How to Fly Eachine E58 Drone. Quick Manual for Beginners. Headless Mode Explained. Basic Controls.

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now I'll show you the basic and button

combinations to control this drone it's

important to understand that you don't

turn on the control before you turn on

the drone otherwise you will not be able

to connect the control with the drone so

first of all you turn on the drum and

then you will turn on the control and

now the signal will be blinking like

this you have to push this stick up and

down now you see that the button is not

blinking it's ready to go

also if you need to recalibrate the drum

you have to do this moment he sees

blinking again and start blinking so now

it recalibrated itself when I bought

this drum it was going left and right it

was drifting a lot and as I was new to

it I couldn't really calibrate it myself

this combination this way helped a lot

to stabilize this drum so it really

works then that's the next thing you can

do is to to run the drone yourself the

manual says you can use the buttons up

and down to take off and to land but if

you are new I would recommend you not to

do that because it may fly up very

quickly and as you are not familiar with

the controls you may not be able to

control the drone well so what I would

do just to turn in the drone on by this

movement like this and it works into

turn it off like this and now you can

control how to take off but if you do it

with this button it will fly up very

quickly and you may not be able to

control it

when you try to fly this drone you see

now it's in position which is looking

that way it's important that when you

start flying this thing it should be

heading from you this way so the front

should be that way and should be looking

at you with its rear part that way you

will be able to control it correctly

because this stick goes forward goes

backwards googles right goes left but as

soon as you change the position of the

drone by this joystick which will turn

right and left around an axis on this

stick then you will not be able to

control it because you're in a beginner

you need to always keep the drone in the

correct position like this when you

started so here again I put this drone

this way heading out for me turn on the

drone fly it up you see I can control it



to again

right left backward boy longer with this

and it works perfectly well the speaker

see what's happening it hits the wall

the propeller stop we can start it again

see now we start blinking it means that

the battery is going off but this

battery works for 20 minutes this batter

is not very very well charged so when

it's running out of power it turns off

that's normal behavior now let's talk

about calibration whenever you turn this

drone on you have to always calibrate it

if you need to do that if you don't mind

you can play with it without calibration

but it will be drifting to different

sides so how do we do that

we have these buttons to calibrate right

lift and then backwards and forward

normally with one push we don't keep it

published just one push and push many

times as soon you see that it gets

stabilized in the in the air so this is

drifting a little bit so

if I push obscure will go back

I'm still breathing so I put it here


and one more time and it's always okay

because of the different heights

which may have it may be drifting

differently so


so this way you satellite with these



that blade is stabilized a little bit

but it's still drifting it's not going

to be perfect any time also depends on

wind on Heights so you just better

control it with all choices if you are

new and wanted to understand how this

thing moves you can start with headless

mode which means that the drone will be

reacting to your stick in whatever

position is gonna be like if you push it

right even if it turns right and left it

will always go right left always go


well it means that you will have to be

in stable position and before you start

this mode you need to have drawn again

heading outside in this position looking

at you with the rear part and from that

point the control unit in the drone will

be calculating the position of the drone

to react accordingly and to do that you

turn it on by pressing this button here

and you see it started blinking it's

blinking like a helicopter in real life

right so that's the headless mode so

let's turn it on let's fly it up and see

my great

even if I turn in


it's always going this position although

it's working now with me it still goes

this way

it's easy to control before example you

want to do photo



or take videos we need to have more

control over the drone so you can use

headless mode at the end I would like to

mention that they were the working

buttons here this headless mode push

once one push turn all of the engines

when I worry about the drone is push and

keep it pushed and it will react in two

or three seconds this button will be

from a professional use again it's like

first second and third speed level when

there's wind you need to put it in the

highest speed to be able to resist the

wind and the downside of this control is

that when you switch the speed levels

there's no indicator at which level you

are it only makes sound to beeps and

three beeps for higher speed also to

mention that the antennas are like

they're just there for imitation you

don't need them actually they have no

function and another thing is when you

bump into the walls the battery may

slide out a little bit and the drama may

not turn on you just need to put the

battery inside again I got the three

batteries English battery is working for

20 minutes so you got like an hour of

play time if you can make this drone to

your phone and remove the SD card you

can record video on your phone but if

you insert an SD card it will

automatically start recording to the SD

card in the highest resolution but if

you connect it to the phone and remove

the SD card it would only record video

with the 750 pixels and when you put the

SD card in it will record into SD card

with 108 e pixel resolution with the

highest one that this drone offers and

just to keep in mind the recording is

controlled through the phone anyways

even you have even if you have an SD

card or not you will have

to the phone application and pushed the

record button and then it will record to

either your phone if you don't insert an

SD card into the drone or to SD card if

you put it in that's the pretty stable

drawing eyes drawn when you get used to

it you're gonna have a lot of fun