How to fly with Dog In Cabin (Non-ESA)| International Flight with transit | KLM TPE ~ AMS ~MAD

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Hi everyone! Welcome to our channel

We wanted to make this video because we wanted to share an experience of

flying with coffee our toy poodle all the way from Taiwan to

Spain with a stop in Amsterdam and the reason we wanted to make this video

is that while preparing for flying Coffee so she flew in December and we started

organizing her flight early on since August and we found an extremely

overwhelming the lack of information out there like people who flew the way we

flew and well I promised myself that if everything went well or if things didn't

go well we will share our experience. A bit about Coffee, she weights around three

to four kilograms she's very calm and she doesn't get very nervous about

transports in general and although we could technically had applied for an

ESA so the Emotional Support Animal we didn't. So Coffee flew under rules of in cabin PET

she got her dog ticket and we paid I believe 125 euro one way. All the

way from Taiwan to Madrid so it wasn't that bad of a price

The flight was 13 hours from Taipei to Amsterdam and then we stopped 4 hours in

Amsterdam and then again our second flight from Amsterdam to Madrid was two hours

so it was very long flight in the reason we chose to transfer in Amsterdam

is because they are very dog-friendly in the sense that they

don't require you to present any additional documents and since Coffee was flying

in-cabin she didn't have to go to the dog the hotel which is necessary if you are

flying I think above three hours of transit so if you are transferring more

than three hours they will send your dog - like a dog hotel for the period of

time where the transfer is happening so that doesn't apply to in cabin dogs it

only applies to those who are going as cargo was checked luggage and am I might be

wrong with some of the information but it was like the previous research we

did when we decided to book KLM. Coffee had never been to Europe before

in fact she's never traveled before so there were some documents we had to get

ready for coffee before arriving to Spain and the requirements are country

specific but in her case she had to be microchipped she had to have her rabies

vaccines on date and then a certificate that proves that all the things we are

stating are true and an export certification which is emitted by

Taiwan so this is something that we only gave to KLM so

actually you give it to the airline if there's more questions about

documentation we might put up a post or another video talking about it

our experiencing in Taipei (Taoyuan) Airport was quite nice a lot better than expected

because I had never seen any dog in Taipei Airport to be honest I've only

seen them you know being carrying the luggage so we were very nervous about

that and when we arrived there was a huge sign saying like no Dogs but if you read

really close up in Chinese it actually says dog on leash so you can actually

bring your dog walk at the airport as long as it's on the short

leash so that was interesting our flight was at top him so very late at night and as

you can see Coffee sleeps a lot and what we did is because we had this 13 hours

she was gonna be her bag for 13 hours straight because you're not allowed to

take your dog out but she has to be in her back and we got this special bag

where we can open it up so she has extra space to sleep and stretch but our

plan was to get her really tired and not let her take her usual naps before the

flight we think it worked because she basically slept almost 10 hours

straight without any complain and after in 10 hours we were very worried because

originally we've got her like this pampers but inside her her bag she

removed them so I knew that she had to pee at some point because

we couldn't make her pee when we arrived the airport

what I did is that ten hours with three more hours to go

I took her on the bag and we went to the restroom we went to the the one with the

baby somewhere people can change the diapers and then I pull out her pad so

she's potty trained in a sense that she knows where to pee both at home and a

also at a park so if you show her her pad and you go like "Hey Pee!" sometimes she actually complies and it

was like begging hopefully she would do it and after a few tries she finally pee

I think I was like the proudest mom ever. Anyways she pee on the pad which

was a huge relief and well we got her back into her bag

and then she went back and nap another three hours. At the end of the three

hours I could see that she was kind of getting stress like she would look at us

thru the bag and also we were very lucky cuz flight My partner and I had like this

extra seat in the middle so we could pull her bag up with her on this thing

which was very nice because she could feel that she was very close to us and I

think that was also very helpful when we arrived

Amsterdam it was pretty funny like no one really cares you're carrying the dog

I think something we did was like we overthink and worry so much about like

we don't see it that much in the airports but honestly nor in Taipei or

in Amsterdam nor in Madrid no one cared if you were caring a dog and in Amsterdam so we

arrived we pass through security the same way we pass through security in

Taipei basically you pass your dog to security and then you go through x-ray

being different from how you will pass security check normally we ate and

everything was fine there was no facilities or at least I

couldn't find anything for coffee to be walked or anything like

that so we basically walk her through the airport and I took her several times

to the bathroom to see if she pee or something

and also because we had this special bottle where we feed her water and also

her food so it was very good convenient and there was nothing different

from our second flight from Amsterdam to Madrid except the fact that the airplane was

slightly smaller so when KLM says that their maximum height of the carrier bag

is in twenty four centimeters they mean it like there's no way you

could fit like the two centimeters more because the life jackets they don't they

don't allow your bag to be push all the way to the back. That's why

the size limit of KLM is lowers and I think Delta and United the flight crew

they were all very friendly and happy about the fact of having a

dog onboard and didn't feel like there was any special additional attention which was

fine with me. After we arrived Madrid we had to take another train to Valencia

which was another two hours and somehow the train trip

was a bit more painful because of the lack of pace compared to the flights

and yeah I hope you found this informative and give us a Thumbs Up and

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