Sky Fighter Mini Indoor Battle Drones Battle Quadcopters

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bismillah r-rahman

assalamualaikum and greetings Elisha mo

here while weather is really really

getting hot here in Dubai and we are

unable to enjoy RC flying outdoors

well no words we can find a lot of

indoor fun while tiny whoops aren't

small activity quad copters are fun but

nothing is going to be as much fun as

battling your drones meet sky fighters

for channel remote control drones these

are not just those ordinary toys that

you can just fly around and flip 360

degree here and there these are battle

drones they can pack this way

inside the box you get a red and black

and blue and white drone two of these

quad copters now you can fly them and

have a battle with your family members

right here in those that means taking

the fun to the next level it says four

hits to win it has a damage simulation

and once you get a hit your drone will

tremble and after four hits your drone

will simply lend showing that you have

lost the game so this is gonna be a lot

a lot of fun the only thing is before I

posted a review of six-legged small

battle robots and I was able to have a

battle with Irish and we had a big robot

six legged ones and was I was having a

lot of lot of fun together with Irish

battling indoors for these ones I

believe I have to wait a little bit

until Irish learns to fly one of these I

hope these are really really easy to fly

well I will try to teach Irish how to

fly one of these and then we can have an

indoor drone battle right away and see

how much fun these drones can bring us

sky fighters for channel remote control

drone rapid fire blaster awesome sound

effects for it's to win damage

simulation first-ever real-life damage

simulation in such kind of drones

built-in sound effects team played

unlimited drones can battle for now in

the box when you get X to 2 player

combat back

this is for now this is why the h22

attitude to player combat box you of

course get to battle drones inside so

let me take them outside the box take a

quick look at it so inside the box you

get two battle drones two radio controls

spare propellers accessories user

manuals and USB chargers and of course a

very strange-looking tool here as well

I'm not sure what is it we will see

after reading the user manual so that's

it in the box on regarding the drones

let's take a closer look at them this is

the red drum here these are very

aggressive futuristic looking drones

with three-blade propeller so I'm

expecting good enough power for them to

fly and battle under the quadcopter you

can see a battery compartment and

battery inside and you can see an

infrared LED here so basically these are

infrared drones of course they will use

the infrared to shoot each other and

using a sensor that will detect the hits

from the infrared coming from the other

drones they will calculate the damage

taking a look at the radio nice it's a

2.4 GHz radio system it's similar to an

Xbox or Playstation 4 joystick control

you have two buttons V and s we will

find out what do they do

on/off switches and possibly trimmers so

basically they are looking like very

easy to use drones and radio systems

well all of those things there are not

included you just have this in the box

alright this is it for the unboxing now

let me charge this little battle

quadcopters stadiums and we will be

posting the indoor battle of these

drones very very soon


yeah see that's call attacking we're

going down going down we're going down I

will not let you take off keep your


I don't know where infrared is not

working anymore man yeah

okay thank you for watching the video

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