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hey brother mate and I'ma be this little

guys papaya millions thinkin or not who

the RC sailors welcome to our RC family

we have a cold little UFO drone show you

guys this looks just like a little UFO

it's a caged little quadcopter and this

right here is all you need to fly this

drone yes this is a hand controlled

drone I hope it works out as well is

that a little orange hell if rh8 a

three-drug we did recently so we're

gonna fly this where you test it let you

know if it's worth your hard earned

money and we'll have a link for you in

the description box below go check it

out for yourself remember should fall

under about 50 bucks and the price is

gonna be up a little bit higher because

this is an Amazon drug so let's take a

closer look at this guy it will fly for

well here we have the drone itself and

it looks great I love that nice metallic

you blue paint on there but not only for

looks the cage is very bouncy and

flexible it functions it's gonna keep

your hands safe from ever touching those

props my fingers can't even get in there

so that's pretty nice

maybe a little kids could but I like

that yeah and even has the cage on the

bottom so it's completely covered and

protected for even smaller kids that's

really cool and these are very flexible

pieces of plastic you see how much I'm

able to bend that and it comes right

back to place I like that now I wanted

to show you this we left this out for a

reason this little piece of plastic

seems like a piece of trash and it is

but when we got the drone this piece of

plastic was actually screwed on to the

bottom which is why it comes with a

screwdriver that's why I wanted to point

that out you just unscrew those screws

and then toss that plastic away that's

just trash it comes with instruction

manual a little tiny piece of paper but

it was good enough for me

to read and know how to control this guy

I do recommend holding on to it but

there's no QR code or anything because

there's no app for this drone and then

it charges via this little USB charge

cable USB little power adapter on this

side plug it in a little white lets you

know when it's charged let's fly this

and have some fun this is kind of me

because it uses one button to control

everything so you press the on-off

button we set it down to calibrate it

and we see the lights it goes solid we

get the green light and if we want to

to a higher rate you just press the

unlock button quickly and it goes so

blue lights so now we're in the high

rates but I think I want to try the low

rates so we'll just press that back and

go to green then if you double tap this

quickly I didn't do it very quick I

think you have to do it upside down

yeah it's calibrating now okay that was

cool so you hold it upside down and

double tap and then you should it should

be calibrated so everything should be

nice and easy to fly now should just be

a toss to fly here we go you ready let's

see if we can do a shape to start like

the hella far lizzy no it should just be

toss so Papa you written


okay when this drug touches anything he

doesn't actually wonder if he did he

would get it what's flying itself and

it's spinning and I like this sitting it

doesn't work as well as the hella far

8:03 work on the tree sisal why poetry

place did you see that really far


that's probably why it spins the whole

time because there's only one sensor on


yeah just grab the drone and do what I

just did I mean that's right you just

grab it that's what's really nice about

it you really can't do like that you can

just grab this right out of the sky a

little easier than the Hellfire hno3 and

I like the lights on it well it's

actually increase to the high rate since

we're not really flying it so press it

once and see how high rates do funny

that's a neat toy but if it was my money

I would rather die but Raj three this is

neat and as it slowly approaches a wall

or something you can you can tell it

which way to go bungee amputation


yeah pleasing supposed to just like

kamikazes into the tree but it's

stopping that that's the distance that

is the distance that it wants to go bail

up control is video beer yeah and yeah

it does have one fit to see if the wait

so it gets all the way around there's

just a bad sensor


we'll see if we can get it back anybody

that's on the PlayStation no hurry up


there definitely some cool things about

this trend there's some negative things

like occasionally it'll hit something in

this all right one more one more

because this is actually fun it's just

not like working as well as I'd like it

to how do you guys nervous for pop I

just barks when we launch the drill but

once it's been in the air for a second

two thumbs down like it why as well the

hovers well that was sitting on its own

which I think it's cool the bottom hand

control works really well but then

trying to get it to go somewhere dozen

and that's the biggest downside if I

could still control it like I did the

Hellfire 8:03 this would be a huge

winner because

just look some cool then if you're okay

with that then oh hey it's awesome I

just wish I had more control over the

girl that lets the sponsor Taylor drum


let's just do crazy launch it's upside

down I'm gonna flip it have to do like

the perfect joins rim

yeah go ahead look how much you like

something like that is my job

so you see that lies on there yeah then

grab that out of style you love



he turned it off well I think the red

light means a low battery you just press

and hold the power button and turn it

off so those of you that like to fly

drones as a hobby enthusiast you

probably would not like this to any kid

out there in the world you probably love

this even though I didn't have much

control over this at all it was still

fun it made me smile and we had some

good times with it you noticed it even

got stuck on the wall at one point and

didn't want to fly away from the wall

but even though it did that and it was

turning it didn't hurt anything no like

the other little micro drone we did just

the other day just scratch the paint on

our wall this one isn't gonna hurt much

except for maybe a little glass things

up top you'd want to be careful flying

in a very highly decorated room but kids

would love this and kids at heart of any

age would really enjoy this too it's a

little bit expensive but that's we did

this listed on the Amazon believe it or

not when we got ours it was about $30 I

think it's closer to $40 now it could be

for the holiday season or something but

it is pretty cool it has an odd name

which is why we haven't set it well how

linked in the description box below if

you want to check it out for yourself if

you're looking for a last minute Amazon

gift idea for Christmas this could be a

really good toy for any kid they had a

few different colors too so be on the

lookout for those again linked in the

description box below Limited control

ability for those of you that are into

the Hobby seriously but really fun

thanks for watching you see in the next

video bye