How to LEGALLY fly DRONE in TOKYO Japan and AVOID FINES $4500

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in this video I'm gonna show you guys

how I flew my drone in Tokyo without

getting arrested or fine so I got a lot

of questions from people on how you can

fly your drone in Tokyo in this video

I'm gonna go through a step-by-step

guide on how you guys can fly your drone

in Tokyo without getting arrested or

five just one little note the

application process is a little bit

different for each and every drone so in

this video I'm gonna show you with my DJ

maverick drone which is actually one of

the more popular drones out there so

let's get started as of today drones or

UAVs unmanned aerial vehicles are

completely legal in Japan just as long

as you follow these rules don't fly

within 9 kilometres of an airport can't

fly over densely populated areas to find

this 4,000 people per square kilometer

or more don't fly above 150 meters

within Airways or above 250 meters

elsewhere kept at least 30 meters away

from people buildings and vehicles don't

fly at night always maintain visual line

of sight when operating the drone don't

transport hazardous materials on the

drone don't drop any objects from the

drone can be blown in metropolitan

Tokyo's 81 arcs and Gardens also can't

buy over densely populated areas like

festivals and events even though they're

not in the no-fly zone and the kicker

that's pretty much all of Tokyo so let

me show you something so this is a map

of Tokyo and see this red area that's

all a no-fly zone I'll leave this link

in the description of the video so you

can check later

so what's crazy is that if any of those

above rules are violated then the drone

operator is liable for up to 500,000 yen

and believe me you don't want to mess

with the police here in Japan to put it

mildly you'll probably have to rearrange

your vacation plans just to give you an

example quite some time ago a 15 year

old boy threatened to fly his drone over

a densely populated festival area in

Tokio the police arrested him another

man was indicted for flying his drone

onto the roof of the Prime Minister's

Office cases like these led to stricter

drone laws in Japan and in Tokyo

fortunately there's a way to get

permission from the Ministry of Land

infrastructure and transport to fly a

drone in Tokyo and I did it let me show

you what I did but before I do that

please understand that the drone laws in

Japan are always changing so this is not

a definitive guide you should always

check with a local authority is directly

before flying your drone for the most

updated laws and regulations process to

apply for permission go something like

this one download the application online

number to fill it out and send it via

email to the Ministry of Land

infrastructure and transport ah this is

getting way too long so from now on

we're just going to refer to them as ml

IT number 3 receive feedback on the

application from the ml IT number 4 make

the requested changes on the application

and send it back to the ml IT know this

process can go on and on if you don't

make the changes as they request it

number 5 when the application is

approved they'll send you a non official

copy of the letter via email print out

the original application form attach

your seal to it send it back with stamps

and an envelope so they can send you the

official letter by post number 6 after a

few weeks you will receive the official

letter in the mail let me show you what

I did so check this out

we finally got approval to fly our drone

in Tokyo I've actually had to put my

stamp on here which is you know if you

don't have a Japanese stamp I think I'll

just take a signature and then we'll put

this in a nice plastic sleeve like

so put it in an envelope will so let me

have this today including an envelope

and some stamps for them to send back

the official form and will be up in the

freaking Tokyo air


we finally got permission from the

Ministry of Land infrastructure and

transportation I'm so excited I can't

wait to open this up and fly in Tokyo


look at this this is freaking awesome we

can fly our drone see with just a little


well more than a little bit of effort

you can fly your drone as well in Tokyo

alright let's get this thing up in the

freakin air oh this will also work for

densely populated areas in Japan such as

places like Kyoto Osaka and Kobe they do

have an online application system but it

only works for windows in since I'm a

Mac user I didn't do it this time

but if you're overseas and you have a

Windows machine this may be the easier

process the MLT website recommends that

you apply at least 10 days in advance

but recently they've been fully

inundated so best to plan for three to

four weeks in advance for me I finished

everything in 14 days it may have been a

little bit faster but it took me a few

days to respond to some of the emails

but overall I was super surprised on how

fast they responded one thing you need

to know is that if you want to fly near

airports or above 150 meters then you're

gonna also need to get permission from

airports in addition to the mi LT so

that said you might want to add a few

more weeks to the application process

try to fill out the application I

believe this is the hardest part in the

whole entire application process because

the application itself is very thorough

oh yeah and it's all in Japanese there

are no English forms there's a lot of

boxes that you need a check and also

there are some parts where you need to

write out what you're gonna do in

the process can be slightly simplified

if you have one of the pre-approved

drones that they have on their list

luckily I have a DJI maverick Pro which

is on their list so I could copy and

paste most of the stuff that I needed to

write in Japanese so the application

form has ten parts number one drone

flight permit approval and application

form this is where you fill out all of

the basic information like your name

address objective what day you're gonna

fly where you're gonna fly and your

reasons number two route of the flight

here you need to attach screenshots of

where you're taking off and where you're

landing we chose a spot by the river

because it's kind of a grey zone at the

moment it's recommended that you get

permission from the landowner of the

River area but it's strictly not

enforced if you're filming from a

building public street or someone's

property definitely get permission

before submitting your application and

remember it's strictly prohibited to fly

from Tokyo parks yeah that sucks

number three manufacture name and weight

of UAV I left this blank because my

drone was on the list but if your drone

isn't on the list

then you're gonna need to fill this part

out number four statement of confirma T

about function and performance of UAV

number five operation limit of UAV I

left this one blank to number six

additional requirements for UAV number

seven list of operators for UAV number

eight requirements for operators of UAV

in order to pass this section you need

to be able to check yes in all of the

boxes number nine additional

requirements for UAV operators you have

to have at least ten hours of flight

experience to pass and number ten flight

manual so that was a lot of stuff so if

any of this stuff was confusing or

didn't make sense

I'll leave more details and links in the

description of this video for you guys

alright we're good to go

let's get the drone in the Tokyo air


today we're gonna see if we can film

some Tokyo Skytree

this is like one of those things that

not a lot of people have so I'm so





that was freaking awesome

I love fly my drone in Tokyo and I know

things went a little fast and a

step-by-step guide so what I'll do is

I'll leave all of my notes in the

description below and any links will

also be in the description below if you

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