Sharper Image Streaming Drone - New Body Style

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sorry guys welcome to the

okay my buddy's leaving right there and

I'm gonna start this blog off with

something special and you're gonna love

it okay so I go to Walmart as I always

do to find out what's hot for Christmas

Dan review it for you so you don't have

to waste your money so I found something

today that is just just makes me think

it's just amazing it's brand new I think

it came out like on maybe on Black

Friday or Thanksgiving

this is their new edition let's take a

look at it and there it is guys look at


sharper image video streaming drone

streaming edition streaming live video

to your smartphones and share your

footage online auto pilot Auto

orientation otherwise known as headless

mode Auto landing and that's it guys

this doesn't make any claims of anything

this is you fly it but it's got a camera

and you can stream video that's about it

$68 at Walmart's sixaxis Charlie's got

up to a 250 foot flying range so it's

not claiming to go a million miles there

is all the details you need to know the

blade guards are removable I'm gonna

keep them on because I fly it just like

it comes out of the box and that's about

it guys

there's the drone and let me tell you

something this drone is a really cool

design look at that it's like what it's

what they're trying to mimic here guys

is racing drones like a carbon-fiber

racing gen will put a shell over the

camera sometimes like that and if you

look right here that is a - an

adjustable camera so you can adjust it

up so there and that's all the way down

so there's nothing oh one thing I do

want to say I just remembered

but don't like about it too much as the

battery's not removable it's right there

you see that little white thing that's

the charging port so when it dies you

just have to plug it up and wait for it

to charge will reading the instructions

how much charging time is right let's uh

let's grab the app

forget it - flying and not waste any

more this daylight now this is the first

look because I always do one or two

videos on it all guys here's the charger

that comes with it it's just a regular

USB charger with the connection that

goes on the back where I was showing you

another controller there's pretty darn

cool not sure if I like the design or

not it's kind of weird it's real thin

it's got a nice place to hold your phone

if you look there it's about the Auto

orientation which is headless mode the

automatic land those are the trim

buttons if it's spinning left or right

by itself it's trim and that's the right

and left and forward and backward trim

and of course this left one is for

throttle up down and y'all left Knight

spin left and right and the right one is

forward backward and left and right side

left and right okay

there's no flip buttons nothing like

that so let's uh let's get the GoPro and

see what happens okay guys while I was

here I wanted to show you the

instruction manual that way you know

what every button does

you can probably pause it for a minute

right here and zoom in and see it a

little better that's all of it right

there everything you need to know now

here's all everything about the app

replacing the propellers charging the

battery 100 minutes to charge the

battery is what it says and we don't

know what time the how long it'll fly

because we haven't tried yet but we will

there's the general normal stuff 650

milliamp hour lipo it's got okay so

that's the instruction manual and that's

how to put the phone holder on preflight

checklist Jonas is known to be flying

indoors and out okay so I joined switch

to on drona lights will begin to flicker

it's what it says so let's see turn it

on yep yep they're flickering okay make

the bucks

then it says yeah I was late reflectors

going to turn remote on make sure the

left stick is in neutral position

okay neutrals down on this one it should

be not in the middle they got that room

okay says stick is centered but neutral

misses all the way down push the stick

up then down a single tone indication of

the journals paired drawing rights with

drug lights will flicker rapidly then

turn on okay up then down

there it goes they flickered and it's

already so do we have it we do not have

an auto take off that is just when we

push the button and the drain goes up so

let's get the app going and the GoPro

going T's close okay here we go I'm

gonna fly it for a minute just to see

how it looks without the camera okay

whoa Wow looking pretty nice see now

there's no this is not an altitude hold

co-op quad so you've got to fly it

yourself but it's looking pretty stable

to tell you the truth see that kickback

I don't care for that but that was a

nice let's see sun's bright pretty

stable guys so far that's full speed

come down go up and starting to fly

pretty good

trying to slow but that's okay because

it does have a camera and let me tell

you something the altitude is really

really good it's like because a lot of

now I also have the prop guards on a


I'll take those off too for tomorrow's

for tomorrow's vlog the more in-depth

vlog but these are looking good guys

look at that

it all depends on what the camera looks

like now it is only 250 feet so don't go

too far away

it doesn't claim to go far it does fly

good though but you do have to keep your

own altitude but it's flying fantastic

Wow very very very good flier proud of

it so far okay let's bring it down and

let's bring it down and try the camera

out we're gonna land it right here right

out there in the road

okay guys so the the app done

downloading I'm gonna all it says is

stream or album so I'm going to put it

in the controller turn the drone back on

get it all linked up we'll see what the

camera looks like


















so far first-look drones doing good

there's no calibration there's nothing

on this one it's not even altitude hold

but it's a fun drone you saw the cameras

I haven't even seen the camera yet I saw

it on my phone but not when I'm editing

it so we'll see it together how good it

is this Turing was $68 at Walmart and

tell you something it says $68 at

Walmart I went through the line they

gave it to me for 40 so it's worth 40

bucks guys it's well well worth 40 bucks

I'm gonna say it's worth 68 but it's

well worth 40 so if it's like that

everywhere I think that was the Black

Friday precedent they just haven't

changed it but well worth it

sharper image streaming tonight that was

a first look guys tell me what you think

in the comments and I will see you

tomorrow thanks for joining see you guys

thumbs ups here