How to fly the world's largest passenger aircraft | Airbus A380 | Emirates Airline

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hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to

the flight deck of the Airbus a380 my

favorite aircraft usually we start with

loading the flight management computer

and we put the root so this do apply

today from Dubai to Heathrow and we're

going to put an altitude of 38,000 feet

as soon as I do that you will see that

the flight line is printed here on what

we call the navigation display after I

do that we usually wait for the

passenger to get on board load their

bags put the fuel on and we get ready

for push back of the aircraft and start

the engines starting the engines we put

the fuel pumps on we have the ignition

start like your key in the car basically

and we select the engine masters from

the off to the on positions as you can

see here we have four of them as soon as

I put the engine masters on the computer

in the 380 which controls the engines

controls the air and the fuel ratio to

give me a successful engine start as

soon as that all get done we're ready to

move whether our own power will you do

that controlling by the thrust levers

here which will create enough thrust to

move the aircraft on the ground we look

outside as our primary reference to

navigate also we have extra navigation

aids for example

the onboard airport navigation system

which will show me the taxiways and the

runway also and the 380 we have a two

cameras we have a camera on the top of

the rudder and the camera to show me the

nose gear so when we start taxiing in a

tight taxiways this is a very good fit

for us

just before we take off

we usually also calculate our

performance because it depends on the

aircraft weight and the condition of the

airport and the weather the speed which

we take off and the frost we use it

changes for that we have an app called

the takeoff performance we put the

airport we put the runway the conditions

the takeoff weight and it will calculate

the performance for us when you get

those performance figures we put them on

the books here

as soon as we put them and we select the

appropriate high-lift devices which we

call flaps and slats which helps the

aircraft fly at lower speeds so when we

take off this will be extended as soon

as we take off we put the gear up and we

extend the flaps but now because I

showed you the table which which not

only use for eating also as you can see

we use it to find our takeoff

performance also some of the charts so

where is our control column we don't

have one not in the Airbus fly-by-wire

we have a side stick on the side stick

as we take off we do a little back back

movement on the side stick and the

aircraft flies in there the beauty of

the side stick it has also automatic

trim so I don't need to trim to keep the

position of the flight control service

than that attitude I can do that the

aircraft memorize it and keep it steady

and stable and the 380 is probably the

most stable aircraft these days

commercially so after we do that and the

aircraft is flying safely and we're

comfortable we engage the autopilot if

it reading goes according to plan

basically the aircraft should follow

that learn we put from the by all the

way to Heathrow

that's laterally navigations and

vertically with the altitude to we can

change the altitude by selection here if

we want to change our heading we can

give the autopilot command to change the

heading and if we want to control a

specific speed we can control it also

here go down to Bali

when we arrived into Heathrow or the

destination we would like to go we start

slowing speed so we start extending the

flaps all the way down and if you are

good speeds also somewhere on the just

before landing we put the gear down and

then comes that red button you saw

earlier on it's the disengagement of the

autopilot so as soon as I disengage the


I start looking using my instruments and

outside to fly the aircraft and large it

safely when we land will be still

high-speed so we will use the thrust

reversers to dissipate also we have an

auto brake system which we can select

something called brake to vacate which

is unique for the creative probably the

newer generation of the Airbus aircraft

- for this one you can see

if I select our runway and then I go I

want to go of the runway from here by

selecting the break to the case there

craft will decelerate automatically to

give you enough for slow speed to became

the runway from that exist which is very

comfortable for the passengers and it's

very good for maintenance we're on the

brake systems

that's briefly we just did a brief

flight from Dubai to Heathrow and we

discredited the new stuff I hope you

enjoyed this video and I hope to see you