How to Fly an FPV Quad - First Flight Tutorial and Beginner's Guide

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how's it going everybody ed Ricker here

I'm with my buddy Seth and we're gonna

teach you how to get off the ground for

the first time with your fpv quad we're

at this wide-open field at Dorothea Dix

Park away from trees power lines other

people we're trying to make this as safe

and effective as possible Seth so what

where we at with our quad right now so

to get to this point we've programmed

everything a bit of flight we've tested

our video signal make sure that works

we've tested it on the bench make sure

our motor spin up we've tested our

failsafe on the bench to make sure the

quad does stop and we lose signal before

you jump into this you might want to

check out a simulator spend a couple

hours flying around even after you watch

this video go back in the simulator and

try all the stuff you learn today so

today we're gonna be flying in mode 2

which means your throttles gonna be on

your left stick up and down your y'all's

gonna be on your left stick left and

right on the right stick we're gonna

have pitch forward and back and we're

gonna have roll left and right MOTU is

going to be the most standard way you're

gonna get a controller so there's really

no need to worry about mode one we're

gonna focus on mode 2 for right now now

for this quad that I'm using I have two

cameras one is a GoPro for HD quality

footage that I can post on YouTube but

here is the camera that we're going to

be actually looking through for our fpv

feed and we're going to be adjusting its

pitch to change the way that it flies or

rather how the pilot flies the quad as

we fly and we try to maintain a level

horizon while we fly to maintain

orientation this camera angle pitch will

determine how we fly the quad so a

higher-pitched fpv camera will cause us

to tilt our drone forward more and

increase speed whereas a lower camera

pitch will see the horizon when the quad

is not quite pitched so much forward and

we won't be moving around at breakneck

speed so keep that in mind

alright so Seth is going to show us how

to do a line of sight hover as our first

maiden flight with this but what we're

going to do is use a crow mode to do

that a crow mode is a unstabilized mode

for flying these quads

you also have modes like angle mode

which allows the accelerometer in your

quad to maintain a bit of

stabilization and it won't allow you to

maybe do flips or rolls or you know

nosedive in the ground to a certain

degree but we're gonna be using a crow

mode which is a completely manual mode

and it's really the mode that we suggest

you start out with and practice with now

if you're scared of putting in accra

mode you're scared you might not have

full control over it's okay it is kind

of scary at first but trust me if you

start an acro remote

let's going to teach you really good

habits and you're gonna be a lot better

off in the long run today we're gonna be

using a free well gear landing pad

takeoff pad basically what this does it

gives us a nice flat surface to take off

from a lot of times when you're out in

the field you might have Hills you might

have tall grass that can get your

propellers it's always good to have a

nice flat surface to take off from okay

so now that we have our quad on the

ground the most important thing to do is

always have your kill switch or arm

switch I have mine set on the very back

switch I'll have to do is flip it down

the arm it flip it up the disarm it this

is very important because you don't want

to get out of control and not know how

to shut your quad down and up hurting

somebody you're losing your quad alright

so we've got our quad on the ground

facing away from us you don't want to

put your quad down facing towards you

because if you take off it's going to

come right towards you and that's gonna

be a bad day for everybody so quad

always faces away from you in take off

nobody's around it we're gonna flip our

arm switch on the back the motors will

start spinning you're gonna give it a

little bit of throttle you're gonna get

the motors get layout it's okay you're

gonna get a little more throttle

so you're just barely off the ground and

I want you to cut it and your quads

should fall down to the ground that's

okay because it's on grass it's not

gonna get hurt and we're gonna do that

step one more time we're gonna arm it

again and we're gonna kill it one more

time just to make sure you guys

understand how to kill your quad in case

you're getting any types of sticky

situations we're gonna arm it raise the

throttle you're gonna get the motors get

louder and you're gonna get a little bit

of power off the ground and cut it and

that's it now that we've learned how to

arm our quad and disarm in case anything

goes wrong we're gonna arm our quad and

try to hover now one of the main things

you got to remember is you do not want

to make drastic movements with your

stick while you're trying to hover if

you go full right

roll or fool left roll or any of these

directions full all the way to the

corner to the sides you're gonna spiral

out of control or flip really quick and

you're gonna crash so we're gonna take a

nice and easy we're gonna arm our quad

with our switch we're gonna give a

little bit of throttle and once we hover

we're gonna make really small movements

now at any point you get uncomfortable

or you lose control there's always a

kill switch so here we go armed it a

little bit of throttle a little bit more

we're off the ground and now my throttle

is staying the same and I'm making very

small micro Corrections with my right

stick this text a little bit practice so

if you get if you start going too much

one way other just kill it I'll give you

a quick example what happens when you do

a really sharp movement so right now I'm

gonna give a real sharp movement to the

right and it's gonna roll out of control

and that's what's gonna happen all right

so while it's getting ready he is uh

getting the GoPro hooked up he's getting

the goggles on to make sure he is gonna

be on the right channel again guys were


with more than one person it's always a

good idea to have a spotter to make sure

the area is clear you know a lot of

these parks we fly at sometimes there's

people walking through with dogs whatnot

the last thing you want to do is injure

somebody injure yourself injured an

animal also when you come up to a new

group of guys if you've never flown with

anybody the first thing you want to do

is ask what channel everybody is on what

channel do I need to be on if you're not

sure people be more than glad to help

you out cuz I know you're trying to do

the right thing now I'm all geared up

what I'm gonna do now is take off with

my quad in accra mode with the goggles

down okay we're looking through the

GoPro footage of this quad right now and

you'll see on the upper right of my

controller I'm using this switch as my

arm switch so I press that and the

spinner the spin is the quad starts to

spin up with the motors and we

take off so I'm going to swaddle up with

my left thumbstick

up very slowly here those motors start

to spin up and we have liftoff

now right now I'm basically just kind of

going forward a little bit which means

I'm pitched forward just a hair and I'm

maintaining that throttle value that

took me off the landing pad in the first

place I'm turning right

very slowly by incorporating a little

bit of yaw and a little bit of roll and

maintaining my throttle value so that I

don't go into those trees

I'm turning very slowly and you can see

that we're actually heading back to

where we first started take it off now

we're coming back to where we started to

take off I'm going to roll to the right

just a hair with a little bit of yaw and

maintaining Waddle value and I'm turning

away from us and continuing to make this

lap around this field now I'm going to

continue to move around in just a circle

a controlled circle making sure that I

maintain altitude as well as make sure

that I'm not moving the sticks

too hard in any one direction one thing

to kind of keep in mind is kind of

driving if you're going along the

highway you don't necessarily make

really hard turns with the steering

wheel they'll just you know cause you to

spin out of control

rather you're going to make small

adjustments with your steering though so

same type of thing with the quad so

we've always been rolling to the right

with our quad we're going to now roll

left and a little bit of yaw to the left

and that's going to cause us to go left

now you see the trees and you see a lost

little bit of altitude so I've pushed up

with the altitude just a hair and we're

going to maintain this out to that we've

been working with this entire time

I'm going to press a little harder on

yah and roll to get us back to a home

trajectory here and I'm gonna stop

moving that direction in order to bounce

back out and have us go straight here we

are heading back and I'm going to make

one more turn to the right a little bit

of yaw a little bit of roll the reason

we incorporate yaw is to level us out if

I'm just rolling to the right then I'll

continue to roll and spoil it spiral

into the ground but adding a little bit

of yaw in the same direction as your

role will allow your quads maintain a

level horizon as you turn now I'm gonna

get a little bit of height here so that

means I'm going to pitch up and I'm

going to throttle up and I'm gonna get

to about 30 feet or so now this is going

to be around the tops of the trees and

you can see that because of my camera

angle and how high I'm pointed up a

simple hover kind of makes me lose view

of the ground I don't see what's

directly below me or even what's in

front of my quad a couple dozen feet I

only see the very far horizon so if I

want to see what's below me I'm gonna

have to pitch down and that's pitching

down with my right stick and now I'm

going to turn to come back some get a

little far away from us but you can see

that if I want to actually see what's

below me I have to pitch down it's also

going to cause me to lose altitude a

little bit and subsequently it's going

to think we speed us you have to be

aware of that and if you want to slow

down you're gonna have to pitch back up

or do a turn with their role in yaw in

order to cut some of that horizontal and

vertical speed that you picked up by

pitching down while maintaining a

throttle so I'm going to come over here

in the land because we do have some

people coming by and I'm not gonna try

and land on a landing pad that's that's

gonna be a tall order for us but what

I'm gonna do is turn toward us I can see

my myself right there I'm going to inch

my way over here very slowly very

controlled if I'm heading toward me too

quickly I

my finger on my arm switch lucky cut it

and land safely but since I'm right here

hovering what I can do is lower my

throttle I don't want to lower all the

way down without disarming because then

I'll start to chew up grass I might

start bouncing the quad might bounce up

and down so I really don't want to

disarm while touching the ground I

wanted to SARM slightly before touching

the ground so here we go I'm going to

lower the quad and disarm now and there

we go I landed but I didn't cut up any

of the grass I didn't bounce around I

props didn't get all cut up in the

ground and cause a bunch of dust and

dirt to kick up okay guys I just show

you how to land properly I'm gonna give

you a prime example of why it's always

good to have a spotter and it was up in

the air flying around I was watching the

field we had a group of people walk up

behind us soccer balls dogs probably

worst case scenario you can get when

you're trying to fly quads

that's why it's important to always have

a spotter you just never know you know

they came around the corner luckily I

saw it wasn't close to them totally had

to go ahead and land and that's what you

want to do you may have noticed edy

standing up when he flies I prefer

sitting down it's really preference to

me I feel more grounded when I'm sitting

down I just feel like I'm in more

control but try both

some people get dizzy when they stand up

if you do just sit down and everything

should be all right before we get

started we are watching my actual fpv

camera feed through OSD and it's being

recorded on DVR through the goggle so

you see the label in the middle of the

screen JSP H that's the quad name on the

left you have our battery voltage which

is sixteen point five it should be

sixteen point eight but we hovered it a

little bit I do always have a timer

going in the bottom left usually you get

about two minutes two and a half minutes

maybe mean three three and a half but do

not want to push it these batteries we

fly aren't meant for very long flights I

just wanted to make sure everybody was

aware of that all right so what we're

gonna do we're gonna arm our switch

we're gonna hover

get off the ground more throttle hover

and we're off now what I'm doing I'm

pressing forward on the pitch I'm going

forward I want to turn right I'm going

and rolling to the right a little bit

nice and smooth

again you don't want to make drastic

movements that's going to send you

flying all over the place real smooth

real casual turns we're going to the

left we're going left and rolling left

and one of the things I wanted to point

out about Accra mode if I push to the

left on roll I keep going to the left

until I correct myself you're gonna have

to get used to that aspect also the same

thing as pitch if I pitch forward I keep

going forward even if you know if I

don't touch anything I just keep going

that way so most of the flying we do is

correcting not actually kind of turning

I'm turning this way and I keep it I

keep going into the ground

okay now punch out to get a little

height so you just want always want to

be aware of the fact that you are gonna

have to correct whatever moves you make

you've got to counter that to get going

back the right way

okay I've spotted the landing area I'm

straightening out and when I come in

I'm gonna easy speed and kind of low to

the ground and right before I hit I'm

gonna barely pull back on the pitch and

cut it that's kind of how you want to

land like I said you're not gonna land

on the battery right side up every time

so this is a four cell battery which it

top power is 4.20 bolts each that gets a

sixteen point eight bolts so you don't

want to drop below I believe three point

five volts on your battery which would

give you right around 14 volts

altogether so I can still fly this

battery saw I'm not going through at the

moment but I want you to be aware that

you do not want to drain your battery

past a certain point will explode on you

probably not but it'll definitely ruin

your battery in the long run and you

could potentially drop out of the sky

and during yourself somebody else we're

breaking a quad if you alright guys so

we have accomplished our maiden voyage

with our fpv quad on the open with a

spotter all safety precautions

taken and it was a pretty successful run

one of the biggest hurdles is finding

people to fly with go on Facebook look

for FB B groups don't be scared to put

yourself out there and go out there and

find a group of guys don't be scared to

take it slow for the first couple months

I see a lot of guys get into the sport

they want to go fast they want to do all

the cold tricks but I'm telling you take

it slow work your way up to that your

life's gonna be a lot easier you won't

be spending money on parts you won't be

constantly fixing your quad it's just

gonna be a lot better for you in the

long run

definitely so check out Seth on his

YouTube channel and also if you're

interested in some of the equipment that

we use some of the gear the video

descriptions that have links to most of

those so thank you so much for watching

and until next time happy flying