Parrot Bebop 2 - Tutorial #2 - Piloting

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The Bebop has 3 piloting modes:


in this video, we will focus on the Normal mode

Press “Take off”

to take off automatically

The drone will rise

and hover at about one meter off the ground waiting for your instructions

As you can see, its sensors give it great stability!

Press “Landing” to land the drone

Landing can also be automatic

In Normal mode,

to make the drone go forwards or backwards

press on the right joystick with your right thumb

then tilt your tablet or smartphone forwards or backwards,

note that this is inverted when the drone is facing you

To move to the sides,

tilt your tablet or smartphone to the right or left

To make your Bebop 2 rise,

push the left joystick upwards

To make it go down,

push the left joystick downwards

To make it pivot,

move your left thumb to the right or to the left

In Settings

you can change the drone’s rotation speed

in order to make the drone

pivot faster or slower

You can do the same thing to adjust to drone’s vertical speed

to make it rise faster, up to 6 m/s

or slower; like here at 1.5 m/s

this will also affect the descending speed in the same way

You can set a maximum altitude limit for the drone

Once set

the Bebop 2 will not rise above this limit

Adjusting the maximum inclination

allows you to adjust the maximum speed

and sensitivity of the drone

With a higher maximum angle,

the drone will be faster and more sensitive

With a minor maximum angle,

the drone will be slower and easier to pilot

When flying outside,

make sure that the GPS icon is green before taking off

in order to be able to use the Return to Home function

Activate this function by pressing the icon

To bring your Bebop 2

Back automatically to where it took off