How To Fly A Drone For Beginners Tutorial

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hey guys how's it going Gaza 909 here

and today I'm gonna be showing you guys

how to fly the drone before you do this

bear in mind this tutorial your drunk

would be different in many ways like

different soaps and stuff like that this

one is a syma x5c - one and even though

it doesn't say - one you can tell

because he standard 5c x5c has a black

label here when the - one is red one so

let's go through the steps of how to fly

you drunk right first thing you want to

do guys is you want to turn this on so

I'm just could be in any oil order or

you know some drones laying up their own

order in which you turn it on like you

turn the droning on first and then the

controller all the way around but I'm in

this case I'm just gonna go dry them

first and they control after and some of

them have a binding process and in this

case my one is just a simple bulb and

down at the stick they see here if we

just give it like the tiniest bit of

frog tiniest bit don't go crazy with

that then we can see that the blades are

spinning you know everything's working

alright and it knows the import that

we're telling you now the second step is

you want to do ideally is this two ways

of doing this you can use these by

turning these or if they're buttons or

knobs on your controller could use these

by turning these these pin these are

called pitch shifters and these change

the pitch and you could use this to get

the drug stabilized but you'll notice

when doing flips and things like that

it'll just knock it out straight away

almost so the easiest way to do this is

you want to search up what they like

forgot what the procedures go over it's

like basically to set the jabarut if you

basically want to know how to set the

gyros you know you just search it up for

your specific drone how to set the gyros

and what this does is basically the

gyros are the things that keep the drone

in like level in the air so that it's

not when you're flying so it's not like

this trying to fly and you try

back so you just ideally want to do that

every time before you set up so it

online yeah I just pull both sticks to

the right here and then you see it flush

in there that shows that it's like it's

set in the jarosite usually takes a few

seconds some drones it takes longer some

roads that take shorter right there now

we're going to try flying it so what you

want to do is you want to give a tiny

bit of stick import from the left hand

side so you accelerate her excited there

and then you'll notice it lifts off and

if you ever get nervous or you're not

sure anything gonna crash just take the

throttle off just take it off put it

back where you had it and then try again

- ideally your controller has to

sensitivity settings and basically what

you'll see here is the little hell that

means the low and what most ants for is

basically the sensitivity settings and

the reason you want it on low

sensitivity settings to start off with

is if you have it on high it's gonna be

it's like having the sensitivity on a

game setup it's a very very high it just

for new beginners it's not gonna seem

very helpful because I'll show you a

quick view on how it is I just get a

focus in there sorry guys

so [ __ ] mysticism there okay so I'm not

gonna set it tied there we go like that

and then you see how it's a lot more a

lot more responsive


yeah flying apart and easy but I must

know as well at the end of this video

when you do fly your own don't be an


don't be like these people that you see

on the news to like flight in their

airports and stuff like that if you

don't if you're not sure about like

drone usage and the laws against it so

[ __ ] that just searched office and then

maybe even go to your Park or wide-open

space or you know if you're do it any

room then just be very careful but

honestly guys there are a few idiots out

there who just take their drones to

stupid places and then wonder why it's

about idea but if you don't know then

just check out online that's all I'm


but anyway guys this is how to fly the

drone I thank you very much for watching

don't forget to hit that subscribe

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