DJI no fly zones unlocked NFZ get rid of no fly zones, Fly anywhere Remove NFZ

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you can't go there don't ask what my

drum just told me I can't fly somewhere

I'm gonna show you


accelerated Heights this is Mike time

for that video I've been promised you

guys let's remove the no-fly zones from

the DJI in this case we're going to do

the DJ I've never wrote - this will work

on pretty much all DJI products it will

not work on the phantom 3 as far as I

know but everything else is going to

work on yesterday I went to an airport

and I attempted to take off of course I

was never gonna take off I was just

gonna stay on the ground but I wanted to

show you on this little video that the

no fly zones were active at this

particular location and that I could not

take off now the software and the DJI

smart controller did allow me to do as

you'll see an unlocking code itself a

buckin code which at that point was

successful and if I had wanted to I

could have taken off now let me just in

case you're not aware of this just

because you get an unlocking code from

your controller does not mean that you

have FAA authorization you still have to

get authorization to fly so we'll cut to

the airport scene and then we'll go into

the rest of it and we'll show you what

happens with the drum

here right across the street from the

still 10th Bay Regional Airport it is a

Class D airspace and according to my air

map it has told me that FAA

authorization is required I'll put a

screenshot of that as well so let me go

ahead and break the Mavic to crow out

and see if it will take off

there's our drone let's power it on

and I'm going to switch to the screen

recorder on the smart controller

I'm gonna switch to the recorder on the

smart controller and there we have it

cannot take off

so I was able to as you'll see from the

recorder apply for a self unlocking code

and DJI let me go motors are now running

and it says that my altitude limit max

flight out to sixteen hundred forty feet

which we would never go over four

hundred anyway but if we go here you can

see we're all yellow but right now I can

fly if I want to I do not want to you're

gonna set it down and we're gonna head

back home alright so now you see that

the No Limit drones software has been

applied to the magnitude Pro now I'm not

going to go into a tutorial here on how

to do this and what the features are and

all it's like assistant to on steroids

the oldest system to not to new one now

I'm basically going to show you here

from I'll put some screenshots up of

where to do this at and if you're having

trouble or if you would like the

tutorial on how to install this software

drop some links below in the comments

and I'll go ahead and get those videos

up I'll go ahead and do a tutorial on

different things on what you should do

so unfortunately I only have the Mavic

pro two so I can't do your specific one

I do have a spark but I'm not going to

purchase the second license for that if

somebody wants to donate the cost of

this for unlocking for my spark I'll go

ahead and do it and I'll do a full

tutorial on on what to do with it you

can follow right along now there is one

part on here they kind of ticked me off

I'll let you guys know about this this

was almost a deal breaker for me as

you'll see here when you go to buy the

No Limit drone software it is or the

client as they call it

it is $44.99 they give you two options

when you

click on data into your cart and then

you go to your cart to to purchase it

they give you two different options one

of them is PayPal and one of them is Ali

pay I think it is both of those options

which are your only options to purchase

they charge you four dollars each to use

one of those services so that kind of

sucks anyway if you decide not to

purchase this because of that fee I

don't blame you I really know if you

decide to go through with it come on

with me and let's see what this thing

does go to HTTPS No Limit drones dot-com

we're gonna go to buy an LD we're going

to add to cart oh I already have one

left heart check out $44.99 check out

this is the part this sucks

they only give you two options and they

charge you four dollars extra to use

those options


okay what you're about to see here is

the conclusion does No Limit drones

client work did it remove the no-fly

zones from my drone spoiler alert

yes it did all right I'm back in the

same location same no-fly zone there we

are let's take a look and see if this

no-fly zone on this drone will work

there's the drone here is controller I

do have screen recorder going let's see

what happens I do not want to update the

firmware let's see if we can hit the fly

let's see what happens


you can see we are ready to fly

go GPS let's start the motors and see

what happens if it'll start up and

running we have a warning

but that's it no ask you for permission

just saying you're gonna accept

responsibility that's it there is no

asking for an unlock key successful

let's shut her down

okay drone is off successful test we

have effectively removed in the fly zone

and the Mavic - crow works perfectly now

for my understanding I'm still new to

this as well but there's a couple of

different ways to do this the way I did

this is I flashed my firmware back on my

maggot - Pro - the first one basically

is dot one zero 100 or something like

that that removed the no-fly zones you

can also from what I understand you can

run a No Limit drones version of go for

on your controller and that does it as

well keep in mind when you do this

anytime your controller tells you that

inconsistent firmware is found or an

update is required do not do it unless

you want to cancel what you've just done

it's up to you do your research like I

did decide if this is what you want to

do if you found any of this helpful

interesting intriguing give me a thumbs

up subscribe to my channel and if you

want a more in-depth tutorial on how to

install this client on your drone on

your DJI drone drop me some comments

below and I'll start putting together

some tutorials if it's called for thanks

for tuning in