How to Fly With Your Dog in the Airplane (10 Travel Tips)

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hey there today Oliver and I will show

you how to travel with the dog in an

airplane using 10 tips we flew with

Oliver under the airplane seat in front

of us on United Airlines and I will show

you with 10 tilts how we did it

successfully I was petrified if he was

going to have incessant barking if he

was going to get loose in the airport if

he was going to have potty accidents and

I learned 10 travel tips that I'm going

to share with you today stay tuned to

the end to find the best travel tip for

flying with your dog now these 10 travel

tips are for flying with a dog under the

airplane seat in front of you not for

checking your dog in the belly of an

airplane the number one travel tip to

fly with a dog in an airplane is that

you pay for the travel fee up front when

you buy your airline tickets for

yourself or your family members you will

see advanced search on most of the

airline's websites and that is where you

are going to choose advanced search and

then you're going to see in Cabin pet

and that means inside the airplane with

you underneath the airplane seat and

usually for most airlines that's around

125 dollars of a fee to pay and for

United Airlines and Delta Airlines it

says that you get one pet per adult the

number two travel tip for traveling with

a dog and an airplane is to check the

airlines website for their requirements

for your dog and they differ from

airline to airline in order for your dog

to travel in the airplane there are

certain limits and requirements for

vaccinations and things like that that

you need to know before you even buy the

ticket when you arrive at the airport on

your day of departure you are going to

have to show two forms of documentation

that he has been fully vaccinated and

that he has an airport certificate on

that letterhead I think having the fully

vaccinated form was just for United

Airlines though our puppy Oliver was

four months old when we had our first

flight with him and that is the limit

that United Airlines says your puppy can

be as young as Delta Airlines says your

puppy can be as young as ten weeks old

and still be allowed inside the cabin of

the airplane but a ten week old has not

had his rabies shot yet he has not been

fully vaccinated which means you can

catch other viruses from other dogs

I don't know how prominent that would be

in an airport but maybe at a relief

station you would have those viruses

floating around or in the fluid in the

fake grass in the airport relief

stations when we arrived at the airport

for our United Airlines flight we had to

check in with the ticketing person we

cannot check in online you have to see a

person after the ticketing agent checks

all your documents then they fill up

this little form that has to be attached

to your carrier so that's why you cannot

check-in online and that will also get

you through TSA security but the airport

certificate says that you have to go see

your vet like a week before the flight

so you do have to pay for a pet visit

visit and it does cost money to get that

certificate from most vets offices oh I

almost forgot that a trial tip is when

you are checking in with the ticketing

agent with all your documents they are

going to ask you the addresses where

your puppy will be going while on

vacation charlton number three for

traveling with a dog is to check the

luggage or the carrier requirements for

your dog our stated that in the boarding

area right before you get on the

airplane the animal has to stay in the

carrier and I have seen plenty of dogs

walking around the boarding area so I

don't think that's a strict rule but if

it needs to be enforced that is a rule

and then inside the airplane the dog has

to stay inside the carrier the entire

time the reason I have the tip for

checking the requirement is major

airlines also use the Express carriers

or they express like the fifty seater

airplanes in the space this under the

airplane seat is not as long as some of

the major airlines and so it may not

even be allowed on those airplanes or

between those two small cities or

something like that and like I said

before they vary from airline to airline

if you're connecting to a different

overseas there are very strict

limitations and it is all on the website

and I will list those links below for

you a very important tip is that Delta

Airlines sees this pet carrier as your

carry-on suitcase and they only allow

you to take a personal item bag in

addition to your carrier United Airlines

lets you take your carry-on suitcase and

a personal item and your dog carrier I

can't remember if I said this already

but Delta Airlines says you have to call

them to book a flight for your dog even

if it's going under the airplane seat

United lets you book it online as you

are booking your own ticket I have a six

more tips but I wanted to say thank you

for visiting my youtube channel I do

make travel videos to help you travel

the globe without a worry in the world

we have a very friendly worldwide

community here to help each other out

but if you have a great pet carrier that

you like list it in the comments below

do not put a link or YouTube will ban

you or ban your comment from me seeing

it okay the numbered for trial tip for

your dog is to get it ready to be in the

airplane it has several tips inside this

number four tip the number one step we

used was we put the dog carrier inside

our kitchen and we just let the dog get

used to it smell it she wanted a little

bit let him get used to it we threw

treats little treats inside it into the

very back of the carrier and let him

crawl in and get it we didn't close him

up in it immediately and this went on

for probably a week it's much like crate

training them you want to get them used

to being inside there you want them to

be happy inside it and not forced first

and then after a several days probably a

week or two then we would put the Treat

in the back let him run in and we would

zip it half way and then immediately

unzip it then we women's if it all the

way and just make it stay in it like for

a couple of seconds the number two step

is we got him used to being inside it

with it all the way zipped up we would

take him on car rides inside the carrier

I would not zip it up the whole time but

I just took him in car rats and he's a

puppy so getting you to the car

headphones is my biggest tip for that

but we would put him in the car inside

the carrier and then unzip the top

because a lot of dog carriers have this

unzipping part at the top we chose a

carrier that has a removable padded

section at the bottom and that way if

they have a potty accident you can

remove it it is washable and the third

step is zip your dog inside the carrier

and walk him to your car for the little

car trip and that way they are not

getting nauseous on the day of travel

walking on your hip bouncing around on

your hip through the airport they're

getting used to being inside it and

their being there close to your body and

they're getting used to shaking and

bouncing around and then unzipping it

once you get in the car some of the time

I did not know if Oliver was going to

want to walk through the airport on his

leash which is allowed and I did not

want him to not be used to me walking

him around or setting the carrier on the

top of my suitcase and going through the

airport kind of crooked or leaning a

different way just wanted him to get

used to that when we did get through

airport security I wanted to walk him

through the airport and he just froze

and was like sliding on the tile so I

just quickly just put him back in the

carrier and just carried in the whole

way very very heavy a fourth way that I

got him used to being in the carrier is

I found out what treats he liked that

would take a long time to consume and

because he was a puppy I used pup box

they're a monthly subscription they send

treats and toys mental toys for your

puppy's age this is not sponsored by

them at all but I finally decided on the

calcium white white ones that took him a

while to get rid of and then also the

beef tendon

also the Himalayan chew toy the fifth

and most important thing I think that I

did to get my dog ready for the airplane

is I talked to my vet months in advance

of what medicine we could give him to

help him chill out and not bark like

crazy and not freak out I didn't want

him petrified like I was during the

flight and what they do is they

prescribe a very low dosage a couple of

weeks in advance for you to try out like

they'll split a pill into four sections

and you can try the very lowest dose and

then you see how it works and then on

the day of the flight you would give

them some of the night before in the

morning of the flight and then in the

afternoon and it just it does not make

your pet comatose the air lies and all

of the dog agencies do not want your dog

to be comatose they just want it to be

chill relaxed so that they don't freak

out and our dog acted the same the day I

gave him the medicine our flight was at

11 a.m. he was just as bouncy and happy

all morning but when I had to put him in

the carrier when we got to the airport

he did not freak out he just was chill

and relaxed and I think that's what the

medicine does for your dog he did not go

fast asleep I just think he felt safer

inside that carrier okay back to the

tips the fifth travel tip to traveling

with a dog inside the airplane is to

know that TSA does have rules they may

or may not check your travel documents

your Airport certificates but have them

readily available in case they need them

and then when you're done with them and

you need to get back to your dog in your

suitcases have an easy place to stash

them so you won't lose them and stuff

like that when you get to the security

line you have to show your ID and your

travel document to the first TSA person

keep your dog in the carrier or on leash

right there then while you're standing

in line for the conveyor belt the dog

can be on the leash or in the carrier

that is allowed Oliver did not want to

be outside the

like I said then you put your suitcase

everything you have on the conveyor belt

the carrier and then you need to walk

your dog naked that means you have to

take off his collar his leash the

harness whatever you have on his person

we parked our car at the parking spot

lot and then rode in a bus all the way

when I got out of my car at the parking

spot lot I attached the leash to his

harness because I thought that would be

easier to just keep the leash and the

harness together and when I take his

harness off in the security line I just

can put it back on and leash is there in

case he tries to run off I can step on

the leash or grab the leash real quick

the number six travel tip is to research

those pet relief stations in every

airport you will be in write down what

gate they're in front of there are not a

lot of signs for pet relief stations

until you get to the pet relief station

when I got through security and was

looking at my phone to try and find out

out the map it would not connect to the

Wi-Fi I could not open Safari so I

texted my husband and he told me what

gate number it was at and there were no

signs prior to that it did take our dog

a while before he would use the pet

relief station I had to stand on the wet

grass with him and tap the little fire

hydrant just to get him comfortable with

it and then when he came home when we

were in Phoenix he refused to use it but

he did not have any accidents on the day

of departure you do not feed them a lot

of food and you and your vet can discuss

how little is enough for him he did not

have an accident anywhere and that leads

me to the seventh travel tip which is a

packing tip packed puddle pads for the

remainder of your trip

I bought these puddle pads because Zack

Jorge highly recommended them because

they absorb it and their feet don't get

wet if they're walking all over the

puddle pad I'll link them below but ours

never had an accident the whole way I

put a

in the car on the way and then I put a

puddle pad over the padded bottom of his

dog carrier because he had had an

accident prior to when I was getting him

used to being in this in the car he had

an accident so I covered that in puddle

pads we bought like 200 of them before

we got him four months five months ago

and I think we've used like ten of them

but I wanted to be prepared so I had it

for that and then I had it for the

carrier on the way home I had it for the

car when we got to Phoenix I wanted to

let him out of the carrier and I wasn't

sure if he would use the bathroom at the

airport relief station in Phoenix so I

had one for inside the car I had one in

case he had an accident or threw up in

the carrier I also suggest packing wet

wipes inside a Ziploc baggie in case

they do get throw up or poop or the wet

stuff from the doggie relief station if

its water or urine you can wipe their

their paws with them and what whites do

not count as a liquid just so you know

some of you may want to purchase a

little fanny pack thing like this it's

what I use when we go in the back yard

for with treats and baggies but you can

also fit your ID and your phone in one

of those pockets just so you'll have it

easily accessible if you mean it or you

can just use the back pocket of your

jeans or something like that travel tip

number eight is to give your dog some

kind of exercise before you take them to

the airport even if it's just running up

and down the hallway of your house

giving them some kind of exercise travel

tip number 9 for your dog is to find the

quietest area in the boarding area to

sit we were able to sit beside the wall

because we got there super early because

we knew we had a dog to check in at the

ticketing counter so we got there about

two and a half hours before the flight

and then of course we were one of the

first ones ready to go in that boarding

area it helps calm them and it helps you

be able to keep that carrier close to

your feet and have like a

dark spot near the wall I think if

they're antsy you could try walking them

on a leash down the terminal that is

allowed but like I said Oliver just

froze so we just kept him in the carrier

and he was content and happy he did not

fall fast asleep I think I already said

that but he was chill and relaxed the

number 10 travel tip is to travel with

your personal item almost empty pack of

very few items inside this personal bag

because there is not going to be a lot

of room under the airplane seat with

your legs and the dog carrier and that

way you can smush it like in the very

sod of that leg space or you can put it

on top of a family member's personal

item bag be sure to pack poop bags in

case your dog has an accident in the

airport or while you're inside the

airplane and then another great travel

tip is to pack a little Ziploc baggie in

case you do have to pick up poop you can

store it in the Ziploc baggie and the

smell won't float to everyone around you

inside the airplane and then remember to

pack enough for the trip back as well I

will link my packing list for traveling

with a dog below but I also wanted to

tell you that some people take a puddle

pad inside the airplane in an in

mid-flight they will take their dog and

the puddle pad back to the lavatory and

put the puddle pad on the dirty floor of

the airplane lavatory and let their

animal try and go to the bathroom I did

not feel like I needed to do that but it

might work for you it might not I was

scared if I took him out of that carrier

he would know he could now be out of the

carrier and he would freak out or

something like that but he didn't and

everything is fine and just like

traveling with a toddler remember that

you will never see those people again

but you do want to be respectful of

their vacation time but you will never

see those people again so be patient and

kind to yourself and to your dog alright

the best trial tip I have is to pay for

the extra leg room in that airplane when

we were coming back from Phoenix to

Houston we were in the very back of the

airplane in this travel carrier for our

dog did not even fit halfway under this

I have like no legroom and it was very

uncomfortable for me and the flight it

didn't that's never said anything but

technically it needs to fit under there

but technically I had also gotten a

carrier that was per their luggage

requirements thank you for visiting this

video and my youtube channel pop around

and leave a comment below