LBLA FPV Drone with 720P HD Camera

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from time to time I haven't have been

interested in some of the cheaper drugs

to see how they perform is an

interesting one an L be our AFP be drone

that had two cameras and folded up like

the DJI Mavic air I will leave the

Amazon link in the description below

where I bought this drone from I was

hoping with the sophistication that the

larger and more expensive drones had

that some of these might have dribbled

down onto the cheaper market the remote

controller did feel a little bit on the

cheap side II I know it had two antennas

on there but I don't think these

antennas weren't really connected to the

remote controller these were just a

little bit cosmetic and look the part

built into the remote controller was a

fold away and spring-loaded mobile

device holder both the left and right

hand joysticks centralized when mecco

all arms on the drone did fold away

quite neatly on the underneath of the

drone was a small wire which is the

Wi-Fi antenna each of the folding arms

when undone clicked into place and held

securely there were two cameras on this

drone one at the front and one

underneath these were selectable by the

app giving you both 720p HD live view

either forward or down the camera

underneath the drone was fixed and could

not be adjusted or altered in any way

the front camera could only be tilted

down or up this had to be done before

takeoff a set of propeller guards are

provided with this drone these are

easily fitted and removed when required

other items included with the drone is

one full set of propellers there is also

a Phillips head screwdriver which will

allow you to replace the propellers if

required there are four dust caps also

provided these are used to fill the gap

the propeller guards have been removed

from the main arms a USB charging lead

is also provided the drone is otherwise

known as the s 169 and also comes with a

manual it is in both Chinese and English

it is a little difficult to read in

places but if you study it for a while

things start to become clear so in the

Box you do get a fair amount of stuff

which includes the drone with one set of

propellers already fitted a spare set of

propellers dust caps screwdriver

charging lead propeller guards and

finally the remote controller everything

you would need to fly this drone

although the charging lady is provided

with a micro USB to USB connector this

is used to charge up the battery that is

inside your craft no power supply is

provided with this drone a normal USB

charger or the use of a PC to charge a

battery will work in the manual it

indicates that there is an LED built

into the battery that indicates if the

battery is charging when plugged into my

5 volt charger I could not say any

evidence or did not know if it was

charging or not it looks like the

battery inside is a standard three point

seven volt 900 milli amp battery I'm

sure these would be easily got if I need

it anymore this drone can be flown with

or without the propeller guards if you

do not wish to put the propeller guards

on you can fit in as shown the small

plugs into the area where the propeller

guards fit into the arms this is mainly

put there to stop any dirt or debris

entering the arms and the motors fit in

the propeller guard is very easy the

pushes into the slot and clicks into

position that's it it couldn't be easier

to power the remote controller it uses

two triple A batteries these are not

supplied with your kit

the orientation of the batteries is

shown inside the remote controller

battery compartment so you can't really

get this wrong I did find it a little

difficult to replace the cover when the

batteries were fitted it did go on

eventually I thought the switches for

switching on and off the remote

controller was quite novel the

right-hand arm if you pull it down it

switches on the remote controller very

clever the top left-hand button on the

right controller when pushed once twice

and three times it will increase or

decrease the speed of the craft it has a

handy return to home button the up and

down arrows also take up odds of landing

you get into trouble push the stop

button now that just switches everything

cuff and the craft will crash to the

ground there is a camera and video

button headless mode and 3d roll if

you're into that sort of thing there is

an app on both the Android and iOS the

Android app I could not get to work at

all so I had to use the iOS app if you

draw the search for the app search for H

F un h fun I suppose that means have fun

when you have the app on your mobile

device simply going to the Wi-Fi section

and log on to the drones Wi-Fi once

you've done that start at they have a

fun app before each flight I talk I

press the calibration button just to

make 100% sure things were calibrated if

all is well you should see what the

camera sees at the front then you know

things are actually connected to the

drone that did not seem to be any

indicators showing that the dome was

connecting except for the picture at the

front there is a good array of icons for

the camera

taking photos video stop and switching

the camera view you can also use your

mobile device to control the craft

instead of the remote controller if you

wish when you fly around with a

endzones things are all basically done

for you but you really have to have your

wits about sure with these low-cost

loans they don't have all the nicety as

you would get in the expensive drones

the time itself was quite responsive and

it did hold its height I'll give it that

but not having the GPS you really had to

concentrate and actually fly there was a

little bit reluctant to go up to any

height just in case it flew away like

the forward facing and face downward

camera is 720hd

i thought the quality could have been a

little bit better all the video and

photos were saved on the mobile device

that you were using

there is no SD card inside the drone you

do only have the button to push to auto

take off an auto landing you do not have

any other choice but to use that I

certainly miss my 3 axis gimbal no check

in the downward camera a simple click of

the button and it does it changes the

camera view from forward to down

clicking the button again brings it to

forward-facing I can say and understand

why the more expensive drones with

cameras have good quality video I think

after a while are flying the drone

around and you would be less erratic

than I am flying this one and by flying

it a bit more steadily the picture would

be a lot more stable again the

photographs were not too bad I did have

some that were a little blurry as when

the photograph was being taken the craft

was moving so you got that motion blur

having the selection of both cameras or

the forward or downward was quite

interesting you could only have forward

or down it would not record both it's

only either/or the camera used to make

pixel for the stills and 720 wide-angle

vision system and recording it was

definite very an interesting experiment

using and flying one of those cheaper

domes I hope you found this information

of use to you thank you for watching and

you fly safe