DJI Phantom 4 - Quick Setup For Your 1st Flight

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hey guys welcome back today we're going

to be looking at how to set up the

Phantom 4 and get it ready for its first

flight one thing we need to do is put on

our propellers ok on the new Phantom 4

you'll see some blades have black rings

and some blades have silver rings this

is really important that you make sure

you match them up so on the top of the

new rotors there's three black dots so

we want to make sure we put the black

ring so these no longer have to have to

twist on you just push down and you'll

feel it pop up and lock we're going to

do the same thing for the other three

and push down a black one you're going

to rotate counterclockwise the silver

and a rotate till it snaps in there

they're going to go clockwise okay so

you just want to twist on make sure

those are on there snug they shouldn't

come off okay so we're going to get

ready for our first flight with the DJI

phantom4 first thing we're going to do

is turn the power on on the controller

so push it one time push and hold two

seconds same thing with a battery push

push and hold for two seconds

okay once the controller is turned on

and the Phantom is turned on we're going

to open up our DJ aegyo app

once the app loads it's going to show

you up here it's going to try to find

all the GPS satellites basically you

don't want to launch it until it says

safe to fly right now it says safe to

fly GPS and over here it shows that we

have 13 satellites so we're good there

okay so one thing I recommend doing is

calibrating the compass we're going to

click on this green bar up here that

says safe to fly and then it's going to

say compass calibrate so we're going to

click on calibrate and it's going to say

calibrate compass please press Start to

begin calibration someone hit OK so to

calibrate your compass what you're

wanting to do is you're going to click

on go and we're going to pick up the

Phantom and we're going to spin around

360 degrees now we're going to turn it

down and do the same thing

okay so the back lights are going to

flash and now the compass has been

calibrated and it says safe to fly all

right we're going to get ready to launch

it for the first time the way you do

that is you pull there is a automatic

button on here that says launch and it

does it for you I like to launch it

manually so we're going to hold down on

bow sticks and bring them to the center

so down into the center it says the home

point has been updated take off okay so

I'm gonna go ahead and watch we're gonna

hover that right there

bringing up a little bit because of the

air we go

all right so you can see the Phantom I'm

not holding the sticks at all it is

actually pretty stable want to move it

over a little bit

we'll turn the gimbal up

and I'm gonna hit record on the


now the noise that you hear

that noise that you hear right there if

you can hear it is the optical sensor so

it's sensing there's something in front

of it

all right so I'll tell you what we're

going to turn it around using the left

stick I'm pushing to the right on the

left stick and that's going to rotate it

to the right

raise it up this a little bit

to the left a little bit

check out the sunrise or sunset actually

right now we're about 200 feet and down

just a little bit

alright now you can see down here throw

and bring her down

all right so we're going landed back on

the table

come down really really slow

and everything looks good

all right as you'll and just going to

pull all the way down on the left

joystick now to bring the quadcopter to

a stop alright so there you have it our

first flight with the DJI phantom4

so we'll do some more flights in the

future so stay tuned if you like this

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