How do you fly and steer a hot air balloon? | ITV News

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what we're doing now in flying the bloom

once we've taken off and we got

ourselves in the air what we have to do

then is plan our flight so we're looking

to see the area we want to get to where

we can make a safe landing now we do

that by using the wind at different

heights so up higher at the moment we're

going more to the right we're down lower

we're going to the left so we're keeping

it at a level so we're going in the

direction we want to go to and we use

those winds at different heights to

bring us into a safe place to land we

can't control it anywhere else because

basically we go when the winds going so

what we do we put the burner on every

now and again to keep this flying level

so I'll just show you now we'll put a

five-second burn in and that will keep

us flying level

it's perfect so now while we're flying

along we can turn the bloom are using

our turning vents that's the black line

and the green line and that will turn us

left or right as far as the basket is

concerned so that we are facing the way

that we're traveling so we can see Sally

where we are and feel comfortable when

we're in the pilots composition we need

to check our fuel make sure that we're

not running out of fuel so we need to

make sure that we keep checking our up

tanks and keep checking the fuel levels

we've got two burners one on either side

of the blue and they're both fed by

different tanks

I'll just put both on now just to show

that they're both working so that's

on the right one

we also have two types of burner so

we've got the liquid burner which is the

ones I've just used and we've got the

main burner the main burner is more

noisy but it's more powerful so this is

the main burner

a little bit more noisy and what we tend

to do is we fly on the main burner but

when we're anywhere near animals or

anything that we want to you know

obviously not disturb we use the liquid

burner and then that is quieter and it

doesn't disturb the lifestyle one of the

important things when we're flying is we

are cautious about livestock so when

we're flying we're out the countryside

we need to make sure that we're not too

close to animals pigs horses etc so we

don't startle any of them so if you're

always on the watch out to make sure

we're flying if we're flying low that

we're an area that won't disturb those

animals so we control our our fuel to

make sure it feels good

we then fly by using the burners we're

using our navigational ace to see where

we're going so we've got the iPad on

which is actually giving us all the

local maps and then we plan the area

we're going to fly to and where we're

going to land and then we'll talk about

how we're going to bring the balloon

down we can do that if we don't burn we

start going down but also we can let

some air out of the top of the balloon

if we need to if we're going to go down

a little bit quicker