HOW TO FLY A FPV RACE DRONE. UAVFUTURES Flight School - Lesson 1 Hovering.

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get ieast you here welcome to the you Fe

features flight school the way I'm to

show you guys how to fly a drawing with

step by steps from beginner all the way

up to probably Paula so I'm not family

here in the studio let's cut out to the

field and get on with today's lesson

alrighty so we just gonna hit the arm

switch I'm flying with the Tyrannis and

the fury BX 250 and everything I talked

about it we linked down below anyway but

we're just gonna arm it you can see it's

spinning over there and then we're gonna

gently raise the throttle not too much

until we get a stable hover so I've got

these little four cones set out here

we're gonna try and hover within that so

here we go I'm gonna gently raise the

throttle not too much and all I want you

to do is float within this space maybe

one meter off the ground see if you can

keep that there for maybe one minute I

know it's gonna seem a Zee because I'm

doing it here but trust me when you're

first starting it can be a little bit


now if the drain starts to Bank to in

one direction you want to bank slowly to

the other direction so you can see here

let's say we're drifting it to the right

we're gonna gently push the sticks on to

the left alright once you've sort of got

that and you can keep it in there what

we're going to do the next step today

there's not too much to do we're just

going to punch the throttle a little bit

give it a bit of a blip to get a feel of

its power and then catch it before it

hits the ground so we're going to push

the throttle up and then we're gonna

catch it again before it hits the ground

so I throw it up and catch it throttle

up and catch it this is really good to

sort of get the feel of the drone

especially when you're flying in fpv you

want to know how much power this has

suspend a few batteries maybe three or

four batteries just punching it up and

catching it and I'm always keeping the

back of the drone facing me otherwise

you're gonna get disorientated and let's

bring it in for a nice soft landing

generally hovering it so it's still

lowering that throttle and disarming so

that's it it's pretty easy for today's

first lesson but anyway stick around

because we're going to jump into lesson

two I'll leave a playlist up here

somewhere we'll jump in and then we're

gonna actually start doing some fpv