DJI TELLO - Tutorial and Quick Review

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what's going on guys today I'm going to give you a quick review of the Telo

drone in this case I got the combo and also tell you about the coolest features

so let's get right into it alright so this is the Telo combo you can buy the

drone by itself for $100 the combo right now is 149 it comes with three batteries

2 sets of propellers a charging hub and a USB cable so just to let you know this

is a small toy drone mainly made for inside but it also flies outside when

there's not a lot of wind and I'm gonna go to the park today and fly it I have

flown it before but I thought I'd get the combo to show you what that was like

and tell you about some of his best features so you can get up and running

so this is a great drone for families for people who want to fly it around

their house just kind of have fun it's very safe so if you have kids or pets

it's not really gonna hurt them because it has propeller guards around it and

have some other safety features them talked about but let's unbox it right

now and then we're gonna head to one of my favorite parks to go fly all righty

so let's open it up inside we'll just pull this open and we have this little

orange box and then we have this little kind of crate here it says open over

here so let's do that looks like a bunch of eggs but instead of eggs you have

this little white box here and you got yourself a tell oh so this is the teller

drone as you can see it's really small comes already to fly it the only thing

it doesn't have is in the back you put the battery right here the cameras in

front it has the propellers and obviously the propeller guards are

already built in so you don't need to worry about putting on the propeller

guards they're there they protect you from hitting something or if someone

reaches with their hand they're not gonna get hurt as easily alright so

let's open this up this orange box and inside we have three batteries a

charging cable other side of the box come on it doesn't come out very easily

I don't have nails alright there we go we got the charging hub and the charging

hub is great because you can fit all three batteries in it the nice thing is

you can do this microUSB cable stick it in here and

the other end we have our USB cord and we can charge it up or you could just

take one of these batteries you can just put it in the Telo plug it in over here

and then just charge the drone like that that's it for the orange box and in the

white box it tells you about the battery charging hub how to charge the batteries

it's not rocket science just put them in plug it in that's it nice thing about

the Telo these batteries take about a half an hour to charge and as with other

DJI batteries they don't charge all at once for power and safety they charge

one at a time so it's going to take four three batteries about an hour and a half

to charge so before we go fly I'm going to charge all three of these batteries

and as soon as they're done charging I'll see you at the park

all right so it's a little rainy out but we're gonna get started I am in

Grendel's parks and one of my favorite parks and we got to tell oh here so we

just press that button right there and I will turn it on and you can see it the

light going on right now it's turning on so we got to go into the Telo app so we

turn on the telly up and then we connect we go into our settings you go to the

Wi-Fi you find tello you click on that so once

it's connected to tell oh and our Bluetooth is on and go back here all

right guys one thing I forgot to mention is that after you charge the batteries

you're gonna have to probably do a firmware update with most drones it's a

necessity with a tell oh I would recommend it so if it says new firmware

detected press the update now then you're gonna have to activate it so

press that then authorize press that then you're gonna press on that little

gear that's Settings icon and then you're gonna go down to where it says

more all the way on the bottom and then you're gonna click on those three little

dots and then of those three little dots it's gonna ask you to download the

firmware so download the latest firmware and then it's gonna download really

quickly I would recommend you do this with a Wi-Fi connection although I'm not

sure if you have to or not but it might be good to do this indoors before you go

outside and start flying so the update shouldn't take too long

so after you do the firmware update what I recommend is you turn the Telo off you

could even take out the battery put the battery back in then turn it back on

also go out of the app and then go back into the app and then click on that gear

icon and then you're gonna go down to where it says more again you're gonna

click on that and then you're gonna click on those three little dots and

then where it says firmware version you're gonna click on that and just to

double check it if you try to update it it should say latest firmware and now

you're ready to fly alright so we're in the Telo app we're gonna start it by

pressing the button in the upper left hand corner so we press that then we

slide it over to take off and up they go through yeah all right

you can switch it by just pressing right there we can switch from photo to video

tool and we just got to bring it over

just hold it down and the teller will land and that's it all right let's

change the altitude to 99 feet and the bit rate I would change the bit rate as

high as you can make it so we're gonna change it to four megabytes per second

that's gonna give us the best video quality here so we're gonna go back into

the Telo app now I'm going to show you some of the cool features one of the

cool features I love everyone seems to love is the flip so I'm gonna show you

that first you can flip in eight different directions so in the Telo app

we are going to take off alright so one thing we're going to do is the flip so

we go into our flight modes let me go to 8d flips and we press Start I'm gonna

show you how to do the flips you just flip in the direction you want it to go

so alright alright easy buddy the wind does affect it so into the wind

one thing you might want to try is going sideways easier for it to go sideways

into the wind yeah it's definitely easier sideways into the wind alright

you just swipe it in the direction we want and it flips over

another little trick and grab it right here flip it over it turns off okay so

you can only do the flips when the battery is greater than 50% if the

battery goes below 50% you're unable to do the flips all right so the next

feature I'm going to show you is the throw and go so I'm going to land it in

my hand I'm gonna throw it up and then it's gonna fly in the air so basically

you just land in your hand you toss it whenever you want within 5 seconds and

we'll fly in the air so first I have to land it in my hand if you do is throw

and go so you press that and then you just toss it in the air and it flies let

me step back to show you the example

alright so now I'm going to do up and away so we're gonna take off

so once the fellows in the air we're going to go to our intelligent flight

mode we're going to go press up and away and then we're

dart and it's be slowly going to go up and away I'm not controlling it

all right does it all by itself alright guys now we're gonna do 360 mode it's

just gonna circle around and do a 360 and stay in one spot so it stays in one

spot and it just turns around 360 let's do that now so first you have to take

off then once you're in the air you're gonna go to your flight modes then

you're gonna press on 360 and then you're gonna press start and then the

tellers are going to start to do a 360 say so just circles does a 360 circle

all right now we're gonna do circle mode it's basically gonna be like point of

interest for DJI users and it's going to go around in a circle also this is kind

of like trace when you move it around with the active track with a DJI drone

so let's do that now we're gonna make it go in a circle around us on my telogen

flight mode so the circle start and now it's gonna do a circle around me see I

was just going around in the circle I

don't really have to do anything you don't have to control it with your hands

which is nice it's doing a perfect circle just around me

alright guys the last mode I'm gonna show you is bounce mode now bounce mode

is gonna make the drone go up and down up and down so any surface you have it's

just gonna go up and down like this automatically obviously it's intelligent

flight mode so once again we don't have to control it so we go into our

intelligent flight modes all the way at the end you see bounce okay we press

that oh we got to take off first so I got to take off and then I can press it

and that's bounce mode

hi guys remember you can always press the X in the corner and I'll just exit

out of the intelligent flight mode all right so if you want to review the

footage that you just shot you can press that little triangle in the upper right

hand corner right here and then all your photos and videos will be there you can

just click on it and then if you want to download it you press right there if you

want to delete it you press right there or you can press play right here to play

it so this one is picture and picture you

can see it in two different color profiles we can also go into fast modes

when we press fast now it's gonna fly up to about 20 miles an hour so I can show

you that

you can also go into your settings and change your photo quality which is

really nice so I go over here then I go to more and then I can either go normal

for photo quality or high I prefer high stick mode I leave that to

Eevee I'll just leave it at zero and altitude you change that it goes up it

says 90 99 feet I don't know if it'll really really go that high let's just

change it to 99 and it says 98 I guess that's as high as I'll go let me

take off and see if I can get it up to 99 feet we'll see how high it goes a

tree branch there hope hit a tree branch alright let me move it and see how high

I can get

alright guys so my final conclusion on this is it's still the best drone you

can get for $100 for $100 flecked this thing got up to 76 feet on a windy day

flies for up to 13 minutes it has all those different intelligent flight modes

that I showed you and you can change things like the speed goes up to 20

miles an hour to me this is just incredible real easy to charge batteries

charge in 30 minutes you can just swap them out real easily and you crash like

I did when I try to take off and it hit that tree it's not gonna be damaged it

has a propeller guards when it hits my camera or hit a tree it just bounces

right off of it and it fell probably about 30 40 feet onto the grass or the

ground right here and nothing happened to it works perfectly so to me this is

still the best drone you can get for a hundred dollars makes for a great

present or just for having fun in your yard

obviously the wind does affect it so it's mainly for indoors but if you fly

on a day where it's not as windy like it was today

you're gonna have a lot better results but to me it's really fun DJI says feel

the fun and that's all I got for today before I go I just wanted to let you

know that there's several controllers that you can use instead of just using

your smartphone it's actually a little easier if you use it with one of these

controllers so this is the game sir t1d controller it's very easy to fly with

this a lot easier than just using your phone and this should be compatible with

most phones and devices you could also use your iPad if you wanted to and over

here this one you have to use with just Apple products so if you have an iPad

iPad pro or an iPhone you can use this controller and as you can see it's a

little different type of setup because you control it on both sides so if

that's the type of setup you'd like to fly you can use that and the last

controller is this one and the good thing about this controller and this one

the game vice controller and the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless

controller is that they're both compatible with the spark and the Telo

so you can use those with both drones so I haven't used this controller or this

controller but I have used the game sir and I can say that's a really good

controller for the price so if you did enjoy this video press that like button

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when I release them before I go remember siempre Avante naka Batra