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hi I am sandy in this video I will tell

you what it takes to get a license to

fly a Boeing 787 also known as the

Dreamliner black keep that Toyota review

about the chotek Hill Gate Park look how

pretty it is reminds me of a home 30

days ago I left home and came here to

crawl a United Kingdom a small town in

the middle of the UK with a point

training centre and just in the centre

of it and started my training for the

787 I see no shot I'm a pizza


so I've gotta turn this generic room

this generic room have to turn into my

home for the next 30 days so let's start

okay electronic station is set next

business day tube is checked in our

first day starting now you're helped us


personalized - there you go goodie bag

and of course the first part of the

course is the theoretical studies

airplane systems procedures and the good

old days used to study in a classroom

with an instructor nowadays they do

everything on computers called CBT

computer-based training so we sit in

these cubicles that are that looked like

a computer electric look like the

cockpit with all the panels goes through

all the systems it has little exams

along the way and you learn all day long

pretty much after lunch you just fall

asleep I wake up after all of a sudden

the the thing repeats itself I realize

that I've been sleeping for the last 20

minutes once we were done with that we

started training on the full flight

simulator which is the actual real

flying handling doing many procedures

different flight patterns you know

practicing engine failures in the air

fires fires in the engine system

malfunctions and meanwhile

one of the things we love to do is come

out here and have good cup of coffee so

you like this shirt

it's halfway through the course to three

days old most of the Jewish holiday just

chillin at Brit treta banger three days

later some time off from studying dinner

beautiful area Crowley they've got a

downtown it's not really downtown it's

old historic buildings here are


it's a pub it's like a bar




Rollie we finally get a check ride where

it's a skill test and a different

examiner comes in and wants to see that

you know how to fly the airplane how to

run the product the and you know how to

run the procedures properly hear that

dude that's funny

minimum sending 14 celebrity 2010

idol that's it

that's our machine bye-bye and once

you're done with that you pretty much

get your FAA license to fly the 787 but

it doesn't end there this transition of

flight where you take an airplane and

with an instructor no passengers and you

pretty much take off and land take off

and land and learn to feel the airplane

that's what used to do the good old days

nowadays with simulation being so

accurate so precise you can actually

take a simulator with an instructor and

just do those flights


this place is so relaxed and so


that's bookie so it's a beautiful day

and today off yesterday was our first

yesterday was our check ride it was


finally over and got this beautiful

weather today just just walked to the

park and video tipping this video

tonight is my transition flight like I

told you before it's not on the actual

airplane but gonna flight like four

hours in Hong Kong

so this is Hong Kong

this is minutes time here in Hong Kong

look at the beautiful scenery

and later our on albey flan

there we go into the cloud

Donna five weeks think you bit of it

money so much for everything

that's it on our way home

thank you we're gonna miss these

corridors just by room this is my room

for the last month you know what a mess

gotta pack I think has to go back and

they look how much laundry I have

so from here on my on my way home next

step is gonna be an observer fly where I

just come in as an observer see how the

procedures run and see a fly without at

taking part on the fly and the next

flight after that pretty much I wear my

uniform and start operating the

airplanes but hey if you're new to this

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next video on the 787 when I'm actually

flying the airplane