How To Fly Your Drone Like A Pro! (Beginner's Tutorial)

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today we're going to show you how to fly

your drone like a pro


okay this is gonna be a lot camera here

we got away from the craziness of Los

Angeles we're gonna film it here in the

mountains so today we're going to talk

about drones drones is my favorite thing

to do I love flying drones from before

when we started traveling I used to just

fly it for fun now I fly to make videos

I think it adds a lot of cinematic

effect to the video it gives a good

perspective of where we are we can have

those white shots from up above I'm

gonna tell you what I know what I

learned and I'm gonna walk you through

my gear I also want to thank Skillshare

that is sponsoring this video they're

offering something special for you guys

stick to the end let's get started

this is our drone this is the maverick

pro we bought the fly mode combo because

it has more batteries and I always use

ND filter neutral density filters

because they add a certain quality to

the footage you can find a fly mode

combo on Amazon I will leave a link down

below for everyone that want to get into

drone photography videography or even

just to have fun the O Matic Pro I think

is a really cool one it's pretty small

and compact for everyone I want to

travel and really easy to use next so

this is my ND filters austin chewed the

box but it still works and they still

good so i'll leave a link down below as

well another thing i like to have is

extra propellers because crashing the

drone happens hitting trees breaking

propellers it sucks I remember being

stuck in some places you can't buy

proper news everywhere so just get some

extra ones in case and on the road it

will come in handy when it comes to

drone settings in the controller I said

it so the movement is a lot smoother the

motion is a lot slower and it gives a

more cinematic look to the footage

instead of being so cheery and fast it's

a little more smooth I'm not gonna get

into the details of each parameter but

I'll leave a link down below for

everyone that want to check it out or

really quickly i'm gonna talk about the

ND filters and which ones to use in

which conditions so right now I'm using

ND 8 + d 4 + + e 8 are the weakest ones

and yet they are best to use during

sunsets sunrises after nd 16 and D 32

are gonna be much darker and the best to

use during broad daylight midday just

everything that's gonna be super blown

out we will make your video stand out so

get some ND filters by the way guys I'm

sorry for my English I feel like I

usually speak very well but for some

reason when I when I try to teach when I

try to make a tutorial or teach

something I started freaking out and my

words get all confused and I start

stuttering on my words so I apologize

for all the stuttering in my voice now

that I showed you how to set up the

drone correctly and what nd filters to

use I'm gonna show you three special

ways to fly your drone follow me orbit

and the last one will be the selfie

drone II mode I'm gonna give you guys

some tricks that we use in our video to

make it look super cinematic just like a

Hollywood production let's go



okay let's get started

here we are it's a great location open

space we're good to go

first before we take off I'm gonna show

you guys my best settings I always like

to use the histogram it helps me to see

the difference in the lighting I always

shoot in 4k at 30 frames a second adjust

the shutter try to keep the ISO low it's

always better to take it off and then

adjust the settings white balance is

always best to use a certain setting and

not put it on auto because I will get

those changes as you fly your drone it

can have some changes in the colors so

for now I'm gonna leave it not cloudy

let's put it up

shaky surroundings before you take off

and yeah you're good to go here okay so

I have the drone up in the air I hope

you guys will be able to hear me right

now I'm gonna do an orbit mode so I like

to use the smart modes and the DJI app

so once you get into different modes

gonna move two points of interest press

okay and put your drawing right above

your subject focus on the stuff

and press record voi

then you can move backwards check the

goods backwards you don't have any

sensors in case okay how far you want to

go will be the radius of your orbit I

think right now it looks pretty cool

just make sure the focus is good I'm

having issues focusing right now but as

you can see the drone is moving around

us and basically that's how we get the

cinematic shot because I will leave the

controller inside for example it's like

this and now the drone is moving by

itself which is really convenient that

way we can have some cool cinematic roll

shot just keep an eye on it in case

there is a tree or something behind and

that's how you get the orbit shot

all right next is a cool drone shot that

usually is used to reveal the scene it's

called the drone II and I like to use it

when we're on top of the bus so let's

get on top of the bus so this is how we

climb on top of the bus



you know do this at home kids okay so

for the droney shot you want to draw it

close to you


breath quick shut in the menu and then

you create a little

rectangle around the subject which is

that right now


so that's the droney it's a good way to

introduce the scene show you our

surroundings okay guys so the best for

last is this shot


the photo me mode is a favorite mode to

use on the drone because it allows us to

put the drone up and kind of have like a

a camera following us while we're

driving sometimes we use it in the

mountains on the side of the ocean this

is how it's done in the mode settings

select the active track mode always make

sure you set your settings on manual and

not auto cos when you selected flight

mode it switches your settings to auto

and it changes everything sometimes puts

the color all the way dark all the way

bright so make sure this is on manual

and you have full control of your

settings once again you start by setting

your mode on active track once you're on

the right mode you can drag a little

rectangle then hit go


so as you can see the drone follows us

and we're able to get those shots

without the remote it's a drone right

there somewhere

yeah we are able to get those drone

shots that look a little bit more

cinematic like if someone was doing it

for us we just put the controller aside

somebody count how many times Jimmy said

cinematic in this video all right guys

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peace love and wander my friend


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dole I did you almost cry making this

video I did it's Friday you're done

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