Boeing Stearman - WarBird Training - Tail Wheel Flying - Grass strip

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this dear man is the latest aeroplane to

be examined by my boy muttonchops

aviator for the masses cheap like

instructor Dennis Teemo shared his

stories and Stearman for the betterment

of all mankind as away

flying a bonafide warbird for the first

time did not disappoint

that is a private grass strip and that's

me and that is my aviation mentor and

I'm in the cockpit of the coolest plane

I've ever flown

the legendary Stearman I've been working

hard building up material chops to fly

warbirds and here's the story behind

that first flight dennis is the chief

flight instructor at Spectrum Airways so

when we're looking at your dentist what

we have is a the Boeing Stearman

properly called an a 75 it was designed

as a primary trainer for world war ii in

the end they cranked out 8500 of them

starting in 1939 finishing off in about

1944 they were designed to be hard to

fly in the sense they were hard to see

out of they were hard to control on the

ground they're quite a top-heavy

airplane and how'd you end up with this

one completely by accident one of my

instructors fathers started the project

over 25 years ago and I just languished

in his hangar my instructor mentioned

that he had it and I said great let's go

take a look at it we opened up the doors

and there's all these dusty parts little

bits of tin hanging from nails

everywhere and I said I got to have this

thing this you just can't leave this not

being gold

we built it over almost three years with

a lot of friends involved every Thursday

night was theorem at night there's

always pizza or chili and beer on the go

and over time it took shape all right so

let's go fly

okay okay let's cut the music you have

to hear this

if you don't love the sound of this big

radial engine firing up think you might

be a little dead inside

all right goodbye Rizal kakatiya - yes

okay so sick overlays are yeah just go

down at the right side of the runway

okay over here for me always wants to

turn left a little bit so you might as

well let it go from the back I actually

have a better view

taxi quite difficult for the front I can

see that but at this point of both my

memories should I be BIGBANG's I can see

where I'm going oh you do that's the

classical way so excited off to see

where you're going

Erin real far away and wood so one thing

that you can do that's going to be

really beneficial is just get used to

the sight line yeah and all this border

looks like in the landing attitude

looks like nothingness but it looks like

well and oh really it is though you're

doing is you're using your peripheral

don't Bob your head back and forth right

Oh better

I mean this would be what you'd be think

you're landing Spitfire or Mustang back

same thing that's why it was an adequate

trading platform because the warbirds

hard to see out of two so I make it

easier on the student right oh yeah I'll

worry about here in the third go

just coming up on temperature there you

verify we're about half way to yellow up

there on the oil town yeah you got the

same instruments back there I do okay

but you don't want to know about there's

the tachometer right you don't another

smarter bug right but you have

everything else okay go back sure I love

that this switch up your XD booth

picture shut the Kirby over here under

your elbow right so we take on just left

to right through this neutral fixture is

rich it will walk is off chill valve is

on a gauze post also that are set to the

field at 850 here hey pastor so far my

clothes are free m8 rista here and

harnesses are done up alright so

basically you could do one or two ways

you can push forward as they kept moving

and let's tail up a little early so you

get you where you're going or you can

just hold it a neutral position it'll

just fly right off the runway

Oh either the way you're trying to pin

$60.50 before you start finding out okay

well I guess for I think I'd want to see

where I'm going as soon as possible

alright so just start off with a stick

of butter

okay alright testers

this stuff this time hold it in a little

attitude right make sure your heels are

on this kid plate it's alright if your

feet up on the battle eels are on the

floor yeah okay all right

there we go here we go oh I guess that's


and a photo awesome and it'll bring us

all rock they're fine power

it's how to feel the test fly the

airplane you just built scare the crap

on it I had heard so many bad things

about it how hard it was to fly and

everything I have about seven or eight

hundred hours of tailwheel time mostly

in supercups and it's just the big

tailwheel airplane but the one thing I

noticed is after I took off is my hand

was really sore I took it off the stick

and I couldn't unclench it it was like

shaped in this claw and I was flying

with the other hand so I couldn't even

massage this one to get the and I was

stuck like that literally for like five

minutes I couldn't straight my hand but

then I realized all I had to do was

relax it was perfectly normal it really

hasn't scared me yet but I picked my

bottles hey dad like Cosby right Roger a

pretty much until you're in level flight

and Italy that Italy is off somewhat

right and this is five and it

buy it I love this big tall radios

hopefully no runways you know just grass

drift or open fields or whatever yeah

and it's very honest at you know

nothing really tricky about the air

finest off heavy and it has an arrow

here well if you let it get out of shape

it's just a lot harder to get it back

the work is in keeping it in shape now

dr. swampy lazy or distracted it will

get away on reducing power yeah what's

your PIN here the extra power really

doesn't do much good puzzle yeah I was

just started climbing right answer yes

up to 1500 that's a lot more a writer

than I thought ball for yeah for

right-hand first one here arriving it

takes the fare Vista kicked that

outburst all out of it any of you guys

that are film savvy are going to notice

that this camera keeps disappearing and

reappearing because James my director

would not let me do this flight without

getting a shot on my mug so during the

flight I was juggling this camera from

here to here with the suction cup now to

get the over-the-shoulder shot which I

also needed all right

and after admit James is right it was

fun to have this shot to see my reaction

to flying this airplane and just to be

clear I never mess around with cameras

while I'm P I see in this case I was

training and making a film at the same

time yeah baby

awesome man awesome up in here just like

a bit of a sluggish super cub yeah

something else have heard about it like

after the Super Cub I thought this would

be harder he's really live on the

controls compared to what I expected I

mean looking at this thing it looks like

a beast I thought would feel like a

beast and it's just the most gentle just

tiny bits of control pressure fold out

here flying this airplane is visceral it

feels like a butterfly or something I

just is connected to the air you feel

the wind I mean you literally feel the

wind on your face but it's not like

overpowering unless your side slope and

it's like then it's blasted me when we

showed me that this airplane can almost

fly sideways because it's got such a

massive rudder so you put into a side

slip at one point it was like then you

realize how much air that really is

coming at you so I think that this does

well as flow down does it touch so much



it almost burn it sideways we

coordinated with her friend Jamie to do

some formation flying hoping to catch

some air-to-air footage with my friend

Rob in the back I'll or you don't want

to see the enemy eh

yeah uh scary it was a pretty bumpy day

so we didn't get much usable footage but

it was fun I thought the man Wow yeah we

could do that so no flaps obviously

right oh so thanks for watching part 2

is going to be all about learning how to

land this thing

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