Drone Flying Tips - 5 Skills Beginner Pilots Should Master

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hey it's Kelly from Ready Set drone and

I am here today with my good pal Nick

Marty from the latest Late Show that's

right and I am going to teach mr. Nick

here who has never flown a drone how to

fly a drone so check it out so Nick

first of all tell me about you moved to

LA recently tell me about moving from

Texas to LA uh the heat is a difference

obvious you know I live like 10 mins

away from the beach now so it's a lot

better weather a lot more windy so when

I shoot my videos it's a lot harder at

to have like a 5 pound dead cat on my

life yeah but besides that you know I

see people with drones all the time yeah

and I'm actually a lot I do a lot of

acting and I'm on set all the time and

drones are big part of everything sure

so I have no idea how to use them I see

them all the time

youtubers using them I got to learn

today what I want to teach you and again

you've never flown a drone before I want

to tomat you a big big I want to teach

you the five basic flying techniques

that everybody should know so I've done

a couple other videos I did common

mistakes and I did one beginner mistakes

that a lot of beginners make this is

really just the five basic things that

every pilot should know before we get

started in 15-20 seconds tell me what

the latest light show is all about the

latest Late Show is pretty much a

late-night show on a budget I want to

have a late night show so I said let me

start it now so I filled out my room my

beds like two feet away from the camera

basically that to expect goofy expect

stupid I have fun with it check it out

all right well so to get started here I

brought out three drones to it for the

same these two here the blue one of the

white one are the syma x5 those are the

those are the drones I always recommend

for beginners why because they're cheap

they're not super easy to fly they're

kind of medium to fly okay but if you

can learn how to fly one of these and

then you decide to upgrade to a phantom

or a solo or unique if you master these

you'll be you'll be rockin when you get

into a more expensive drone that other

one there is the whirlwind it runs

between 100 and 200 bucks it's brushless


pretty fast and it's a lot of fun to fly

but um I just kind of brought it for

something else to fly I think I'm guilty

within a few minutes ago so sorry did I

was drinking water but he showed me some

cool moves that he had yeah I don't know

like that I got a little too cool

but anyway so so to start off five five

things you're going to learn how to do

number one a lot of people get the

drones a lot of people have problems

taking off and landing and the reason

they have a problem taking off and

landing is because of thing called

ground effect now ground effect is

what's created when a helicopter or a

drone has its prop blowing downward and

it creates a sort of vacuum underneath

the drone and what will happen is if you

don't take off with enough gusto meaning

enough throttle yeah sometimes you'll

just you'll kind of hover and then

you'll flip over okay or sometimes when

you're landing the same thing happens

it's almost like a little bubble so the

first thing I'm going to teach you how

to do is to take off and land now

fortunately these are small they don't

create a lot of ground effects so taking

off the landing is pretty easy so we're

going to start off with to do the white

one it's actually harder to land with

the landing gear on it's easier when

there's no landing gear because it yeah

it bounces a little more okay but I want

to teach you how to take off and land

several times without bouncing without

flipping it over deal so what we're

going to do is going to turn on the

radio we're going to turn on the drone

and we're going to bind it which is

means we push the stick up and down and

then we're just going to take off

right here close to face yeah good and

then I'm just going to bring it in and

do a very soft okay there we go so now

on your stick you have on your control

you have some very basic controls this

is your throttle which gives it gas up

and down and this is also your yaw yaw

is when it turns left and right it's

what a rudder does in a plane so so your

Yas what makes it spin in a circle this

is basically what would be your elevator

and your aileron it pushes the drone

nose forward pushes it right pushes it

left and pushes it backwards so that's

what you moved used to move around

you're really not going to use this much

right now except if it starts drifting

one way this has no GPS so sorry you're

getting you guys try to bring it back to

just take it up in the air hold it right

here for a second or two and then just

take it down there's a nice gentle lamb

okay alright here we go folks look out I

got that that's nice

how do I bring you back okay kill the

stick there we go so when it starts to

come back one yeah push what's the wind

is blowing this way push that stick

forward and look at use that that's your

joystick and just use it to try and keep

it in the same spot okay okay here we go

it's a nice general takeoff and landing

we're gas so you got push board with the

right stick there you go okay now landed


okay that was damaged you know it's

talking about yeah but alright that's

number one is that whole takeoff and

landing so number two actually you start

you you jumped ahead you skipped from

step one to step two and that is the HUD

okay so the hover is where you literally

take it up here yeah and you hold it in

one place as close as you can in one

spot or as long as you can step number

two if you can learn how to hover this

there's a little breeze I'd say there's

probably a six seven mile an hour breeze

feels like a lot to me I'm scared

because well just just compensate if it

starts rolling this way push the stick

that way just remember to keep the back

of this thing towards you and if it

starts it like if it starts to rotate

yeah use this stick let's use this stick

to rotate it left and right so this you

push it that way it's going to rotate

that way so it's gonna rotate out see it

just try to keep that little on/off

switch facing so hover now yeah once you

hover it right in front of us for about

10 seconds at about five feet near

bring it up a little bit bring it laughs

there we go

there's a nice I'll bring it down a

little bit and use your push your get

away from my face put your left stick

left a little bit that's right take your

this your left stick that's right so so

I wanted you to rotate it rotate it left

you notice now it's actually facing that

way see how the see on the button there

yeah so so I'll show you show you have

time real quick so I'm going to take it

up the air and I'm going to just if it

starts to rotate I'm going to just kind

of use this stick to rotate it like that

that looks so cool but just hold it

right there and then nice gentle landing

all right one more time let's see if you

can hover it over this area for 15

seconds 15 seconds I got and start the

clock all right yep


that's pretty good decent yeah now let's

see a nice gentle landing right on the

pitchers the pitcher's mound is going to

be coming back here come on back a one

of those things kill the throttle all

the way I forgot to tell you when you do

land you got to make sure to push the

throttle all the way down and that stops

the motors okay the throttles even up

slightly the motors will keep rolling

and it'll still does any was still going

all right that's right

all right so step one was what step one

was takeoff and landing and then this

one was hotter okay so that's step one

and two so what we're going to do now

for step three is we are going to we're

going to take it off and then you're

just going to use the right stick to go

forward a little ways coming backwards a

little ways and then recenter and then

go right and then left you'll make a

cross kind of okay big a big cross so

imagine that the center of the pitcher's

mound is the center of the cross you go

forward ten feet come backwards pass the

pitcher's mound ten feet go back to the

center go left ten feet and then back to

the right and go right ten feet so it's

basically just learning how to use the

the right stick to control it so I'm

going to little really be using left

stick as much right now right the only

thing the only thing you're usually left

stick for is your throttle and for your

and for your your yah yah where where if

it starts to rotate you want to keep the

you want to keep the back facing okay

its yah yah imagine is really boring

yah hmm okay okay guys yeah I gotcha

game time time forward game time that's

good now come back keep it nice and

tight nice you come back all the way to

here keep coming all right now back

forward go forward again I say back

forward that's convenient okay now go

now go left nice now go right and the

wind is blowing that way so it's going

to go slower to the right

nice now bring it in and land it right

on that right on that Center or close to

it okay why are you going that way but I

had Aiyaa

okay okay when you're in trouble just

kill the stick

it's killing is dying just take it

boom there you go went a lot farther

than I expected my dad I think the wind

got it

yeah it was the wind it was the wind

obviously I know how to do this i'ma

drone X now this is called the 360 yaw

okay now can you imagine you're gonna

take it up in the air you're gonna hover

you use your skills you learn from

hovering and then you were going to spin

it around in a 360 on the same spot

should well it'll move a little bit but

yeah relatively close to things box so

I'll show you I'm going to take it up

here I'm gonna put it right about there

all right stay go forward you keep it

away from us a little bit this will tend

to drift towards it you can say it's

because I knew all right now you give us

my off yah yah all the way all the way

keep you on keep you on all right now

now once again I don't like you I deal

with erotic a problem there yeah so I'm

gonna say real quick there's a there is

a cheat mode just like in video games

have you know there's cheat codes of

video games in in drone world there's a

thing called headless mode okay what

headless mode does it actually tells

this thing no matter which way it's

facing to always um when you push the

stick board always go away from you when

you pull the stick back always come

towards you so yah doesn't matter

that's cheating so you can program that

you can program that but we're not doing

that today you'll learn it the hard way

and learning the hard way so if you can

master it without headless mode you'll

be a better pilot and then when you do

fly a headless mode you know what she

really just wants the best for me all


and the very last thing oh boy this is

the toughest one I feel like that all


this one is where we're gonna fly it in

a circle it's what I was doing when I

almost hit you guys okay we're gonna fly

it in a circle with the nose facing

forward the whole time so what I mean by

that is you're actually going to be

traveling and instead of keeping the

back facing you but if you were doing

before you're actually going to rotate

and fly forward at the same time so I'm

going to go in a big circle around us

and show you what I mean so I'm just

going to basically take it and go like


now it's going in a circle and now it's

going in a circle well it's kind of a

big oval actually so the port is facing

it's almost a little tiny so I'm

basically just using the two sticks at

the same time I'm using the knees and

when I'm full backing it up so I want it

okay I'm gonna do a big circle big

circle there we push forward and then

push the throttle stick left or right or

right either way whichever way you want

to go yeah there you go that's it

that's it come it down a little bit yeah

all right let's throttle you're a little

too high there we go there you go now

come towards us you're facing away so

push the stick forward it'll come

towards us nice again I try doing a

circle get away get away from that big

fence over there get away from the thing

I'm yawning by accident that's alright

it was actually get away from the fence

I'm killing it Hey and that's another

trick is if you get in trouble yell it

because you'd much rather have it crash

on this side of the fence than on that

because then we have to walk all the way

around you know so Nick all right let's

go through it real quick five things

that every beginner drone pilot should

learn number one we want to go up and

down without a bounce yes takeoff and

landing don't get ground affected number

two hover

hovering learn how to hover master the

hover I know the hover is boring but

it's kind of like learning to drive you

have to learn how to steer steering

might be boring by itself but driving

itself is really fun

after hover you've got your go back

lower back right side right left yes

just practice that just keep the drone

oriented the same way

use your yaw stick to keep it oriented

and just do that cross over and over

again and then you get to the exciting

stuff 360 up 360 yaw baby whoa look at

that it's just yarn and yarn and nobody

on now because of the on you know it's

it's so well and it's the same term for

an airplane when an airplane most

airplanes when they fly if they turn

there's two ways they can hurt and that

can either do this which is where

they're using the ailerons or they can

do this where they're using the rudder

and that's called y'all um so you're

yearning learning learning aviation

pilot aviation yes

Aviation speed and then finally on you

got your 360 yaw down remember what

snack now it's we're doing the whole 360

like circle thing yaw and throttle it's

one where I kind of touched every base

and then came back right you hit home


thanks for coming out man thanks man I

appreciate air if you haven't already

checked it out check out the latest Late

Show it is funny it's definitely

different than this channel but hey you

should give it a shot

thanks for being here and we'll see you

next time on Ready Set drum