How To : Fly a 3ch Helicopter

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hey guys today I will be showing you how

to fly learn to fly a three-channel

helicopter and the first step is buying

one and this is pretty much the best

option I have come up with

it's the SEMA s 107 G as you can see

there it is a three channel infrared

coaxial helicopter and it's infrared as

you can see in the back there it's not

2.4 gigahertz so you cannot fly this

outside entirely big enough for fast

enough to fly outside and it's three

channels because you'd have spin left

spin right forward backward and up-down

movement so it's two different channels

its coaxial because it has two sets of

counter rotating blades this set spins

this way and the other set spins the

other way and they spent the same time

that's how you get your y'all and lift

now this helicopter it's probably it's

it's about 20 dollars depending on where

you get it I'll leave a couple links

below if you want to buy it and this is

a transmitter that comes with and see

you can run two of them at once that's

nice infrared like I said take six

double-a batteries it's ready to fly so

it's pretty nice and this thing is super

super stable so that's why I recommend

it to learn on it wasn't my first RC or

my first helicopter but it is really

really easy for beginners so this is a

good choice if you want to pick this up

and so then once you have your

helicopter you can go to the next up the

next step in learning to fly your

helicopter is understanding how it works

so you can see I have it bound there you

trying to find a you can mm-hmm there's

a little green light back in there but

you can't really see it you can see the

it has a red blue flashing light up

front now on your controller you have

two sticks and on your right stick you

have up-down and left-right movement and

on a three-channel helicopter up-down is

forward and backwards and that depends

on say your helicopter is pointed to

straight away from you if you give

forward since the front is that way

it'll move forward that way and you get

back and it'll tilt back you come whoops

come back this way but if it is say

pointed left that way you get forward

it'll go that way and back if you give

back it'll come back this way so it you

have to keep in mind about the

orientation of the nose at the front of

your helicopter that's a really big part

of flying on your left stick oh wait

yeah and let the right movement is your

yaw so if you if you give left it'll

spin to left and you give right it'll

spin to the right so that's how you turn

to fly around your room or whatever and

on your right stick you have throttle

it's just up and down there's movement

spins the blades and like I said they're

counter rotating that's how you produce

lift so that's basically how a

helicopter works so and you have your

little trim dial in the middle here not

if your helicopters spinning by itself -

left or right you can adjust this to

trim it out so that's pretty much how

the helicopter works and once you're

done with you understand that you can

move on the next step the next thing

that you want to do is you wanna once

you're you have your helicopter and you

know how it works and you're ready to

start flying you want to go to a place

where there's not really too many

obstacles around you it's there's not

random people like if your family or

what anyone's around make sure they stay

far enough back so if you don't hit them

and they can get out of the way in time

if you're gonna hit them and just make

sure there's no like pets or something

especially because they're usually

scared of these things and then you just

like fragile fragile objects or lamps or

whatever shades just stay away from them

and once you have your open space you

can go to the next step which is

actually flying okay here we are with

the next step of learning to fly your

three-channel helicopter you can see I

have it I have it bounded a remote right

now so what you want to do you want to

set it on the floor whatever you going

to fly in your flying space with the

front away from you to begin and you're

gonna want to bring the left stick

that's a model just up enough to keep it

bring it up to about mid height in the

room just enough to hover and then just

try and give it to hover there like I

said this is really really stable so you

don't really have to do much so I'll

show you here

you see I just brought the throttle up

to it see there see I'm not doing

anything right now that's why I said

this is a great beginner is one weather

that I am not doing anything so this is

really easy to end a little bit of trim

it back the middle of them

as you can see just hovering slowly I'm

not doing any y'all I'm not getting any

input at all you see there that is that

is stable you just trying to hover it

around and do your best as you can see

here you don't really have to do much at

all you just got to get it up get your

stick set right and then it'll hover

pretty much for you okay once you're

comfortable with hovering you can move

the next step let's lay it over here

land it

there we go that was how you hover so

now let's move the next step which is

adding some movement and y'all control

go check that out ok here we are at the

next step in learning to fly your

helicopter so you want to put it back

again put it back down in your flying

space and then you want to bring it back

up to a hover

they said right there just bring it to a

nice hover then you're gonna want to add

some spin to it and just get used to how

fast it spins as you can see there I'm

just giving y'all the spin in place

right now and just change directions

when you want and then you can go

backwards just by giving keep the front

pointed away from you so I'm just

getting forward and back stick right now

just go forward and backwards in a

straight line as best as you can

like I said this thing isn't very fast

this is pull backwards right now and

that's full pull so it's good for

beginners and then turn it sideways and

go forward and backwards

remembering that the orientation is

different now and then try going

forwards just a little bit but while


so give give pull y'all but then add

four words into it you can see there

that way you can do circuits I'm just

giving full yaw and a little bit of

forward input and it's doing a nice

circle for me and then once you're

comfortable with that you can move on to

triangle figure eights

I'm gonna pull for right now like I said

it's not very fast but that's really

good for beginners it's just so stable

definitely what I might recommend is

your first helicopter you just after it

comfortable that and it's just so easy

to fly you can pretty much do whatever

you want and just have fun with it

that's it for 20 bucks it's really

amazing that I can produce stuff like


okay I think that was good after that

you can just have fun with it

okay there we go that was my tutorial on

how to fly a three-channel

helicopter um please let me know if you

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