P70-GPS - Video 1: GPS Quick Start Guide

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hi I'm wolf Promark drones in this video

we're gonna run through the Quick Start

Guide and calibrate your GPS it's

important to note that you should

recalibrate your drone before every

flight before beginning it's important

to choose a good location an open area

free of trees and people check the

weather and double check that all drone

parts are in place and secure now for

calibrating your GPS step one set down a

drone on a level surface and turn on the

drone all drone lights should be

blinking red step two turn on the remote

press up then down on the left joystick

this will connect your drone to the

remote the lights on the drone should be

flashing blue in the back and white in

the front please know at this point you

can connect to the Wi-Fi and view the

drone status on the Promark GPS app step


reset the drone to factory settings and

calibrate the gyroscope to do this press

the joysticks into the 11 and one

o'clock positions the drone lights

should be rapidly blinking blue in the

back and white in the front once

calibrated the drone app status should

say gyroscope okay step 4

initiate your GPS compass calibration

place the joysticks in the one and

eleven o'clock positions lights will

rapidly alternate between blue and red

in the back and white and red in the

front this means that your GPS compass

is ready to be calibrated step 5

GPS compass calibration part 1 keeping

the drone level pick up the drone from

the back and rotate your body in 1 full

360 degrees circle the back lights will

turn to a solid blue step 6

GPS compass calibration part 2 from the

bottom hold the drone face down and

rotate your body in one full 360 degrees

circle the front lights will turn to a

solid white now step 7 finalize your GPS

calibration set the drone back down to a

level surface the lights will return to

rapid blinking blue in the back white in

the front

this means the drone is finalizing its

GPS calibration

please note this process can take a few

minutes the drone app status will read

waiting for GPS signal once the lights

have switched to all solid that means

you're ready to fly press the one button

take off on your remote and you'll be up

in the air thank you for watching for

more how-to tips and tricks visit

Promark drones calm