How to throw a "traditional shaped returning" boomerang

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hi everybody and welcome to boomerangs

by Vic I would like to announce the

winner for September that one the last

boomerang giveaway and it is Alexander a

Sturm so congratulations uh Alexandra

and I will be sending you an email

shortly and you can give me your address

and I will be mailing your free

boomerang to you so congratulations the

other thing I like you doing this video

is this is a special video I'm doing for

a friend of mine that I ordered a

boomerang in his name is Jim Connors and

he ordered this boomerang he had the

traditional he's having a hard time

getting it to return so what I did is I

asked him to mail the boomerang back to

me and I would show him in a video

exactly how to throw this for a good

return and he was willing so I now have

the boomerang back as you can see this

is a yo boomerang Jim you can see where

you've hit the ground a few times from

throwing it's a number 33 92 2013 so

here's your instructions what I want you

to do is a face face side of the

boomerang which is the airfoil side

always faces you when you throw okay and

you probably already know that I like to

throw it with a with a pistol grip which

is two fingers around the tip of the

boomerang just like this alright and

when you throw it this boomerang likes

just a small very light breeze coming

straight at you and as the breeze is

coming straight at you which I've got a

very small breeze today coming right at

me you're going to throw just a little

bit to the right of it alright so the

breeze is coming at me like this I'm

going to throw right out that way and

you'll see me do that in a second with

this boomerang throw about mid height

okay it doesn't take a lot of strength

you just basically dinging it off your

wrist it's going to come back and let it

float in and catch it I'm not sure how

much I'm going to get in this video

because this isn't my wide-angle lens

but it does take a lot better video than

you notice uh in my other previous so

I'm going to give this a throw right now

and and see how it goes the breeze has

slowed down a little bit so chances are

it's going to land out in front of me

just a couple feet but if the wind picks

up right where it needs to be at a nice

steady breeze slow

right back to my hands so let's give you

an example and just copy what you see me

doing a video just trying to judge about

how far away are you I'd say right about

here is good okay so here we go

and it actually did the opposite it

landed just some backing so the breeze

is actually maybe just a little too

strong a little bit of adjustment I'm

going to throw a little bit more into

the breeze rather than the right of it

and it should bring it over here to the

next side of me so you're noticing this

when the flight should be a lot better

of course I didn't catch it that was

much better

so we'll try it again and even a little

bit more under the breeze

that's about it we'll give you another

throw just so you know this is yours

so that's basically it Jim I hope you

get better results out of it you have

the Whizzer now that you practicing with

and I will be mailing this back to you

just remember it's a very slight breeze