How to Fly a DRONE like SAM KOLDER! | Tutorial

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so we rolling them both hello everybody

welcome back to episode 48 out of 52

today is gonna be something a little bit

different for you guys it's gonna be

more of a tutorial we're gonna be

showing you guys how to fly your drone

like Sam colder now you guys are

probably seen on Instagram that we've

flown our drone through a car window or

like tree branches or a forest or

something like that

we're gonna be showing you guys exactly

how we do that

yesterday we went into the field with

our friend Adan feds to record a couple

of drone shots and we thought we'd bring

you guys along to see behind the scenes


okay so we just arrived we are at a

secret location where we're gonna be

flying our drone it's a nice forested

area it has some pretty insane cliffs

and drop-offs so we get that nice Vista

setting we also brought a special guest

with us his name is Aiden feds he's kind

of our location expert for today go

check out his Instagram he's got amazing

stuff a quick disclaimer before we begin

we are not responsible for anything that

happens to your drone these tips will

definitely help you get some precision

flying shots but they're not gonna make

you invincible to things like trees or

water so just be careful

the first tip I've got for you guys is

to find a line of sight now what I mean

by line of sight is when you're flying

through an obstacle make sure you guys

can actually see say blue sky or the

opening on the other side now this

method isn't gonna work if you guys plan

on say flying through something and then

turning and flying through another thing

because you have to be able to actually

see right through the obstacle you're

flying through you gotta yell no I'm

sarcastically there when you're

stationed flying shots preparation is

key which means that we kind of thought

it might be cool that we're going

through trees well you got to make it

even more interesting so we got this guy

it's a tent so we are gonna basically

set this tent up here and then we're

going to fly the drone through the tent

as well this is an advanced technique

for when you're precision flying ideally

you'd want to start something easy with

just maybe a tree that's like I don't

know just get more comfortable with it

the more confident you are the better


so Steven thought there was a hole at

either end of the tent but upon setting

it up he realized there's no hole at the

rear of the tent so there's one hole Ian

and one hole out which is the same hole

and ruins the plan of the tent

okay so change of plans we can't have a

tent anymore but we're going to do the

water pour so we're gonna have someone

pouring the water into a cup as I fly

through the stream of water what's the

issue image cute

so I'm positioned perfectly on this rock

here so I have a nice direct

line-of-sight to our media flying the

drone and where the water is going to be

pouring down step number one - flying

your drone like Stan colder the biggest

step of the mall this is how you do it

pretty much the bread and butter of it

is to just set it up so that you can see

there's the hole you're gonna fly

through you have to be able to see a

direct line of sight right through just

so you can fly the drone and see where

the drone is in real time because if you

look at the screen and you think you're

gonna fly it through by looking at the

screen that's never gonna work it's

you're gonna be too far to one side or

you're like it just just doesn't work

there's too much lag when it comes to

flying it by the screen so that step

number one is to see your line of sight

your el OS as we call it a lot of people

fly their drone purely looking at the

screen now with this method that won't

work because there's too much of a lag

between what the drone is actually doing

and what the screen is showing so that

coffee pot right down there that is

where I'm gonna be flying the drone

that's kind of my line of sight what I'm

going to be looking at one of the most

important tips I've got for you guys is

turn all of the obstacle avoidance

sensors off so you have to go into the

setting so you have to turn them all off

because this method will not work

otherwise because the drone is gonna

sense you're coming up to an obstacle

and it will stop it'll try and reverse

it just won't work


now if you're too scared to do this with

your own drone then you're just not

ready because you have to have the

confidence in your flying ability to

pull this off if you're too scared and

you try back out halfway through you're

gonna end up crashing your drone more

than if you just full-on commit now

let's face it there's a 99.9% chance

that you're actually gonna crash your

drone and break a couple propellers but

for us the risk is worth the reward to

get a shot that no one else has got


another thing to note is to go full

speed so I've found that if you try and

go half speed and speed it up and post

first off it doesn't look very good and

also you're trying to concentrate too

much on the drone speed rather than just

the position so another really useful

tip is if you want to fly your drone in

Reverse so you want the camera to be

pointing at you as you fly away what we

do what we found out works the best is

if you actually go into your settings in

the DJ app and you what you do is you

reverse the controls so that forward is

backwards and backwards as forwards so

you basically orient the drone so the

camera is facing at you but you fly it

as if the camera is facing away so that

it allows you to basically fly it

normally and not have to worry about

switching the controls around in your

mind and saying left is right and right

is left left is still left and right is

still right so it works out perfectly

you just kind of just look where it's

going and because you're not looking

through the screen of where you're gonna

be flying it does really matter because

you can just see where the drone is

going to be and fly it normally


oh it took a few tries but in the end it

turned out pretty cool we're now gonna

go to another spot eden knows and he

said it's something about jumping over a

gap or something so we'll try that out

we're hoping the light gets better it's

just coming up to golden hour so

hopefully it gets nice and golden e and

nice sunset rays but we'll have to see

what's your thoughts Mitch holy cow that

is so far oh well we could fly like

under not too nervous thank you but it's

not as wide as oh so even though that

would be the sickest drone shot ever it

is a little bit too narrow and way too

sketchy to retrieve the drone if we

crash it so that's a no-go but we're

gonna try and hike around and hopefully

catch some nice rays we found a cave so

I'm gonna go inside and check it out and

see what it's like here how is it Steve

oh my god it's wet yeah I go where I

stop nobody knows


we're yeah but that was pretty

weird-looking those branches are there

oh there okay so we're gonna give you

guys another example of the kind of

shots you can get for instance there's a

tree there there's like two branches

sticking out like that we're gonna fly

through the branches it's pretty tight

so I I think it'll look pretty good we

found that what makes a really good

precise flying shot is if you fly

through a tight gap that opens up to a

wide Vista this gives death to the video

and also gives scale to what you just

flew through another good tip is to walk

your line just to make sure there's no

hazards that you might run into so what

are we seeing here Mitch we are seeing a

lot of trees I think it'll be fine I can

see all the terrain so we're gonna be

good if even if I crash it it's gonna be

pretty easy to retrieve so the drone

that we use for all of our precision

flying is the Mavic air now you can use

the Mavic Pro or something similar to

that but we've never tried it I wouldn't

recommend it because it is a little

wider and it can be harder to get

through those tighter spots so that

right there is a lot of site we're gonna

be flying it's pretty tight but I think

it'll work

Oh oh my I did it oh my god I did it

holy cow I didn't even know why my god

why you literally clipped a branch

oh my that hurts my brain that was sick



Wow hold off so good Oh so the last

thing I've got for you guys is to

practice practice practice you're not

gonna be able to do this overnight with

a little bit of time and effort you're

gonna be able to get some nice creamy

precision flying shots anyways I think

that's it for this video I hope you guys

enjoyed make sure you guys go down and

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great video creator does it all and as

always we'll see you guys next Monday


currently in the cave now this thing is


this thing is so deep it keeps going I

can't see the end