watching my left


and then my right hand I just want to

get used to controlling going back going

forward going back start with that but

forward and back and try to keep your

height about the same level okay and

that's going to help you to get a little

better at just controlling between the

two controllers and it is kind of in a

3d environment which takes some getting

used to so then you want to once you're

at that point then go left right and

notice my left hand I'm going up and

down on the accelerator as I need to

left and right okay and then once you

get a little better then start going up

left right bring it back alright and

then once you get to that point that's

when you can start doing roles and doing

stunts like that and get good at that

stuff and then on the drone zone which

you'll find at the drone zone dot TV

we're going to be doing a series

featuring all different kinds of quad

copters and multirotors so that you can

learn how to fly these guys how to do

some stunts we're going to do some speed

tests with a radar gun see how fast they

can go all that kind of stuff so go to

the drone zone dot TV that's going to

take you over to YouTube and just make

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please like the video if this has helped

and if you have any questions post your

comments and I will do my best to

respond for you in the meantime enjoy

flying let's see if I can see I've

turned it around there I've got a fairly

limited amount of space here but once

you once you're good at it have some fun

in the meantime have fun learning when

you're orientated facing yourself that's

what we want to avoid doing I can I can

obviously do that but once it's facing

yourself it makes it tough as you're

just learning but enjoy have fun quad

copters are addictive I guarantee you

you're going to find yourself wanting to

start here and work your way up

I'm here to help you to do that and to

understand the different quads that are

available to you and we're going to do

so we're going to try to do it kind of

on the cheap so that we can work our way

up to bigger better drones as we grow as

pilots so I hope you are able to

subscribe and that enjoy being a drone

pilot take care thanks for watching