How to Fly a Drone (& NOT Crash)

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flying a drone is super-easy you got two

sticks the one on the left makes it go

up and down the other one moves it

around it's just like that you just like

fly it around and that's basically all

you need to know about it

oh god it's moving on its own why is it

doing that oh my god it's not supposed

to do that what do i do what do i do oh

it's going towards the trees oh god no

oh god no y-you said you had collision

avoidance this means my wife was right

it was a waste of money now I have to

listen to I told you so for years this

can't possibly be my fault I have to get

revenge on the drone manufacturer the

only way I know how writing a one-star

review okay let's try that again I'm

going to give you eight practices that

will get your hands and your mind ready

to properly and safely fly a drone I'm

not going to cover the specifics of your

individual drone mile and how the

controls work because they're all a

little bit the same and they're all a

little bit different consult your local

laws be safe don't fly near anyone get a

big area with lots of space between you

and any trees that it might crash into

and no people around no kids no dogs

they'll run towards your drone you might

hurt them it'll screw up it'll distract

you eight practices the first practice

take off fly around and land let's do


as you can see my drone is caught its

GPS configuration

you always have to let it warm up a

little bit consult your manual you're

going to use the GPS as assistance for

this first one the left stick let it

take off just by pushing up

and then the right stick controls it it

is just like that game in GTA when

you're flying a drone push it left and

it goes left push it right and it goes

right push it forward it goes away push

it back and it comes back towards you

you might notice that it drifts a little

bit it'll try to hold position but it's

never actually perfect there's always

some wind and stuff so you might have to

just fight that so now you have those

those basic controls down notice I'm

flying it at about eye level maybe a

little bit above plenty of room between

you in the ground but not too high up

just yet come back and land I don't have

it landing on the grass because my grass

is kind of long and sometimes it'll tip

it over not a big deal didn't hurt it or

anything but do that a bunch of times

until you feel completely comfortable

burn through at least a whole battery

just doing that really basic stuff don't

do anything adventurous yet don't go

high knuckle on your trees none of that

for the next step we're gonna do the

same thing except this time we're going

to turn the GPS off on this phantom it's

the switch over here on the right I'll

just flip that down check your manual to

see exactly how it's done

with the GPS off the drone is not going

to hold position for itself but it's

really important that you figure out how

to fly without the GPS because sometimes

the GPS going to flake out it's not

going to get a signal something's going

to go wrong you have to be able to fight

the weather a little bit and feel

comfortable with that so I'm flying solo

with no assistance here and you can see

it's just drifting off to the right and

that's just how drones work it'll catch

the wind it'll actually make its own win

and push against the ground or trees so

it's never going to hold precisely

steady without the GPS and you need to

feel comfortable with that if it gets

scary if your heart rate starts to come

up if you've got a little bit of

adrenaline going put GPS mode back in

this is your safe place if anything goes


flip the GPS mode on and just let go of

the controls whatever you do if you

start to get nervous

don't go jerking the sticks all around

and freaking out that's going to make

stuff worse so turn the GPS back off

make sure you can fly around a little

bit with it facing away from you still

and then come back and land it and do

that again and again with a GPS off just

so you know how to handle the


step3 returning the GPS back on and

we're going to start to rotate it with

that left stick by twisting it side to

side so I'll pirate back up take it off

fly it to about eye level fly it out a

little bit give it plenty of room

between me and X I don't want to come

back and crash into me now what I'm

going to do is I'm going to rotate it 90

degrees to the left and then straighten

it back out with its butt facing you

that's the safe place that's easy

because left is left right is right

forward is forward back is back but when

you have it at 90 degrees all this

starts to change suddenly right is away

and left is towards me and forward is

left and you have to get comfortable

with that remember you have to imagine

yourself in the pilot seat of your drone

you're inside it this would actually be

a lot easier so get used to having it

hover to the left and then spinning it

back so the butt is facing you do this

over and over again 90 degrees left 90

degrees back straight and then when you

get comfortable that go to the right

spin it to the right spin it back away

from you spin it to the right spin it

back away from you spin it to the left

spin it back away from you you're just

twisting it to the side and then you're

correcting that over and over again burn

a couple of batteries doing this I know

it seems real simple but you need to get

completely comfortable then when you get

comfortable with that do it 180 degrees

have it facing you completely and then

spin it back away from you

starts to drift bring it back over once

it's facing away from you 180 degrees

towards me 180 degrees away from me I'm

just using the left stick and I'm only

steering it when it's facing me facing

away from me 180 degrees 180 degrees

back in for a landing

once you feel completely comfortable

that you don't feel nervous at all

flipping it towards you and flipping it

back now you're ready to fly it side by

side let's power it up especially if

you're doing photography or videography

it's going to be real helpful if you can

rotate if you can fly it sideways

because that way you can keep the camera

facing forward and get different angles

it also means you'll be able to chase

things really important videography

technique so take it off push it away in

front of me lots of lots of distance

because it might drift towards me and I

don't want to crash into me

so now I'm facing it left and I'm going

forward I'm going to let it come to a

complete stop then I'm turning it 180

degrees so it's facing the right then

I'm pushing forward just this just back

and forth it's that simple

try to do it faster and faster spend

less and less time recovering at each

side and again you're going to get

nervous at some point your heart rates

going to go up you might come close to

something just go back to your safe

place where the butt is facing you and

let it rest come back and land burn

through a couple of batteries just

getting completely comfortable going

left and right

once you get comfortable with that tilt

it to the left and just kind of practice

flying it around a little bit not

necessarily just forward and back but

you can move it side to side and make

sure you're comfortable just changing

position swoop switch over so it's

facing to the right and do the same

thing make sure you're comfortable just

moving it around pick a spot where you

want it to go to and just fly to that

nice and slow and then return it back to

the main position rotate it back left

get comfortable just hovering and flying


Step five flying towards you and away

from you much harder than you think

because once it's flying towards you

everything is going to be reversed of

course it's still like you're in the

cockpit but when you push left it's

going to go right when you push right

it's going to go left

pushing up will make it fly toward you

and pushing back will make a fly away

from you just remember everything is

backwards and if you get nervous

show yourself the but get back to your

safe place let's take off so I'm flying

out that part's easy I know how to do

that then I'm going to get a long way

away from me and we rotate 180 degrees

towards me and I'm just going to push

forward it's super simple that's all I'm


it's exactly like the left-to-right

practice except it's actually quite a

bit harder a lot of this is just you

getting over the nerves of having it

flying towards you

once you get comfortable just flying

forward and back rotated towards you and

just practice hovering let's try to keep

it in the same place and then maybe pick

a spot on the ground and fly to it and

then fly back all your controls are

reverse so it's going to take a little

bit of practice it's going to take you a

bunch of batteries it might take you a

week to get comfortable flying the drone

precisely with it facing towards you

just remember to get nervous show your

butt make sure the GPS is on and don't

overreact with the controls now we're

going to have some fun we're going to

take it up really high this is testing

your own limits that's getting you

comfortable flying with the drone at the

edge of your vision it's going to be a

lot smaller but we're not going to freak

out right okay fire it up then take it

up nice and high within legal limits

we're not going to endanger anybody

we're just going to take it up nice and

high don't go up too high too fast it

first just get it over your head and

then once you feel completely

comfortable just kind of hovering and

flying around turning a side to side at

that altitude raise it up higher you're

doing the same practice as you do before

it's just now it's over your head flying

side to side hovering towards you

fight up nice and high so you get nice

good views for when you attach a camera

this thing

up next the figure-eight this is going

to teach you to do nice smooth movements

it's going to have the plane flying

towards you and away from you sideways

it's going to be taking everything we've

worked on so far and putting it all

together to create nice fluid video this

is going to be really helpful if things

ever go wrong you need to be able to

navigate it precisely and accurately so

I'm going to start out with just side to

side movements but just trying to make

it nice and smooth instead of stopping

at each end I'm going to kind of round

out the corners and then once I have

nice smooth just side-to-side motion

make sure you have plenty of distance

between it in yourself I'm gonna start

flying it a little bit towards me

instead of just turning around and

facing side to side it's a little

towards me

nice smooth arcs whenever you can until

you get it flying directly towards you

and then steering away from you

remember if we get nervous just go to

your safe place with the but towards you

come in for a landing

and the last up is kind of up to you fly

in some different places get out of your

backyard repeat these same practices

find an empty soccer field or baseball

field someplace where there aren't

people but there's lots of open space

just so you're familiar with different

environments different times a day

different lighting that might distract

you fly where there might be a few

people around because at some point a

little boy is going to see your drone

he's going to come running up to you or

maybe they'll be Birds or dogs you need

to get your nerves up technically flying

in these places isn't going to be any

different but you're going to be

different because you're going to be

excited you're going to get some

adrenaline going there's going to be

weird trees and we're weird winds that

you're not used to take time build to it

one step at a time and when you get

nervous take a break it's going to take

you weeks and weeks before you have the

muscle memory and the control of your

nerves to be able to fly these things

safely suggest leaving the camera off

leave that stupid screen off if you have

a first-person view don't even use it

until you get comfortable with all this

stuff it's just a distraction if you

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