How to Fly a Kite

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hi I'm Chris Maxo with chi loft today

we're going to learn how to fly a kite

probably the best flying of all the

shapes of kites is a delta shape type a

simple crossbar on the back and a spine

allow the kite to fly beautifully in

most situations

that's the kite we're gonna choose to

fly today this triangle piece that roots

from the kite isn't called the keel on

the keel we have a little grommet with

an eyelid we're gonna take our kite line

and attach the swivel right to the

grommet and clip the clothes very much

like a fishing swivel you're gonna take

any tails you may have and you want to

put on your kite and we're gonna put

them on either the wing tips center of

the spine or the other wing tip you're

gonna want to make sure that you have a

good clear run of wind from behind you

so you're gonna want to choose a spot it

has about a quarter to a half a mile

clearing behind you power lines are bad

news trees they can eat your kite you're

also gonna want to make sure that you're

clear of any weather situations that may

arise now we've come out here to the

flying field and we've chosen the beach

where we have a beautiful offshore wind

perfect hiding weather you're gonna take

a kite put it in your hand I'm gonna

switch to the other side

and allow the kite getting in my left

hand while I hold the kite school am i

right I allow the kite to get airborne

while holding the spool grasp it with

both hands and allow the kite to catch

up draft and ascend into the air you'll

notice the kite starting to sway back

and forth a little bit that's because

I'm holding it back and it's being

tethered if I allow the kite to ascend

by letting out more and more line you'll

notice that it's stability improves

we're gonna focus on how to bring your

kite and kite line down once you've come

to the end of the day and you're ready

to pack it up the first method and

certainly most surefire way is to simply

do a hand over hand roll with your spool

this is simply done by allowing your

thumbs to push the rollers forward and

the kite will gradually come in so

another method that I'd like to show you

is to simply allow your kite line to

drop to the ground into the sand and

you're gonna pull the kite in hand over

hand allowing it to reach the ground and

fall freely now that we've retrieved our

kite and we've brought it to the ground

in the beach here it's easy I can simply

bury the nose of the kite into the sand

I'm gonna let the spool sit in the

crease of my elbow after I do that I

take my right hand and I'll simply spin

it end over end walking towards the kite

all the while and it's a much simpler

faster and easier way to wind up your

kite line get out there fly your kite


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