How to Fly a Drone Quad with Phone using WiFi UFO or Wifi FPV App

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most apps to fly a drone are pretty

similar in how they work so I'm going to

run through one of these and I'm

actually going to use the Wi-Fi UFO one

but the Wi-Fi fpv one is virtually

exactly the same and if you've got one

specific to your actual quad so the

manufacturers written it you'll probably

find the functions of features pretty

similar all the way through so what you

need to do is actually get the

application onto your either your tablet

or your phone

most of them work on Apple and on

Android mine's actually on an Android

here so I got it through the Play Store

or you can find it on the internet or in

most boxes or in the manual itself or

actually on their website they'll have

the QR barcode so you can just scan that

in and then download it once you

download it don't launch the application

what you need to do first of all is turn

your drone on then actually come into

your settings go into Wi-Fi and you have

a new Wi-Fi hotspot and that's this one

you won't connect to it automatically

because because it will it shouldn't do

anyway so you have to select it to

connect to it once you've connected it

to it go back to your main screen then

launch the application and most of them

work around this way which makes more

sense much easier to control this way

and you'll see in a second why and then

simply press play and should come live

in a couple of seconds yep this one's

quite quick and that size actually live

so the camera on the drone now is

sending the information back to our

tablet or to our phone the first one if

you press this it takes you back to the

main screen to take photographs you

simply press this one here you get a

little camera click means you've

actually taken a still image if you want

to use a shoot video you simply press

this one and in about a second it starts

recording and it starts counting up and

a point to note is that the videos and

the stills on this particular setup are

stored on the phone or the tablet some

cameras actually have a storage on board

the cord itself so they have a micro SD


what you must try try and remember to do

is when you've actually stopped flying

before you turn the drone off or before

you actually stop the application make

sure you stop your video first that way

you can make sure that the video is

stored correctly because if not if you

just suddenly turn the drone off or it

goes out of power you can lose the the

video it won't have recorded it back to

your phone properly this one here is to

play the videos or photos back and you

just simply click until wherever you've

stored them and then you can flick

through and play them as for normal the

rates are here so it starts off all

starts off in low rate so 30% so the

actual controls are very slow so a good

way to learn when you go up into 60% as

a little bit faster intermediate rates

and then you can press again you go up

into a hundred percent which is

basically as fast as the drone will fly

and the all the controls work quicker as

well and it's cyclical so if you press

it again it comes back round to 30 and

I'll run through the others once we've

actually got the controls up and the

controls actually look like this so we

turn them on and we've let me just find

a bit darker area in here so you can see

a bit better there we go perhaps that'll

help so you can see the controls here

this is your throttle so and the

throttle makes the drone go up and down

and this the other control here is

called your and that basically your

means it turns right or turns left and

then this one is your pitch and roll so

pitch forward backwards right and left

so the drone will literally go forward

backwards and right and left

and this is when it's in this mode and

I'll show you another mode in in a

minute when it's in this mode is always

the way that the actual front of the

drone is always the front basically and

that will make more sense when I explain

how we go into headless mode in a second

so if the drones at this angle and I

pointed to go forwards it will go

forwards in that direction so this is

always the front

and I find that a much better way off

line I'll show you a headless mode in a

minute the other thing with this setup

is it is a mode to flight mode so

throttles on the left here and your

pitch and roll is on the right so and if

you notice let's just move that out so

you definitely see those LEDs if we turn

the controls off we get flashing LEDs

and then once the controls are on it

means it's actually ready to fly it

won't take off or do anything when we do

the throttle or anything else here

because we haven't actually put the

motors into idle we simply press this

one here brings up another couple of

controls and this actually starts the

motors and then I won't do it in here

but if you notice the this actually has

gone up to the middle basically because

it's got altitude hold this quad so it

it will once you've set it at an

altitude basically or more or less stay

there it can drift around it's not a

position hold but it's an attitude also

it will hold there so that's usually

given away by the fact that this is

central have a pop that on again see it

just pops back up into center area put

the motors going if I don't do anything

give it an instruction to take off or

anything for about three to five seconds

the motors will stop running there we go

you can stop it if you like by simply

pressing this button again or if you're

in a if you're flying around and you're

just about to have say a major accident

you just have to hit someone or or an

animal or something or other and you

really want it to drop out of the sky

and it really will drop out of the sky

when the motor running simply press this

stop or panic button it will just kill

the motors and it will drop the other

thing with this particular model is when

it's actually flying you can come in

press this and it will auto land so

coming the land by itself the other way

of landing is just bringing the throttle

right the way down once you've held it

down and it's touched down on the ground

the motors again will stop you can so

that's flying normally you'd be flying

this with you with your thumbs like this

as you can see I'm just doing my finger

just easier for you hopefully to see as

I'm accessing the control

the these are called trimmed and

basically if the quarter is drifting

around either indoors or in an extremely

calm day outside then whatever way it's

going in any direction you can just

adjust these so that it will actually

sit stable most quads I've had of always

sat stable anyway and before we and

before you start trimming anything out

what I would suggest you do is come into

the extra area here and down the bottom

here that's a calibration button simply

press that button you get the flashing

LEDs and then after a couple of seconds

it stops and that means that the cord is

calibrated you must keep it on somewhere

flat and don't move it while it's doing

it and that will usually sort out any

drifting or any problems you got so

that's using these controls and like say

with your thumbs to fly you can use the

direct Giro on your phone or your tablet

simply press this one here and you

notice that drops straight down to the

bottom and basically the gyro will pitch

forward pitch back roll right and left

other quad and all you do is use your

thumb for the throttle and the yaw

so if you're a gamer or something around

this might be a brilliant way of doing

it I don't particularly get on very well

with it but I just actually like flying

with my thumbs it's much better I think

but that's just a personal thing it's

there if you want it the reverse all

that does is reverse the image and so if

your phone is defaulting around the

wrong way you can change it for that if

you've got virtual reality goggles you

can press that one and then you can

actually use those you will need to find

obviously a one to fly with and

obviously want to watch or have the VR

on or you could give give a pair to

somebody else and they could get the

flying experience with you if you notice

we got flashing LEDs the flashing LEDs

is because we've taken off the controls

when we went into the virtual reality

area but come back into here again

coming to this one just above the

calibration one and it's got a forward

back left and right and basically what

that does now and we get flashing LED

to shows that were in a different mode

is as I was saying earlier that forward

was the front of the chord going in any

direction would be forward now whatever

direction the quad is facing in forward

is directly away from where you

initially took off so it could be an

obscure angle like this if you pitch

forward it will go forward like that

right and left and then backwards if

it's a bad angle or any angle at all

it's always exactly the same people do

sometimes use that initially to start

flying but it actually is not the best

way to learn I think personally anyway I

learnt by just doing it that the front

of the court is always forward and put

it so it's the personal personal choice

you might find it a bit easier to get

used to it but eventually you will want

to fly properly I think so the fashion

LEDs will keep going until we actually

take that back off and the only other

thing that we have on here is this

little button here and if I press that

it will then do a flip oh just as a

single flip in any direction you choose

the direction so as soon as I push this

in to pitch forward

you notice the like the button actually

changes color back to white press it

again then you can choose another

direction and it does it in the four

directions entirely up to you again

because a nice little flyer at you for

quite impressive