GTA 5 Online How To FLY a DRONE + TIPS

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hello guys today i'm going to show you

how you can

fly a drone so here's my setup for this


so we have our terabyte and here we have

our arcade

so you do need one of these two but i

will say for right now guys a spoiler

that this one is gonna be a lot better


this one is gonna be a lot better for

flying a drone

the reason why is this is limited so

what that means

is it's just limited to a area let's

just say that

it only can fly like up to here but

the arcade actually can fly up to the


to the whole map so it doesn't matter

very or you can fly

up to the whole map once you own a


so how can you own the arcade just go to

the internet

or how can you own a terabyte you just

want to go to the internet and you want

to go to war stock for the terabytes

and you just want to get the terabyte

from here it could happen that you need

a nightclub

so if you don't have a nightclub you can

go to mace bank

foreclosure over here

enter the site and you just want to go

ahead and

buy a nightclub so here you go here is a

nightclub that i own right now

so it could happen guys if you don't own


you have to buy one so now once you did


what you also can do is you can get a

arcade a arcade is going to be a lot


so here's my arcade you can also go to


foreclosure and buy it from here so

let's go back

and let's test out our drones

so let's sit down

and now fly our drone here

so like you see now we are flying our


with r2 on the console you can just go

ahead and go higher

so i just want to see how

how like um how much distance

we can make so do we see something no

and also guys player players cannot see

if you are

a a drone or if you are using a drone so

players cannot see that

in the radar so don't worry about that

so let's

boost up by pressing on l3

it could take about a bit of

time what you also can do is let's go

down while we

are going to

how much distance this can make so let's

go to a

normal npc you can also do this on the

player so it's pretty cool

let's see if you have a npc around here

so here we go we have the npc around


so what you want to do is you want to

press on art

or one so and like you see that it's

quite funny and the drone is quite like


um small so players cannot see that

and it won't kill a normal online player

but it will kill a

npc that's pretty cool what you also can


is you can just do uh detonate and


keep holding the l1 and that will


it could kill a npc also it could also

kill a online player

so that's also something

so we are still going and let's see the

distance we made

so there's quite a bit of distance that

we made right now

let's see how far we can go but for the

arcade guys i will say like you see now

we are losing connection

so around a quite

amount of distance actually so once you

are on here you will lose

a connection and you can go a bit

further away but let's

just detonate and

explode so let's keep holding on l1

okay we just failed but i think we

killed because

i got a warning your mental state level

is rising so i think i killed someone

so let's go out and now let's go our


and also guys once you buy the terabyte

you want to include

the drone station so once you include

the drone station it will be possible to

fly a drone but if you don't include


there will be no drone at all at your

terabyte or

arcades so that's just an option let me

first off

i'm just gonna go to here let's see

screw off let's just get rid of the cops

now we are ready for the cops let's go

to here

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okay it's taking a long time finally so

we are here at our arcades

let's go to our drone station

so let's go to the manager office also

guys i need to get

my money from here i think it's filled


so let's get it out

and here you go it's like 50 grand

and here access

this door over here

now going downstairs

and it's over


so like you see over here you can go to

the draw station

it's pretty cool so let's start the one

off as

i think it it's just all the same i

don't know if a other player can also

use it on our drone

i'm not for sure though but what i know

you can

you can try that out with your friends

maybe if it works or not

so let's see i'm waiting

now finally okay we are at our drone

what i notice guys is that this drone

is a lot faster like i don't know if you

know the difference but

i think this drone is a bit faster than

the terabyte one

i'm not for sure but it can make a bit

of difference

like i think it's a bit faster so should

you go for the terabytes

or should you go for the arcade if you

really want to fly a drone and if you

only do it for the drone itself

i would say that you have to own a


but the best thing about the terabyte

only is is let's just say that you are

driving it around

like you are about here let's just say

that you are here

and you request your terabyte it will be

popping out like

a bit closer to you and once you go to

into your terabyte you will be able to

access your drone on here

and you can go about like here or here

it's just

like better to carry on

but this drone is going to be a lot

better because i think it's a bit faster

like you see

i think you know some difference let's

use our boost

let's go ahead and shock some people

yeah definitely this drone is a lot

better than the

terabyte one

like let's shock this and pc over here

oh okay we actually got uh

our drone um exploded i think or broken

by a car like you've seen guys it could

be easily gone like if somebody shoots

your drone just with one bullet

your drone could be like this just that

on ground so let's see how much it

actually costs

to add a

drone in your arcade

so i think let's see x-rays

neon 4. i'm not for sure i think you

have to upgrade it

through here so you go to um here i

think i'm not for sure guys so

i think you go over here like you see

this sick

setup this looks like pretty pretty

insane actually

so you go to here and i think you can

upgrade it from here

let's see if you can

so here you can just only manage your

businesses and things like that

like it's pretty cool actually for the


it's pretty easy they can just go

through here without like

going to all of their uh businesses and

like uh one by one it's gonna be a lot


because i know back in the day the went

always like one by one to their business

to buy like supplies

now you can just simply easily do it

from here for all

of your businesses and you can do like a


while it's like loading and stuff like

that so it's pretty cool

and i just want to say guys i'm gonna

end the video over here

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