99% of People do not know how to fly the American flag correctly on Memorial day.

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welcome to red beard and the den of

tools honey huh guys and gals it's red

your friendly neighborhood tool bear

back again here Oh a truck mount

rushmore this time and today we are

talking about something that i think is

kind of important and that a lot of

people don't seem to know about and that

is how to correctly fly the flag on

Memorial Day yeah a lot of people seem

to think that it's as simple as any

other kind of day of mourning or such if

you would where the flag is flown at

half-mast er half-staff if you would I

know - so you know a half-mast is really

a shipboard statement half-staff is

everywhere else but you know I've spent

so much time on boats I I have a

tendency to mix and match them anyway

let me show you what we mean here how

the Cubs give me a hand

first thing you do is you mount your

flag quickly at dawn you take it to full

mast and then immediately you reduce it

to half mast again this is at dawn then

at noon or simulate at noon here you

take the flag back up to full mast all

right well there you go it's pretty

simple and and easy to follow

instructions you know here is the a

simple kind of wall mount where you have

both positions there you have the 45 and

the the 90 degree angle now the one

thing I will say is get a good mount for

something like this we prefer to use the

Valley Forge mount I've used these

before they have a nice three-hole

pattern there they come with the anchors

it's nice aluminum construction that's

painted nicely I like him now you'll see

this so Valley Forge also makes flags

and all their flags are made in the USA

these the mounting brackets they were

originally made in China until they

could get their facilities up to scale

here so they're the current ones are

made in the USA now I'll get a link down

below to Amazon where you can order

these if you want I will say this there

are chances of the one you get may be

made in China because there is some old

stock still floating around but the last

I saw that was about a year or two ago

so at this point they should all be made

in the USA damn said Valley Forge is a

great company it's an American company

they have 300 plays here in the States

so you know they're definitely trying to

do the right thing so I like to support

them now there's another type of Mount

that's like this one it's got teeth and

you can set it at a whole bunch of

different angles the only time I would

really suggest this is if you have an

out on odd mounting position where the

other two won't work one thing to take

in consideration with the other mount is

if at the 90 degree point the flag will

touch the ground that's a big no-no so

don't go with that so this is an option

but not my preferred one because I found

in areas with strong wind which is like

where I live and also our place in

Montana pretty much every place I live

is pretty windy anyway the whole point

is that these I find don't hold up quite

as well in the long run now here's the

thing we've talked about you know how to

how to raise it and lower it and stuff

but what if you don't have it on a

flagpole then you know then what are

your options or what if your flagpole

isn't adjustable well one thing you can

do is you can run a black ribbon so you

can order these ribbons also they attach

up in the upper left hand quadrant of

the flag and should be draped diagonally

across the flag it's a one inch or one

and a half inch wide ribbon very simple

and the same thing you would in the

morning attach this ribbon and then at

noon you would remove it the other

option is if you're hanging the flag on

a wall vertically you would put three

black bows arranged with such across the

top and then at noon you would remove

them all right I know that you know a

lot of people like just saying happy

Memorial Day and something that's

something that always struck me as a bit

odd it's hard to feel happy about those

who have given everything in defense of

our country but and I also know it's a

you know it's a three-day weekend a lot

of us spend it with the families doing

the barbecue thing you know it's kind of

the official launch of summer so I don't

want to be a downer as far as that's

concerned so go out have fun have a

great time but maybe you know stop for a

second have a moment of silence say a

prayer for those who gave everything and

then you know raise your glasses

and toast those who are currently

serving because Memorial Day is about

both one last thing I am gonna say is I

know since it is the start of summer

it's really easy to get a little crazy

especially for me for you you all up

north where you've been kind of you know

stuck in all winter long and it's been a

bad winter hasn't it

a lot of snow and stuff and you want to

get out on the lake or get on the roads

and have some fun

just remember drinking and driving

doesn't mix and that also counts when

you're on a boat if you're on a boat

have a designated helmsman or Helms bear

or somebody somebody who's not gonna

partake and they'll you can wait till

you get back to shore get on the dock

and then everyone will buy you a beer or

two right right that's the agreement all

right I want you all to stay safe and I

want you all to come back alive just the

bear I've been around boats most of my

life and I've seen a lot of unfortunate

scenes some I wish I could forget and

the same goes to you if you're out on

two wheels or four just you know be safe

and save before when you get home anyway

that's all the bear has for you I hope

you have a great summer you know the

this is gonna be the last official video

here from from Vegas until we migrate up

to Montana for the summer we'll be doing

some mobile stuff maybe shoot some stuff

on there I'll probably do a video on how

not to pack the trailer anyway I gotta

run the wife's turning me we got loads

to do anyway you all take care and as

always shine on