GoPro KARMA Drone Tutorial: How To Get Started

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hey it's Jordan Hetrick I'm excited to

help you get started setting up your new

karma drone and show you how to get

started using it the Karma is a very

functional easy to use drone and it's a

great way to get your GoPro into the sky

for some amazing footage plus it's got

the removable gimbal you can use with

the karma grip which makes it more

useful than most other drones because

you can use it even when you're not

flying your drone I'm going to show you

everything that comes in the case I'm

also going to show you how to set it up

and get started so you can get out there

and start practicing so let's open up

the Karma case and check it out inside

your karma case you'll see here this is

the core of your drone with the battery

already inserted there it's inserted

partially up here in the front is a

stabilizer with the hero five black

harness and if you purchased a kit with

a camera the camera will be inside there

this is the Karma grip which you can use

with the stabilizer which is great for

handheld footage here's the charger and

a plug for the charger and this little

bag here is some accessories for the

camera and also the mounting ring for

the karma grip this is the karma

controller for your drone and in this

box under here there are propellers for

your drone once you put the propellers

on you can actually pack your karma in

the case here with the propeller still

on and underneath here there's some

instructions for using your karma a

quick get started guide


first you'll need to charge the

batteries on your drone and controller

so you can get through the setup process

I'm not going to go through the setup

process for the camera if one came in

your kit I have a whole separate video

for the cameras to show you how to get

started with those if you don't know how

so pull out the charger the cord for the

charger as well as the battery out of

the karma core right here and your

controller we're going to get these

charged right now just make sure the

battery charger is plugged into a power

outlet and then you can charge the Karma

battery and the comment roller at the

same time to charge the Karma battery

just use the big plug here you can plug

that into the front of the Karma battery

here and the Karma battery takes about

an hour to charge so it's a pretty quick

recharge time and you'll need to charge

this after every flight the Karma

controller won't need to be charged as

often but let's get it fully charged

right now so you can get started with

fresh batteries so you can just lower

this tab here on the Karma controller

and there's a little USB connection

there you can use this connector to

charge the battery the Karma battery

won't ship with very much battery so

I'll probably start out with one light

and it'll flash all the way up to four

lights when it's finished charging the

lights will turn off the Karma

controller will probably come with about

two lights and when it's finished

charging these lights will also turn off

it takes about two and half hours to

charge it when it's empty but it'll come

with about half a battery so it

shouldn't take it long you can push

pause on this video to wait for the

batteries to charge and then come back

and continue this video while these are

getting charged also make sure your

camera battery is getting charged up the

drone will power it and it will charge

the battery but it's good to start out

with a fresh battery in your camera

anyways once all four lights are solid

or they've turned off completely you can

disconnect the charger and we'll move on

to the next step next you can take the

drone out of the case and you can take

these little covers off these are just

to protect the propeller motors here so

it's unfold the legs the legs are folded

up here on the bottom and every time you

set your drone up you're going to unfold

these legs so just pull them out from

the middle and the legs will snap into

place then you can say your drone on

those legs next you can unfold the arms

here so just unfold the back arms first

and then fold into place like that and

then then do the front arms so it looks

like that you're going to do that every

time you set up your drone

although the propellers will be attached

now take the box with the propellers in

it and take the propellers out there's

one full set as well as a spare of each

color and you just need two of each

color two of the silver and two the

black to set up on your drone to attach

the propeller just match the top of the

propeller with the top of the motor here

there's a little dot on top of the motor

and then you just put it on top there

and the arrow shows you which direction

to spin it and you just spin it until

the motor moves beneath here and it's

self tightening so you don't need to

tighten it beyond that to remove the

propellers if one breaks you just hold

the motor and you just unscrew it the

opposite direction and usually you can

just do it by hand

this tool is provided in case you can't

hold it tight enough you can just hold

the motor like that and then unscrew it

the opposite direction of these arrows

then you can go ahead and attach the

other propellers the silver top spin

clockwise just make sure you match up

the dots on top with the top of the

propeller spin them till the motor spins

and the black dots go counterclockwise

like I said they're self tightening so

you don't need to tighten them too much

they'll tighten themselves now we're

going to put the battery into the drone

if you ever need to check the battery

status you can just push this little

button on the battery and the lights

will show you how much battery charge

there is so to put the battery in you

just slide it in the back of the drone

here and just make sure it goes all the

way in and locks into place we're not

going to take the battery out right now

but I'll show you to take it out you

just grab under here and pull it and it

comes out easily this here is the

harness it holds your camera on the

stabilizer if you bought your drone with

the camera it'll already be in there but

you still need to put a memory card into

the camera to take the camera out of the

harness just push down this little tab

here and you can lift it open and then

you've got to kind of wiggle the camera

out it's a little bit hard to get out

and it slides out of place but it was

attached by the HDMI and USB there into

this part of the camera once you have

your camera charged and you make sure

there's a micro SD card in there you put

the camera back in the harness just make

sure these two ports line up so you just

slide it in between the harness here and

just try to make sure it goes in pretty

straight and those should just line up

and then just push it in firmly then

attach this latch here make sure it

grips onto there and locks into place

and you

cameras back in the harness if you want

to switch cameras depending which camera

is in you can switch out the harness

this here is the hero4 compatible

harness as you probably know this

stabilizer comes out of the drone and

goes in the karma grip you can leave the

stabilizer in the drone I'm going to

take it out just to show you how to put

in the Karma grip so you know how to do


to take it out you just slide this over

where it says unlocked and then it just

comes right out like that one of the

best things about the Karma is that

you're not limited to just flying in the

sky so you can remove the stabilizer put

it in the karma grip and you can get the

same smooth handheld footage using this

karma grip so the stabilizer comes out

and they used to make sure it's unlocked

here on the Karma grip and you put it in

there like like that and then you make

sure it's locked again now when you turn

on the Karma grip this will be

stabilized footage you can walk around

it's going to do the same action as it

does on the drone I'm going to keep it

in there for now so we're just going to

set up our drone first so now that the

drone set up let's move on to the


so grab your controller and you can open

it up let's remove the little protective

lining here just to protect it while the

shipping and you can power your

controller on by holding the power

button here and then it's going to take

you through the setup process you need

to have an email and a password through

GoPro to get set up with the karma so

you can just follow the prompts on the

screen to get walked through the setup

process can ask you what language you

just push English or whatever language

you're using and accept the terms and

conditions set up your Wi-Fi if you have

one so you can do the update so set up

your Wi-Fi network by using the

touchscreen you won't need to use Wi-Fi

when you're flying the drone but it's

just used for certain things such as

updating firmware or downloading maps so

you can set up a free GoPro account or

log into GoPro if you already have an

email and password the free user account

once you're logged in it will show this

screen and you continue to follow the

prompts if you want to agree to location

services and GoPro care GoPro plus

you're going to skip the stuff just

telling you about the different features

this is the flight simulator we're going

to come back to this in a minute so you

can just press skip for now so once this

screen comes up just push on this little

icon right here now it's going to check

for updates now says there's updates

available I recommend updating

everything just to make sure

everything's up to date with our most

recent firmware so you can click right

here to download the update and you have

to have Wi-Fi connected to do this you

can push pause all the updates are



once the updates are downloaded you're

going to need to grab the drone and

power it on along with the controller so

press the power button on the backyard

drone behind the GoPro logo here and

I'll power on your drone the updates

will be transferred directly from your

controller to your drone and the

stabilizer once the updates are

installed you'll see checkmarks next to

them if your camera's battery doesn't

have enough charge it may not update and

use a certain amount of battery to be

able to do the update so make sure you

charge your camera battery before you

set up so I'm going to move forward to

continue the setup here even though the

firmware is not updated on the camera

but make sure you update the firmware on

your camera if you need help with that

you can watch one of my other videos for

your specific camera model and once the

updates are installed you in this quick

little X to exit out of there if you see

a screen like this it's normally just go

ahead and follow the prompts to

calibrate the compass on your drone one

more thing I just want to make a note of

is now that the drone is powered on

don't manually move the stabilizer it's

a very sensitive electronic device that

make sure your cameras level and smooth

so you don't want to mess with that by

manually moving it at all

before you go fly karma you need to make

sure that you register your drone

through the FAA website they'll give you

a little number and you just need to

attach it to your drone somewhere so

that if your drone is lost they know

whose drone it is so once you've got

your drone all set up it's ready to fly

you're going to want to turn it off pack

it up and take it to a nice open field

somewhere that's suitable for flying and

suitable for learning to fly if you

haven't flown a drone before I suggest

using GoPros flight simulator which is

built into the Karma controller it's a

great way to get to practice using your

drone without actually risking crashing

once you turn on the Karma controller

just tap this icon here on the top left

to go to the home screen and under learn

here you can go to practice flying that

will take you into the flight simulator

so you can practice the controls of your

karma drone once the flight simulator

loads up you can practice all the

controls that will work with karma on

the flight simulator so you don't have

to worry about crashing your drone I'm

not going to go over all the controls

here because I'm going to take it out

and show you how to fly it in real life

but it's good to practice on this before

you get out there and it gives you most

of the commands you need to learn how to

do it it'll also give you these commands

when you're really flying and you're

down with the flight simulator just push

home icon they'll take you back to the

main screen let's go fly it in real life


so to pack up your drone just turn off

the power buttons on both the karma

drone and the Karma controller

and shut it down then grab the case it

came with your drone you can put the

spare propellers back here where the

controller was then also put the

controller on top of that then take your

drone fold the legs in then the

propellers you can do the front ones

first and the back ones and then I take

this little foam pad out that came with

the case you don't really need that and

always make sure the cameras are

straight up like that set it down in

there and make sure that propellers kind

of go to the sides of the controller

then you're ready to go just zip up the

pack and you can go to a better spot to

fly your own once you found a nice open

area to learn to fly your drone you go

ahead and set your drone up and make

sure it's sitting on a nice level area

then press the power button on the drone

and on the controller it'll take a

minute for both of them to start up and

for the drone to find a GPS signal once

you see the gimbal is powered up check

to make sure that the camera is straight

in relation to the horizon if it looks

like it's crooked power off the drone

and make sure it's level and then power

it back on once you see the Karma screen

where you can swipe up you can swipe up

on the Karma screen and you'll be able

to look at the view through the camera's

lens to be able to check the horizon

once the controller and drone are ready

to go go ahead and turn the controller

around and press the record button on

the back of the controller now we can

get video your first flight because I'm

going to press the start and stop button

on the controller now it'll start up the

propellers press the auto take off

button and karma will launch up to about

eight to ten feet in the air it'll then

hover in place until you're ready to use

the controls I actually flew this on a

kind of a windy day in not really a good

area to learn but I'm just showing you

guys how to do it you want to make sure

there's lots of open space I've got a

clip on one side and ocean on the other

and it's kind of windy so it wouldn't be

the ideal day to learn but now you've

got Carm up and air you can just

practice using the controls don't rotate

it in the beginning just keep it

straight out so the nose is facing away

from you and you could use the right

joystick to go right and left forward

and back and use the left joystick just

to go up and down you can adjust the

elevation of your drone not what you can

just get used to the controls and just

keep it simple in the beginning until

you get really used to flying karma just

wanna have a good first experience and


confidence up

when you're ready to land it just bring

it back to a clear landing spot and

slowly lower down to the ground by

pressing down on the left joystick when

it hits the ground the motors will turn

off and you can press stop recording

Karma's ready to pack back up and fly

another day check out my book which I

wrote specifically for the Karma drone

it's full of inspirational ideas and

pictures and different shots you can do

for both photos and videos and I really

will get you through the whole process

of learning from the beginning all the

way through to creating

professional-looking footage with your

karma drone thanks for watching I hope

that helps you get started and I'll see

you out there


you can leave the stabilizer in the

drone I mean

take it out just to show you how to put

in the Karma grip so you know how to do