Learn to Fly a CF-18 Hornet Fighter Jet

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Jeff McKay from learn to fly dossier

Here I am with Captain Eric O'Connor

inside the cf-18 and eric is going to

give my first flight lesson in the cf-18

so how do we start it up well basically

this is like any normal aircraft you

need electrical okay and you need the we

have what we have an auxiliary power

unit so an APU yep the APU is it's a

small turbine it was that you'll start

up it's all automatic you just turn the

button on everything starts up and what

that's going to do is going to give you

the air to be able to get the motor

running great so let's start it up so we

put the battery on which is on the right

side which right there okay once the

battery is on you got the APU which is

on the left okay and when that's done

you just crank the engine cranks which

is just below it and then after that

it's just like any normal aircraft you

got answers to fuels she starts up it's

a very easy aircraft like flying an f-18

is not about being a difficult aircraft

it's a very easy aircraft to fly let's

take a closer look inside the cockpit

get at the intera to see f-18 we got

three digital display they're all color

display you see there's a lot of buttons

inside the cockpit to be able to press

this display by the way it works is that

it's all hands off a throttle system so

I can cast on and select whatever

selection of the screen I want and I get

a mouse it's like a normal computer to

be able to cursor around the air the


the aircraft has I can switch the

screens to whatever I want it can have

the targeting pod on a bottom screen or

remove it to any of the screens

I saw it usually I will have a lot my

radar I have a situation awareness

pagers is like a God's eye view from the

top down of all the contributor so

people with their radar can contribute

to my picture and in the middle usually

I'll have like a normal HSI horizontal

sort of situation indicator or I will

have my targeting part which has the

information when I drop bombs the stick

has eight switches and the throttles

there's split throttles and they have

ten switches and it goes from normal

trimming to selection of screens to bomb

to trigger for the the gun in front we

got a 20 millimeter cannon and you got

all the air-to-air weapon we are

carrying the Hornet we carry Amram m9

em7 and also the 20 millimeter gun all

linked with our radar or also the

targeting pod on the throttles I have I

have four sets of radios I got digital

radios I have normal radios which can be

selected either UHF or VHF I have speed

break chaff flare which is

countermeasures for the missiles I have

my mouse to select everywhere I got a

big switch for the spot line inside the

aircraft where we use for intercept if

you want to recognize an f-18 and Kanaka

Berthier f-18s usually you can see that

there's a false canopy painting on the

aircraft and also on the side is a big

spotlight there and how about the heads

that you have ex-player oh yeah we have

the heads-up display and also we have

Joe hammocks which is the joint helmet

mounted cueing system which is basically

a head-up display right in your helmet

so I even if I'm looking sideways the

information is still display there I can

look down in a target and just target

right for my helmet or target an

airplane right in the air just through

the helmet which eases the acquisition

of the the opponent or the the target

and ground and also accelerates the


pretty pretty busy aircraft to fly like

you're busy all the time er well there's

a lot of fighter aircraft to have two

people in the aircraft there's a weapons

specialist in the aircraft and there's

an operator like the the pot the f-18 we

do everything on our own we are the sole

operators and we also operate with other

aircraft within the formation so when

you become a lead you have to manage not

only your aircraft and your systems but

you also have to manage the formation

amongst all the other formation of

players out there how about carrier

landings we don't do carrier landing in

Canada the aircraft is set up for a care

for a carrier landing but we use the

hook in the back to be able to land on

short field or if there's an emergency

to help us out stop as quick as we can I

still walk around you can highlight some

of the specs of cf-18

the aircraft is the frontline fighter in

Canada this is the one that's currently

deployed in Italy to support the

conflict and Libya it's also the

aircraft that every day protects the

sovereignty of this country after

patrols up north either to intercept the

Russian aircraft or to any aircraft in

distress like an airliner or in case the

like 911 we're ready to go at any given

time throughout the country there's

pilots sleeping there and technicians

sleeping at work it's an amazing

airplane really it is a pretty

incredible aircraft the aircraft goes at

2,400 kilometers an hour that's the max

speed so just all just about 60 1,600

miles an hour twice the speed of sound

how many G's deep old and you'll pull

seven a half G's through slightly more

than that but the aircraft limits it's

up at 7 1/2 G Plus and above - - you'll

go a maximum of -3 there's a lot of

aerobatic looping maneuvers rolling

maneuvers high G maneuvers when we do

the high G 360 and this year the theme

is so nice a you see the aircraft has

got lots of colors on it

yellow Reds to complement the support

the to program

and the tail flash has old families on


I noticed that Gerta yeah and also it

displays the three elements of our

forces the Air Force Navy Army the big

difference between this aircraft and the

other aircraft AC on air shows that this

is an operational aircraft it is

currently being used to protect the

country and also to help other countries

around the world to be able to attain


I do aerobatic but as a result of what I

do I try to display the aircraft's

capabilities in the game public but this

is a frontline fighter let's not you

know fool over itself it is the aircraft

that straightly used as a working

aircraft when I'm done I go back home

and we use this aircraft just like any

other one and it's over where it's all

by my wire so I am just a contributor to

the computer

another one

okay it's time to go fly