How to fly drone x pro first flight

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hello guys welcome to the video today I

want to show you how to first fly this

drone called drone X Pro this is a

foldable drone that's selling a lot

right now if you are thinking about

buying this drone and are wondering if

it is hard to fly or something like this

I want to show you in this video that's

very simple to first fly the drone ok so

that's what I want to show you here so

there are two ways to fly the drone the

first way is using the remote control

that's included in the box then I'm

gonna be showing to you in a little bit

and the other way is using your

smartphone where you can download an app

and you can use this app to control and

to fly the drone okay so I'm gonna show

you the Tron so it comes in this box


box right here nice and so there is a

very nice case okay sturdy is not wood

but it's a hard case and here we have

the drone that's the draw next wrong

okay so what we have in the case it's

right here so we have the drone itself

okay right here

here's the battery there is a memory

card entrance right here where you can

use to record your photos and videos you

can record as well in your cell phone

but if you want you can use the memory

card to do that and there is a camera

I'm gonna I'm not gonna show you how to

use the camera today because to use the

camera it requires to use the app or

some more special skills using the

remote control okay so I'm not going to

show you how to use the camera today

so we have the drone right here we have

the remote control okay we have the

propellers protectors for propellers



there is the drone manual okay where it

explains how you can use the drone how

you can fly it how to set up the

features of the remote control which

maneuvers control the drone right here

in the remote control this maneuver here

puts the drug up this way you put the

drone down this way you put the drone

forward backward left and right okay and

also it explains how you can download

the app to control the drone using your

cellphone so that's the manual right

here okay and there is also this

for sprayer propellers one screwdriver

and USB cable to charge the battery okay

so how do we do it once you have the

drum a higher flight it's very simple

here we have the battery okay so you can

remove the battery in order to charge

the battery you use the entrance thing

put right here in the battery itself

okay the way you do it you get them the

the cable connect right here in the

entrance there is some lights indicators

that when the battery is charging or

whether the battery is fully charged

okay so there are some lights right here

so you connect the USB cable or in your

computer or in a outlet USB adapter okay

so we have the battery right here we

have the drone so we put the battery in

the drone make sure it's in the right

position press and then you open the

drone arms okay make sure you open fully

all the arms okay right here so that's

how this drone looks like fully opened

okay and there is the camera the memory

card there is a button and this button

of course turns on and off the top right

we are gonna fight this droning doors so

it's better to use the propellers if

because if we need it it's not going to

break the propellers okay so

with the protectors here here okay okay

and two more


and here

that's okay you aria here so we have the

drone fully opened with propellers

we've prepared when protectors so we are

good to go and fly it indoors

okay so explaining here what I'm gonna

do it in the remote and actually I have

to put the batteries here so let's place

the batteries in the remote control so

it's three batteries


three close

put the screw back home okay so we have

the control all set to perform the first

flight so let's do it let's put this

drone on the floor and fly it forth for

the first time so I'm gonna put it right

here so you can see the drone flying

okay okay right here on the floor right

here and to fly it what you do you need

to turn the drone on okay so that's how

the drum looks like when it's on okay so

I'm gonna put it drawn on the floor

right here

and now I'm gonna switch the remote

control on when I switch the remote

control and pull up now when you hear

this beep that that means that the drone

is connected to the remote control so

what we are going to do we are going to

fly it for the first time so to in order

to do it we just need to press this

button okay that's the one key takeoff

so let's do it

and that's how easily you first fly this

drawing strong and put down little beads

forward to the side there okay so if you

want to land it just press this button

perfect okay one more time let's take



that's drawn very easy to fly I don't

have too much experience flying drones

actually use my first drum and it's very

simple to basically control the drum

using the remote control okay so and

that's it if I want to take off to chew

ants the drug just puts it here and

that's it okay so that's it we switch

the control off and that the drone

ex-pro in how you first flight okay so

if you are thinking and motoring about

buying this drone I think it's a great

Buy then you can have a lot of fun the

piloting and flying this drone you can

record videos you can make videos you

can take pictures record those pictures

okay so and that's the drone like straw

I hope this video helps you thank you

very much