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hi there today I'd like to talk to you

about how to fly a helicopter

why don't we quickly hop in there and

I'll show you how it works okay now that

we're in the helicopter I'd like to talk

about the different controls that we

have there's three of them for the

helicopter the first one is my left hand

over here and this is called the

collective stick okay so what actually

happens with this one I can raise this

collective stick and I can lower it back

down again and the pitch angle of each

rotor blade is actually increasing and

decreasing as I raise and lower this

collective okay so collectively they

call it the collective because

collectively all three blades in this

helicopter are increasing pitch and then

decreasing pitch as I raise and lower

this stick okay what that does is the

more pitch that you is a more pitch

angle that you have on a rotor blade the

more lift it creates and then the

helicopter is going to go up so to make

this into simple terms when I raise this

collective the helicopter is going to go

up when I lower the collective the

helicopter is going to go back down okay

so the second control I'd like to talk

about this is the most complex control

here and that's the cyclic so you use

the cyclic with your right hand and this

one is what makes a helicopter fly

forwards backwards left or right okay so

all I need to simply do is I push this

cyclic forward or I pull it back or I

push it left or to the right here and

what's actually happening is cyclically

they call it a cyclic because cyclically

as the blades spin around in a circle

they change their pitch angle based on

where they are in that rotor disk okay

so if I push the cyclic all the way

forward the blade over there is starting

to decrease its pitch it reaches its

lowest pitch angle at the front of the

helicopter and that blade is literally

flapping down or flapping back up as it

goes to the back of the rotor disc okay

and then it starts to increase the pitch

angle as it comes around to this side of

the helicopter and it reaches this

Matt's maximum angle at the very back

and the head and the blade is flapped

fully up at the back so if you think

about each played individually spinning

around in a really really fast circle it

creates a rotor disc and now that disc

wherever I point this cyclic left or

right forward or back that rotor disc is

going to follow that cyclic control and

that's where the helicopter is going to

fly okay so if the rotor disk tilts

forward the helicopter will fly forward

if the rotor disk tilts backwards the

helicopter is going to fly backwards

okay so this one is

most complex because this is the one

that's actually balancing the helicopter

in one position this is the hardest one

to learn how to fly okay now lastly we

have the pedal control input what

happens is the helicopter has what's

called torque so in this helicopter it's

a European helicopter so the blades are

spinning around clockwise the clockwise

rotation causes a counterclockwise

torque effect so the helicopter in this

one specifically the torque effect is

causing the helicopter to want to spin

around to the left so if I were to pick

this helicopter up in the hover it would

naturally just start spinning out of

control to the left and obviously that's

not going to be very helpful for us so

what we need to do is we need to have

these pedal controls they control the

tail rotor in the back and they control

the pitch angle similarly to the

collective that we talked about the

pitch angle of the color of the blades

on the tail rotor and so if I were to

use my pedals here and I were to push

right pedal that's going to increase the

pitch angle of the tail rotor blades in

the back and now I'm going to actually

be able to counteract that torque and

I'm going to be able to stop it and I'm

going to be able to create the perfect

balance between the tail rotor Authority

and the balance of the torque and then

I'm going to be able to sit the

helicopter perfectly nice and straight

without spinning left or right now if I

were to use more right pedal the

helicopter is going to spin around to

the right if I already use more left

pedal where actually I could technically

say if I were to just ease off my right

pedal then I'm gonna allow the

helicopter to spin around to the left

okay so I can control the rotation in

one horizontal plane left and right by

using my left and right pedals and

that'll control the tail rotor in the

back now helicopters are powered by

different types of engines this one

happens to be a piston engine you can

also have a turbine or a jet engine for

a helicopter now this one here has a

torque gauge similar to pretty much all

the turbine helicopters out there so

what happens is on the collective I have

a throttle control as well okay now

something that's unique about


is they actually run at a fixed rpm very

unlike a car or any other type of

machine even like an airplane so it's a

fixed rpm meaning you usually have a

governor control that controls your rpm

I have this throttle control right here

so I can roll on throttle once I've

started the helicopter and the governor

control will take it over

it's gonna bring it up to full revs for

me and then when I raise and lower that

collective the engine is actually

producing more or less torque and that

has I have a torque gauge here that

shows me how much torque I'm using and

typically the the maximum that you can

use in a helicopter is a hundred percent

torque and so you can see here as I

raise and lower the collective I can

increase and decrease my torque setting

right here up to a maximum of a hundred

percent so if I was on takeoff on

depending on how heavy I was I could be

watching that gauge there and I could be

monitoring how much power I'm able to

pull and I can pull pull pull all the

way up to one hundred percent but I

can't exceed one hundred percent

sometimes one hundred percent limit is

due to the engine simply can't produce

any more power and sometimes it's a

gearbox limitation so they don't want

you to pull more power than that because

it's going to be over torquing your

gearbox that wraps up the basics of how

to fly a helicopter if you guys enjoyed

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