DJI Tutorials - Phantom 4 - How to Fly - Part 1 of 5

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hi I'm Ty welcome back to the Phantom 4

tutorial series today I'm going to give

you some important tips for both flying

and safety remember safety is a priority

every time you fly you should always be

aware of your surroundings and location

and also know your local laws before

taking off into the sky before starting

this video you should also read over the

flight section of the user manual and

the QuickStart guide so that you can

start off on the right foot the best

environment for flying in is outdoors in

a wide-open space away from people

animals and airports the phantom force

advanced vision positioning system will

keep it flying steadily indoors but it

is best to leave this until you are a

bit more experienced before you fly

outdoors look around and ask yourself

these questions am I in an open space

that's free of obstacles these could be

power lines buildings or fences am i a

safe distance away from other people or

animals is the weather appropriate for

flying is it calm enough and not raining

if you answered yes to these questions

then you are ready to fly but always

remember these important rules always

maintain control even if you're using

automated functions like tap fly and

active track keep your hands on the

remote controller or keep it with an

easy reach in case you need to stop or

take control during an automated flight

maintain line-of-sight with your

aircraft don't fly too far away avoid

flying behind buildings and other

obstacles that might block your view

always monitor your altitude for the

safety of full-sized aircraft and other

air traffic avoid flying over 400 feet

or 120 metres above ground level