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ever animate and I'm Annie for the artsy

sailors and we have a drone here that

costs about what a meal and McDonald's

cost twenty dollars we wanted to show

you guys that you don't have to spend

hundreds of dollars to get it in the air

and have fun so let's see what twenty

dollars can get you have a meal for

Nathan well not for normal people if you

get if you get thirty mel goods plus

twenty sauces and a side of fries and

milkshakes so inside we have everything

we need to fly and really for twenty

dollars as long as this gets in the air

I'll be pretty impressed especially in

this gusty wind that we have now it

picked up very quickly so here's our USB

charge cable it takes about an hour to

charge this battery I'm guessing we'll

probably get somewhere between five and

eight minutes of flight time if I have

the ballpark it comes with little prop

guards so if you're a newer pilot and

most people buying this probably will be

newer I encourage you to install the

prop guards to help save your motors and

your propellers now the drone itself is

a pretty basic looking drug it's really

just your little plus or hex style of

drone you know there's nothing crazy

cool looking about it except that bright

red color and it's not very often we see

these cheaper drones like a super bright

red like that I really like that you're

shaking the camera a B it's it's cooling

off yeah we're starting to hit some fall

what an hourly the battery is installed

in the bottom and there's a little

on/off switch this also has the option

to have a camera installed that's what

that plug is right there so if you pick

up a cheap after-market camera you could

just unplug the plug it in right there

this is a 350 milliamp lipo battery

that's a single cell three point seven

volt you could take a little bit bigger

you could probably go up to maybe like a

500 milliamp single cell battery in this

bag we have

ooh spare props those bright red props

that's interesting because the props

that come on it are black but it comes

with red spares that would help actually

for orientation if you replace two of

them and then it also has four landing

gear in here but you know what I'm going

to extend the flight time and flight

performance of this drone by not

installing the prop guards or the

landing gear so as you progress with

flying something like this you can

eventually take off the landing gear and

then take off the prop guards because

it'll just extend your flight time and

you know hopefully don't bump into

anything as you get a little better

flying longer flight time and like I

said the performance of the drone will

be a little nicer too and then it does

come with instructions labeled here for

your transmitter so you know what the

button is do and of course this is a non

altitude hold drone so you do have to

manage the throttle which means it'll be

a little bit more fun to fly but it's

not going to hold the altitude on its

own and pretty good-looking little

transmitter especially for the price

it's about the size well it's exactly

the size of an Xbox controller same

shape and design and everything so you

know for $20 that's a really good little

setup if it flies well then this will be

worth every penny of that to a beginner

trying to learn how to fly any type of

drug let's get this thing in the air and

see how it does with a drone like this

you want to turn the quadcopter on first

it does have some lights let it sit on a

level surface and then hit the power

the lights should change a little bit on

the drone and then we're gonna do

throttle up and throttle down and now

it's bound and the lights went solid we

do have blue lights that look to be on

the front and red lights on the back so

that's pretty cool

that it has lights for $20 that size and

everything I'm gonna go ahead and take

off and hopefully this can handle this

light breeze well it's actually pretty

dusty now sounds okay I'm pulling back

full power here and it's fighting the

breeze okay for how gusty it is I'm

actually going to up my rates one and

now we should be able to fight the wind

a little bit better so this is a drone

that I can just kind of zip around have

fun flying learning orientation

and just really having a good time

flying oh sorry I D I can also just kind

of hover nice and slow with this


just a good little beginner drone we've

got some construction going on behind us

sorry about the background noise really

all we can do to get our videos out

right now between Matt and the gas

planes could I resist we have been

struggling to get down it's taking us a

couple hours just to get an opportunity

to film this for you so let's upgrade

one more time

three beef so really high zippy rates

Wow yes okay I'm pretty happy by that

crazy all cyclones

I've lost my orientation so I have to

look away and those forward okay

don't see this a little closer just

y'all that is so much fun I didn't

expect that that's cool

okay let's go back - right - that's a

good one - just kind of zip around even

in this wind I'm gonna fly up by the

windsock so you can see how windy it is

right now I want to sum a good indicator

good I mean that's a heavy wind whatever

there though it's almost horizontal

I'd say we have like seven or eight mile

an hour winds right now roughly and

gusting up a little higher

there's our foot button there is let's

hit the play

nice little flip and see if we can do

crazy flips with this

okay my timing was off so Oh completely

lost power the lights went off and

everything so that's really hot could

have been range issue not really sure

back to rape - I'm gonna ply interest

but the switch was still in the on

position yeah yeah so let's try it

happened when I was flipping so let's do

a little closer


wait not like a rain I'm not if I give

it just a tiny bit of juice it's enough

juice to lift it and the wind is kind of

taking it away you're fired

no no after I did the flips let me

explain it for some reason after I hit

the flip button when I give it just a

little bit of throttle it's it's like

overpowered amount of throttle watch see

it's so much juice even just a tiny bit

it's like full throttle so for some

reason the flips are messing with this

really bad let's try again we're gonna

do without flipping now I've never seen

a drone do that I've never seen the

drones programming get messed up because

it tried to do a flip that's really


should you calibrate I did so let's try

headless mode and their turn to home

and that's probably why this is $20 so

if you buy this

don't hit the foot button find out a

little bit and do return to home so it's

blowing off to the right

so the compass calibration is a little

off it gives all of our stuff the boxes

are sliding into wind because it's

really windy let's go for the big Ling

talk again and just show you how well

this is playing in the way

that's a lot of wind for this little


really is


away from me no I'm not trying to

sugarcoat this I don't want to mislead

you guys in any way at all I still think

this is probably worth about $20 just

avoid the flip button and the reason I

say that is because a lot of people too

many people in fact are out there buying

very expensive drones as their very

first drone

I think you need to learn on something

like this before you hook yourself up

with a high-end DJI phantom maverick

spark or anything like that and if

nothing else this is something that you

can just take out fly around cut the

throttle hits the ground and you don't

have to worry about it you can just fly

something like this smack it into the

shrubs and it's fine you really don't

have to worry about learning with this

drone that's what this should be this is

a bare bones basic quadcopter and if you

decide to pick it up don't try to test

the ring this is gonna be fly right in

front of you 2030 feet number two is if

you just try if you take this and try to

hit things like Nathan just hit if you

notice right when he hits it or slightly

before he cuts throttle so you don't

burn up your motors you're just stuck in

a spot like that

keep the power off yeah so there are

there's a lot of things you can do to

make your quad copters last longer and

those are two Pro tips are you remember

here's another little just up close I

never do this with yourself I just know

that these are very weak motors in

comparison to powerful things you see

even though my fingers here stopping

this there's really no force at all

making that move I can feel just a

little nudge just like a touch they

don't burn it up yeah if you do that

very long it burns the motor up so

there's just a lot of things you can

learn on a drone like this what to do

and what not to do another thing that I

always recommend for new pilots brand

new pilots

is when you're just learning to fly you

should pick a glass box now in front of

maybe 20 feet out picture not kick sorry

sorry imagine that space and do

everything you can in your power to keep

the drone in that closed space so let's

see yeah let's take off and we're gonna

keep our drone in this imaginary keeping

the drone in the imaginary glass box my

glass box right now is you know 10 feet


30 feet maybe in all directions and if

the wind which is pushing me pretty hard

what happened to push my drone out of

that glass box I'm just going to ease

off on the throttle and let it come down

a lot of people what they do on their

first drone is this they get it bound up

ready to fly and they say hey Cletus

what say we see how high this here drone

can go are you ready and then we do this

and in a strong breeze that drone is

gone completely gone flies away in the

wind and then they call the manufacturer

and they say y'all sold me a faulty

drone it flew right away in the wind and

it has a GPS lock you know so happens

very often way too often than I'd like

to admit we had an awesome server at

IHOP just like a week ago yeah he told

us and we thought he was so awesome and

he told us his drone story he had a

dream probably he said he got from wish

yeah $20 took it up his girlfriend asked

how high it would go and it flew away

just like that right we felt bad we had

to join

trunk okay yeah that I mean that is the

experience a lot of people have because

they try to push the limits with things

they shouldn't be pushing women on

there's another quick v to a lot of

people don't realize drones as they are

flying and those motors are spinning

they're pushing air down below them to

create lift and so when you're flying a

drone let's say you're hovering low to

the ground all of that air is getting

pushed out and around the drone and it's

something it's creating something called

prop wash and that makes it harder to

fly it's kind of having to fight its own

problem but as you get a bit higher that

prop wash is not as strong and it can

hover a bit more stapl so what you want

to do is with your when you're flying a

new drone is try to fly waist to chest

height in this general area and so if

you can keep that below your head but

above your waist in that general area

that's a good level two challengers I

don't know how that's turned into a tips

video I think that that's I think this

is the perfect drone to be a tips video

I think that's what's the direction I

want to become a it's a quadcopter that

a lot of people end up with something

that's like this it's really basic you

don't fly it away and then they don't

want to fly there anymore right you can

be discouraging but something like this

have flown the right way can be very

encouraging you can get a lot better so

you're firing my turn

how he's gonna fly now so have you got

the controls now she's gonna show us

that a crazy person can apply its drone

- I'm trying - okay no remember you got

a lot of wind pushing you today film you


know okay huh says the person that the

drain is going to fly away

you're doing good there's the wind huh


if you notice your drones start starting

to fly away in the wind it's not a bad

idea to cut the throttle or ease off the

throttle and let it come down it's

better to have the drone land a little

hard in tall grass that's 100 feet away

from you than it is for the drone to

completely fly away you lose it and

potentially hurt other people so what

you want to do is just hover it fairly

high ish well really okay we're getting

some blinking lights on the bottom the

lot of snow the battery's low it would

have done that in the flight too but we

couldn't really see because it's pretty

bright out right now overall this is

actually a really good drone you did

have one major fault which was the Flint

function when you did a flip it when I

recovered from the flip the throttle got

stuck in the full position so that's a

big flaw my advice would be to tape that

off or just know not to hit that button

overall it's actually pretty good though

a good drone to learn on nice and bright

very easy to see if you lose it in grass

it's very obvious stands out really well

you know for $20 I think it's a home run

personally hopefully some of these tips

from this video helped you guys out just

know that we try to throw out tips in

the middle of most of our videos as

we're flying things

so our channel if you're new here is a

very beginner friendly Channel

we're very honest about things that

don't work properly and things that are

worth your money so be sure to check out

some of our other videos find the

perfect drone for you and if you like

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