Flying a flag the correct way

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thanks for watching this video we're

going to show you the correct way to

attach and hoist a flag from a regular

flagpole the first thing you need to do

is take the rope from the cleat at the

bottom of the pole separate the two

halves to make sure there's no twists

then if you don't have one already you

need to tie a small loop in one end of

the rope about the size of your thumb

then take the toggle on your flag and

pass it through the loop that you've

just created now work down the headband

until you get to the tail line to tie

the tail light to the downhaul end of

the rope so put the two ends together

tie a simple overhand knot to secure

them so the gentle tug to make sure

they're tight you've now created a

continuous loop going up to the top of

the pole and down you're ready to hoist

now so gently pull on the up haul rope

and control the down haul rope to

prevent the flag from flying too far

away from the pole once it's at the top

you can cleat it off so take the up or

rope first pass it around the cleat do a

full turn and then the same with the

down haul rope making sure there's

plenty of tension then do a couple of

figure-of-eight turns and on the final

turn put a twist in it so it locks in

place with any spare rope you can coil

it and neatly trap it behind the halyard

on the back of the pole there's a few

variations in the way that flights are

finished this shows how to do it if your

flag has eyelets pass the rope through

the eyelet tie a loop pull tight and

again working along the headband to

ensure there's no twists past the other

end of the rope through the eyelet and

tie a knot to secure

final version we're going to show you

it's four flags with Dearing's

very similar to the one that we just

looked at with eyelets that's the Rope

through the d-ring secure and not in

this case we're using a not called a

bowline but any knot will do just make

sure it's tight finally securing the

downhaul end of the rope a complete loop

is what you're looking to achieve we

hope you found this useful thanks for